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//New Promo Pics From Lily Allen’s ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ Album Photoshoot//


Lily Allen is set to snark up the music world with her sophomore album It’s Not me, It’s You on February 10. So, the goodies are starting to pour in. Like the hot new video for her new single, “The Fear,” the uber-hot album cover, and now some extra hot new promo pics from the album’s photoshoot.

I know I just got done talking about Lily’s hit or miss (but still some kind of a hit) fashion sense, but like I said, when she’s on, she’s on. She’s never looked more stunning. Super moist!

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  1. i think lily allen is absolutely adorable. she had good looks and talent. i love her songs. they actually helped me through a break up. shes just awesome.

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