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//Fashion Notes: From Joe Jonas To David Archuleta: Three Super Dreamy Looks At The 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards//

Awards shows can bring out the best and worst of its attending stars. And sometimes, it brings out the absolute dreaminess! We’ve picked three completely hot male orange carpet looks from the 2009 Kid’s Choice Awards that will send your personal swoon meter through the roof.

New haircuts: Untamed mane is never a good look when you’re attending a glitzy red carpet affair. It doesn’t even fly when you’re attending a more laid back event like the KCAs. Joe Jonas and Corbin Bleu knew it was time to trim the mop tops and unveil new cuts. Corbin’s new do compliments his maturing look and Joe’s brings out his eyes. These boys rank an easy 10 points on the NL dreamy meter.

Ties: Jesse McCartney dressed up his silky suit with a matching silk tie and Fall Out Boy rebel Pete Wentz dressed down his…uh…denim jacket with a bow tie. Two different looks, same outcome: total fashion moistness!

Earth tones: While you were turning off as many electrical items as possible during Earth hour, these boys were rocking some painfully hawt Earth toned clothing on the KCA orange carpet. From Kevin Jonas‘ army green pull over shirt to David Archuleta‘s dark olive button up (with that vest!!!), going green has never looked so right! Thumbs up indeed Kev!

photos: getty, wireimage

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  1. DAVID ARCHULETA is so freaking cute/hot love love his outfit

  2. nice picks..

  3. ArchAngel says:

    I love David’s outfit! He’s smokin’ hot! :D
    David is awesome, I love how he got to accept AI’s award with Paula!

  4. David Archuleta looked AWESOME at the awards! I love his outfit! he is beyond cute :) I love him!

  5. David A Rocks! says:

    David is looking all sorts of FINE! The color of the shirt really complements his gorgeous hazel eyes. How cool was it for HIM to accept on behalf of American Idol w/Paula Abdul…. He may not OFFICIALLY be the winner, but in the hearts and minds of millions of viewers, he is THE AMERICAN IDOL. By a Knockout.

  6. wow, after seeing all of those pictures, david archuleta really is the best dressed. Seriously, Jesse, a silky tux? overdressed much?
    but just because the award show is less formal doesn’t mean everyone should’ve been so sloppy…David looks nice. Casual, yet pulled together.

  7. I watched the show and when I saw David Archuleta I couldn’t keep from smiling and saying ‘oh, yeah!!!’ He really got it right this time! Go David!

  8. David Archuleta really shined last night…..It was so nice of AI to have him accept their award on their behalf and David was so gracious and so darn cute. I know KCAs chooses who performs, presents, and nominated but the people who win chooses who accepts their awards….I say this because someone on a site said AI didn’t have anything to do with who accepts the awards that KCA does this….not right.

  9. Fealess Sultana says:

    David Archuleta just brought smiles on my face when he accepted the award with Paula. David really gives so much happiness in any one who enjoys real music!!!

  10. archie is my baby says:

    Archie stole the show last night, he is so cute!!!

  11. number1archangel says:

    omg david looked so hot! and he was amazing presenting that award with Paula for american idol! ahh those EYESS!

  12. DAVID ARCHULETA is the best dressed last night and “muy guapo”… Jonas bros, thumds down, they are nothing compare to David… Hooray!!! for David..

  13. DAVID ARCHULETA…….. cute:)

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. That young man, David Archuleta! WOW what a class act!

  16. guys, i just saw this video, david is hugging a girl, who is she??
    is she his girlfriend?
    they look like they like each other..

  17. mimi, Lesley Roy was the opening act for David’s tour, she’s just a friend.

  18. Ubedhu Arch93 says:

    Kyaaa.. Archie is the best! Yay David! So freaking hot adorable cute!! <3 :) <3

  19. I love you Joe Jonas is my boyfriend not married
    I love you Kevin Jonas is Hot not married
    I love you Nick Jonas is cute not married
    I love you name is F r a n k i e Jonas


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  3. Tracey J says:

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