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//New Edition Performs Jackson 5 Medley At BET Awards//

The world wondered all weekend how the BET Awards would honor Michael Jackson since having to revamp the entire show after the King of Pop’s untimely passing three days earlier. Well the show brought in some serious star power to pay tribute to Michael and his brothers’ legendary group the Jackson 5 as New Edition took the stage to do a J5 medley that included “I Want You Back,”ABC,” and “The Love You Save.” And while vocally it could have been better–ok, MUCH better, their hearts were in the right place.

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  1. wow..youre not lying. vocals was pretty bad… but we feel their love.

  2. scpyt2010 says:

    I just finished watching the BET Awards and over all it was a great show. All of Ne-Yo performances was great, O Jays was great, Tyrese, Jonney Gill, and Trey Songz was good, Ciara was good she showed people she isn’t just a great dance but singer too, Maxwell did wounderful, and when Janet came out I burst into tears because I know she and her family is hurting from their great loss, and the tribute performances was great espesially the one at the end with Ne-Yo and Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx did a great job as the host. The perfomances that was really bad to me was beyonce, bird man’s, lil wayne and young money (loved Drake’s part though), keyshia Cole and Monica (love Monica’s hair),New Edition (their voices needs a BIG tune-up). When Tyrese and Tarija was arguing, I was laughing too hard and The “film” with Martin “Shanana” Lawance and Jamie “Wonda” Foxx was too funny!! And who ever told yall that chris brown was performing is some stright up LIARS!!!! But its all good!! Love you MJ!!!! XOXOXO

  3. Chris was confirmed to perform for the show but removed at the last minute. Exactly why? I don’t know but rumors are already floating. No credible source has confirmed the reason yet, but I’m sure by morning someone will. It’s sad. I was really looking forward to it. Such a shame they’d play with his emotions like that.

  4. poolduck00 says:

    ok, I love the “F” out of New Edition and considering they got calls from producers of BET at the last 48 hours of the show, they did a fantastic job….but one mo thing before I move on is Damn Bobby was huge….I mean damn WTF…but big boi kept up with most of the moves. Now considering that everyone was sad and confused and had to change the show at the last minute and go on live…I think the show did a fantastic job in the time it was allowed to do the work and I applaud everyone who even took the time to work that hard to make show the Jacksons that we loved Mike so much and that we truly lost the worlds most Famous Man and a Warm Hearted man who Truly cared about others outside of himself and it hurts to see him go so young. Its one thing for sure, he will Never be forgotten by the world…so if you are human at all, then you know this man and his family and it would be nice if everyone sent out a prayer to his family because we have truly lost one of Gods angels.

  5. I thought New Edition and Maxwell’s performance were the best of the nite…can’t wait for Maxwell’s album to drop. Maxwell and K’Jon are the only artists that I’m really feelin rite now…I advise everyone to check out K’Jon becuz he is the truth. Y’all can listen to his songs @ http://www.myspace.com/whoiskjon

  6. I am some f-N sick of people critizing BET for the awards show.

    oooh the preformance were off
    oh, there should have been more micheal jackson.

    I wonder have these critisizing idiots ever had to put on a show of that magnitude? Have to call groups like NE at the last 48 hrs to do a tribute. Get real clowns give the short time the artist had to work with…well done. M.J himself could not have done better

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