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//Go Out And Vote: Election Day Video Playlist//

Today is the big day: Election Day 2008!

Neon Limelight is being brought to you today by the word VOTE so go out and do it! Don’t worry about the long lines–take your lunch or dinner to your designated polling place and chow down while you wait. Don’t let the little excuses keep you away. It could cost you your future!!

We’re going to drive the VOTE message home even further with a video playlist for those stuck at the office waiting until closing time to go vote. While all the other sites are putting together patriotic playlists with your favorite musicians dawning their best red, white, and blue gear, we’re just going to give you four of our favorite videos featuring artists whose names correspond with each letter of the word VOTE. You might call it half-assed, we call it three-quarter-assed and awesomely random. Enjoy!

V: Vertical Horizon – Everything You Want

O: OutKast – Roses

T: Train – Drops of Jupiter

E: Elliott Yamin – One Word

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  1. wow..i am quite nervous and anxious about this one. If it doesnt go the way I would like it at least I VOTED!!!

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