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//Video Blog Goodness: Michelle Williams Talks Unexpected Remix Album, Lashes Out At Haters//

After releasing her third solo album, Unexpected, to less than stellar sales, things got quiet in the land of Destiny’s Child‘s Michelle Williams and that’s down right unsavory because we love her video blogs! Deciding it was time to do a proper update, Michelle hopped on her YouTube channel and gave what was supposed to be a quick hello. She spoke briefly about being in a Houston studio working on a remix re-release and showed off some pretty fly tennis she bought outside of the states.

Clearly perturbed, Michelle returned in a second video blog to address a hater who said she looked “a hot mess.” Don’t you just love how she proclaims she isn’t vain before making a totally vain comment? She’s studied at the school of Simon Cowell I see.

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  1. hmmm…Im embarrass for her. Please..why didnt she stop the first time but yet she kept going..oh goodness.

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