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//Beyonce Sings ‘At Last’ As The Obamas Share First Inaugural Dance//

Of the many balls going on around Washington DC tonight for President Barack Obama the biggest is the Neighborhood Ball held at the Washington Convention Center. Bestowed with the honor of singing for the President and First Lady’s first dance at the ball was Beyonce who expressed her wish to be apart of the historical day soon after Obama’s November 4th election. The Mighty B made sure she delivered a memorable performance of the Etta James classic “At Last.” Clearly emotional, Bey’s voice soared in perfect form as the Obamas danced, looking at each other lovingly throughout the performance.

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  1. If I was Etta James I would be at Beyonce’s house right now ready to burn it down…How could you sing a song thats not yours at such an occasion…Im not feeling this at all..NOT COOL!

  2. It was an excellent, emotional, and heartfelt performance of At Last. No, it was not her song, but she sang it well. It was dedicated to the Obamas. Let it be that.

  3. It is not Etta’s song…Etta made the song popular in 1961…So actually B is entitled to sing it…And what an honor it is to Etta for her to sing one of her songs (instead of one of her own) because she could have performed her stellar song entitled “Save the Hero” off her IASF album…(with a few changes to the words)…

  4. Can’t we all just get along

  5. Beyonce truly enhanced a beautiful moment and made it special for the world.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this TJ! I missed it!! This performance was so emotional and beautiful..it was just perfect!! I have never heard her sound so good!!
    Yeah, it’s not her song but listen to the words and think of our president’s journey. It’s a perfect song to sing! Just beautiful!

  7. Soul Survivor says:

    Etta went off on Beyonce at a concert this past Saturday Night in BC.

    Saying among other things that Beyonce was “gonna get her ass whipped” for doing that song.



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