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Preview: Chris Brown Talks To Larry King Live

It’s the interview many have waited on for months. Chris Brown sits down with Larry King Live and talks candidly about the February altercation with fellow pop star and then-girlfriend Rihanna that turned both of their lives upside down.

With the court case finally wrapped — Brown was sentenced to five years probation and community labor on August 25 — he’s finally free to tell his side of the story or, at the very least, try to convince the world he’s working on becoming a changed man.

In a brief preview of the already taped episode, which is set to air September 2, Chris, dressed in a blue sweater and bow tie, appears alongside his mother Joyce Hawkins and attorney Mark Geragos for the no holds barred interview where he admits he doesn’t remember the attack.

Watch the video for more and be sure to catch the full interview at 9PM EST on CNN.

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  1. It sounds like he’s trying to shrug off any responsibility for the incident by claiming he doesn’t remember.

  2. im sure all these girls will forgive him and fall all over in love with him again,,he just wants to sell records to loser fat white girls and thinks this will help his image.

  3. fat white girls “aint” all that bad..lol

  4. I thinkk Chris Brown should be put away foreverrr!!! nottt,i need him to come home with meeee!(: && ill let him beat me up anyway he wants!!!!! IN BED!!!!(: just like he did before he beat Rhianna’s butt!!! she prolly needed a good whoopin anyways!!! bahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahha suckkkaa!!! ya sorryy sap sukaaa!!

  5. I think Chris Brown is insane. Or maybe he has a multiple personalities.


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  2. Preview: Chris Brown Talks To Larry King Live: Chris Brown sits down with Larry King Live and talks candidly abo.. http://bit.ly/7r0O1

  3. […] In a preview from his hour long sit down with CNN’s Larry King, Brown claims to not remember the altercation where he reportedly punched, choked and bit the pop star. […]

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