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//Ne-Yo Talks About Slapping Yung Berg And Chris Brown’s Musty Underarms With Power 106//

Big Boy of radio station Power 106 challenged Ne-Yo to answer a few forbidden questions in front of a large crowd of fans at Power 106’s backstage breakfast recorded for Myspace. And boy did Ne-Yo deliver! When asked who he would deliver a three finger bitch-slap to the singer/songwriter answered rapper Yung Berg due to his lack of originality. Weird. I would have chosen Berg for his monopoly on suckage.

When asked who in the business has either bad breath or bad body odor Ne-Yo shocked the crowd by pointing out Neon Limelight’s favorite sexy fetus Chris Brown for his “musty” underarms. Unsavory! No one’s perfect, Shaffer!

Check out the video for more on how many groupies Ne-Yo’s bedded, when he lost his virginity and more. Gotta love his honesty!

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  1. LOL! at Ne-Yo…I wonder what Chris will say after this.

  2. Lol that was a real funny interview. But how could Neyo put Chris out like that? lol

  3. lmao!!!! po’ chris

  4. wow…that was great!!..neyo a freak tho!

  5. Yung Berg Be ths best says:

    yung berg told him. No one disses my man and neyo if you are reading this u a bitch i kinda liked u at first but u dis yung berg and in order to smack him u gotta go through me and i stay on Atkinson so come find me where i be at and come smack me OH YEAH AND BY THE WAY THATS HOW U SHIT ON SOMEBODY JUST LIKE THAT

  6. neyo has alot of nerve to be talking about originality because the way he held the mic upside down to sing is the same this mos def does

  7. neyo is suck a hoochie too lol

  8. I will tell you this. I heard from 2 different fans that met Chris Brown on separate occasions that he has very, very, very bad breath. I don’t know about his underarms. He dances a lot and obviously that is going to produce sweat. So, maybe Ne Yo just met Chris on a bad day but I have heard from two sources that Chris Brown has terrible breath.


  1. […] you thought Yung Berg’s video blog response to Ne-Yo declaring he would 3-finger slap him for his lack of creativity would spawn a livid reply or diss record from the Miss Independent […]

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