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//Unsigned Goodness: Jamie O’Brien//

Born June 21, 1985 in Southern California, Jamie O’Brien is an up and coming singer/songwriter with a sultry beautiful voice. This Irish/Hawaiian brunette has been building her fan-base since 2004 on the social networking site My Space. It spread like wildfire and today, her friends list is up to an impressive 137,000 with well over a million profile views. Aside from the site, Jamie has appeared on MTV’s My Own: Kelly Clarkson (and won) and Next, The Tyra Bank’s Show, Beauty and the Geek, and auditioned for American Idol.

In 2006, Jamie teamed up with season one American Idol alum Jim Verraros for the song “Sweat,” a pop/dance song about a guy and a girl spotting each other across the room and, well, thinking not-so-clean thoughts about each other. The song was a popular one among the Jamie fan-base and was remixed by one of them

Today, Jamie continues on her road to singing stardom. Currently, she is working with a few producers, writing songs with a R&B sound, and recording. She is working non-stop to build her name and live out her dream, and she certainly has the talent and beauty to take the world by storm.

Jamie O’Brien – Sweat

Tell us about who you are.

I was born and raised in Southern California with the name Jamie O’Brien, I’ve decided to keep it. I think it works. I currently do many entrepreneurial projects at the moment (I do lots of photo retouching, jean distressing, mural painting for close friends and family, and just basically building a Jamie O’Brien empire, focusing mainly on singing and songwriting.

What kind of artist do you hope to be? What kind of music do you want to make?

I would hope to be a likeable artist. I wouldn’t want to be controversial, in a sort of ‘you either love her or you hate her’ sort of way. You know, like Britney. I’d want people to appreciate the work that goes into my music and perhaps relate to it on one level or another. I like to sing more R&B/Soul type tracks, because it’s really my vibe and what suits my voice best. So anything with a good, melodic beat that’s catchy.

You’ve auditioned for American Idol. Tell us about that. What do you think went wrong?

Let’s see, there’s the season 2 audition, season 3 audition, season 5 and oh yes, season 6. I don’t believe anything went wrong, personally. I know more about that show than most people and I know how it works. People don’t realize that the 3 judges do not see all 12,000 people who audition in every city. Out of the 12,000 in each city, they see about 100-150. And more than half of them are the crazy, terribly bad ones the producers put through because for some reason people still think it’s funny. That leaves very little room for ANYONE with talent to make it through. Not counting the fact that you have to have a back-story that’s interesting, and some kind of unique look. The auditions are cattle calls. There are 10 to 12 little booths set up, side by side and you have the noise of 12,000 other hopefuls drowning you out as well as all the other singers at the booths auditioning for twenty-something interns at the same time. So I can’t say necessarily that anything went “wrong”, they’re just casting. They’re casting for a television show. Not auditioning.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a lot of modeling and photoshoots while trying to write some songs to beats that have been sent to me by one of my producers. I like to have everything ready before going into the studio so you don’t have to spend the entire day in there deciding what goes where.

What are some songs you’re working on right now?

“I Love You” – I know, cliche, right? It’s an upbeat, happy song. Very R&B influenced. All about the aspect of falling hard for someone and having them constantly clouding up your thoughts. “Plaything” – Basically about having someone come over for the night, and not wanting them to stick around in the morning, let alone forever. It’s also very R&B and funky. Waiting to finish the writing with that one! “Tellin’ You Goodbye” – Mainly about having had enough with a relationship that you see as long done. Sick of the bullshit, tired of nonsense, and finally having the courage to walk away from it.

Artists these days tend to lend their time or money to charities. Which would you support?

Animal rights. I have a sincere devotion and love for animals and it literally kills me to see sick or abused animals with no homes and in pounds or being tested on. Just because animals cannot speak doesn’t mean they don’t have emotions or feel pain.

How involved are you in the mixing process?

As far as the mixing, I like to be extremely involved because I have certain things going on in my head of what I want it to sound like and I want to see those things follow through to make the best end result.

What do you want to name your first album?

That is a question that’s been swimming in my head since I was about five. It’s changed countless times and I still haven’t set in stone just the right name. I think it would all depend on the timing of release and song titles. Though self-titled never hurt anybody…..

What aspect of the industry do you look forward to the most? Least?

I look forward to just being recognized as someone with a notable talent who works hard and enjoys doing what I do. I’d have to say the least I’d look forward to would be unflattering photos and negative press.

What has the support been like from your 136,000+ My Space fan base?

Oh those crazy myspacers! They’re great, they’re always so supportive of everything I do. No matter what it is. They’re supportive of me if I choose to have Cheerios for breakfast instead of Kix. They’re always very encouraging.

Who are you working with these days?

Pretty much my brother, his producer friend and myself. My brother makes great beats and I get a lot of my material from a friend of his. They’re really strong and R&B which suits me perfectly. They’re a blast to write to.

When did you know music was your career of choice?

Pretty much since I could speak and understand melody. I used to sing songs from Beauty And The Beast and The Little Mermaid in the back of my dad’s white Ford truck all the time. It’s always been a part of me.

What does music mean to you?

Music means a lot to me. It’s a healthy way of expressing emotion, be it happiness, sadness, angst, love, silliness …. there’s always an output.

What are your top 3 favorite albums?

Number one would be ‘Music Box’ by Mariah Carey. It’s my absolute favorite album of hers and was really my vocal coach throughout Elementary School. Number two would be ‘Genuine’ by Stacie Orrico, She is so amazing with her writing and the way she harmonizes her voice in her backing vocals and her melodies …. I just admire her insanely. Third would be probably ‘Back to Basics’ by Christina Aguilera. I think it’s absolutely genius keeping a solid theme throughout an entire album, one that’s so new and obscure yet completely easy to imagine. That’s not going without saying I don’t have other favorite albums, I have a lot. ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson is always a winner, Journey’s Greatest Hits, Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Breakaway’……

What would people be shocked to find on your mp3/IPod player?

I think I have a very definable taste that people recognize and wouldn’t necessarily be shocked by anything found on my hypothetical IPod. Though I think most people would be quick to laugh at the fact I’d surely have Hanson on there, but that’s because people are too small minded to admit to the fact that those boys have grown up and so has their music. Not that ‘Middle of Nowhere’ isn’t one of my favorites, as well.

Who would be a part of your dream collaboration?

Stacie Orrico, for sure to help write and develop a melody. And of course Timbaland, because everything he touches turns to platinum.

Visit Jamie’s Myspace Page for more music

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  1. I think i like her purely for her answer to; What are your top 3 favorite albums?

  2. She sounds really cute!! I will check out her myspace when I get home!

  3. I lurrvvee you Jamie and I am so proud of you! When are we getting another tattoo?

  4. Jamie is so kick ass!

  5. Jamie is so fake and conceited. She acts like she is so smart and hot, but really she photoshops every single one of her pictures. I don’t doubt she is beautiful, but can she just post real candid pictures? That’s what we really like to see. Not ones that she shrinks her waist to make it appear as tho she’s tinier.. you can tell because the background.. which is say bricks on a house, they’re all distorted. It’s so obvious, it’s pathetic. She also says “IM NOT A MODEL!! ARE U FUCKEN STUPID!! IM A SINGER!!” uh, ok. then why are all your pics from photoshoots? whats so bad about being a model?

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