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Report: Adam Lambert And Boyfriend Drake LaBry Break Up

Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry - Pacific Coast News

Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry - Pacific Coast News

Sad news for Adam Lambert fans (or possibly very good news): Adam and his boyfriend, interior designer Drake LaBry, have called it quits, reports JustJared.com.

“The relationship just run [sic] its course,” a source close to the couple told the website. “The break-up was mutual and amicable. They remain friends and still care for each other.”

Adam and Drake, who have been dating for several months, even during his time on American Idol, were photographed together as recently as October 13 when they were spotted kissing in Los Angeles just before attending Star Magazine’s 5th anniversary party.

Adam won’t have much time to wallow. He’s gearing up for the release of his debut album, For Your Entertainment, in stores November 23.

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  1. Adam, this is not a bad news, it is a good news. Although you have stated that you are a gay, I think, this is walked by you through a stage. You deserve to have your own family, your own children, your own happiness, which you will find with a woman, who deserves you. With time people will forget the mistake of your young years, and will begin to respect you for your right choice. Have a happy life, Adam, and a successfull one! The world loves you and wishes you the very best. Your talent and your personality deserve this!

    • What is wrong with you people. Adam is an out and proud Gay man, he broke up with his boyfriend, he will eventually date other men, wake up and smell the coffee. Hope Adam and Drake find their soul mates.

    • Ha Ha – I LOL’d! Oh…. were you serious?

    • uh, Adam is a total bottom and practically a tranny. I seriously doubt he is gonna go straight. Straight to another guy, more likely.

      • Adam is so not a bottom and nothing near a drag queen. You obviously know zero about him SoWhat. Why are you here reading about him since you so are not a fan???

      • Wrong, SoWhat, obviously you’re not a fan or you’d know that. So, guess you are just trollin to bash Adam or you’re jealous bitter and resentful of his talent and success. No other reason to read about someone you’re not interested in. Go find someone you do like and read about them. Try that for once.

    • CelticMairin says:

      lilia, being gay is not like having a dose of the flu that the body fights off.

      Like it or not, Adam is GAY! He can still have a family, just not the traditional one that you are used to.

      He can no more get “through this stage” than I can change from being a 58 year old heterosexual woman to a lesbian.

    • You are so odd. It’s 2009. The world is round. Evolution is a fact. Jesus was a revolutionary. He would have called out Glenn beck. Get over it.

    • your an idiot…plain and simple idiot

      • i am talking about Lilia ….idiot

        • Have you read the comments on Adam’s album cover? Too many idiots out there. It’s like racism is now a nono, and they have to make do with homophobia. Sad.

          • Ha. Racism is alive and well. The comments on anything related to Kanye West will prove that. Ignorance in all forms is unacceptable and sadly still around.

            Adam is perfectly happy being who is he…..GAY and AMAZING! Live with it lila.

    • lilia, I sincerely hope you are kidding. Adam is gay. Gay is an orientation, not a moral failing. Gay is not a mistake. Some people are gay, some are bi, and some are straight. Those who are gay or bi probably resent your attitude that there is something wrong with them because they are not straight – I know I do.

    • Please kill yourself, or at least get the fuck off the internet.

    • LOLLLLLL SERIOUSLY?????!!!!???????

    • Lillia, read the studies on human sexuality done by margaret Mead on the children in Polynesia. They didn’t have the culture usa has and at age 12 or so (mother nature is rules) they experimented with all kinds of sexuality until they found their biologically determined place.
      And by the way, surprise, a hugh percentage of males are bisexual until age approximately 36 !
      Human sexuality is an individual thing, to each his own.
      !. hetersexual
      2 heterosexual with that incidental attraction to one of same sex
      4.homosexual with that incidental attraction to one of opposite sex
      homophobe-afraid they are gay just because attracted to same sex friend, or afraid will be called gay if pal around w a gay person, or are curious about it. none of which makes you a ‘gay’ even if you experiment when growing up. So accept Adam as God made him and grow up.

  2. Adam is single! OMG! Hundreds of girls (and guys) are going to freak out! The breakup does not surprise me. Not with all that is going on with Adam’s career right now. Keep your sights set high Adam. There are plenty more fish in the sea!

  3. Adam is gay Lilia and gay people can have children and families; it is called adoption. Regardless it was becoming apparent that Adam’s fame and busy schedule was taking a toll on their relationship and Drake didn’t seem to be handling it well. I hope Adam finds the love he is looking for. He deserves the best. Adam is going to busy and finding time for a relationship at this point would probably be tough, but I wish both boys good luck and love.

  4. wow, lilia, just wow… gay is not a stage, or a mistake, or a wrong “choice” – wow. I’m speechless. Adam, you are perfect the way you are, live your life, be happy always.

  5. Aw no! Adam and Drake were a very good couple, I thought, and im sad they broke up. But iI love Adam and I wish him absolutely all the best at finding the right one in his life. He will some day!!! Have good luck Adam!

  6. That’s too bad, they made a nice couple, both attractive. However, I doubt that Adam (or Drake) have any problem getting a date. Regards.

    • ‘both attractive’? lol have you seen Adam up close?

      • yes, and he is gorgeous…

      • Totally gorgeous!! Adam is one of the sexiest men alive right now.

      • Actually, sowhat, yeah, I have seen Adam up close. He’s beautiful, tall, and built light a wide receiver. He has a lovely smile and awesome blue eyes. And a nice butt. He’s also charming and intelligent, in case you care.

      • Yes, I have and he is a beautiful man, inside and out. Not only is he classically handsome, but he is warm, genuine, humble and kind. Very attentive to his fans. He makes you feel like you are the only person. there.

        So, with that being said, send us YOUR photo and let’s see what you look like, SoWhat!!!

  7. Adam is not good looking one bit so of course Drake was just using Adam. Oh well Adam will just have to buy himself a new boyfriend…lol

    • Adam is extremely good looking, get your eyes checked…

      • sowhat – Stop stalking Adam. You must be highly insecure to follow articles about someone you say is ugly. Jealous much???

    • I think Adam is gorgeous!

    • SoWhat, you are truly an ugly person no matter what you actually look like, people who have so much hate in their hearts usually are the ugliest people in the world. You must wish you can be as beautiful ad Adam who is beautiful inside and out. You need help, I actually feel sorry for you.

    • sizzlingsmile says:

      Adam is hot and very attractive. Can’t get enough of him. I hope he will make good choices regarding his private life and his career as almost everybody wants a piece of him.

  8. Drake shouldn’t have initiated that kiss in front of the paps. Adam seemed uncomfortable. Bet things went quickly downhill from there.

  9. come down people….first of all don’t believe these blogers. THey are full of shit. and second, if it doesn’t work for them, then it is good that they broke up. I wish them both happiness….LOve u Adam!

  10. Oh my goodness……..if you think that Adam “chose” to be gay and go thru all the extra turmoil that goes with that you are crazy. We are born wired a certain way…..Adam will find his special someone sometime……..no hurry for him…….he has too many other things on his mind now. To expect him to go for a woman is only your wishful thinking…….he is wonderful just the way he is and I pray he finds someone that really loves him for himself and not for his stardom. He deserves that and he is a sweet man with or without his fame. Please don’t be depressed Adam…….things will be fine.

  11. Yea like we didn’t see this one coming…He’s ready to trade up now that he’s a “star”…also I think that he looked reallly uncomfortable with Drake’s white trash family in New Orleans

  12. I know I shouldn’t laugh at what lilia says but unfortunately she is only repeating what a lot of uninformed people think. I’m sure she means well but I think the posts here have said enough … I have nothing to add. Sorry.

  13. GOOD! He needs to concentrate on his work. ADAM IS BOTH! HE LOVES WOMEN TOO.

  14. “Me”…wow, presumptuous much? As if *you’re* in any position to know what may have happened between Adam and Drake? Maybe Drake was uncomfortable dealing with being in the limelight. Maybe he and Adam realized they didn’t have enough in common. Maybe it was something else entirely. The point is you don’t know, so making statements like that is really asinine.

  15. This was always a WeHo relationship, and what are the odds of those lasting? Who knows if they’ve really broken up, but if they have, no one should be surprised. I hope they each find the perfect guy in the future, as everyone needs that kind of stability in their lives.

  16. We gay guys don’t like men who look like Adam. He is overweight, feminine, puts on make-up, then the make-up he puts on is over done. It is alright for Halloween, but not everyday. He is the type of guy who most gay guys shun. Now Drake is a hotty.

    • yes, gay guys are like straight guys in that they are attracted to slim and extremely fit guys/girls without pudgy faces and too much “jiggle” in the wrong places. Even Adam wouldn’t be attracted to someone who looks like himself…he said he likes his guys “small and young”! Now, this is all too bad because we women are MUCH more forgiving of slight physical flaws or even a little extra weight, so Adam would have millions of women to choose from if he swung that way. It may be hard for him to find another guy that will be honestly attracted to him if he doesn’t really start working out. But, sigh….I like Adam’s full face and overall softness because his attitude and inner self are soooo masculine and powerful…since he is that way he can wear all the makeup and glitter he wants and my desire will never wane!

      • If you think Adam is “pudgy,” take a look at the videos from the Idols tour — namely the Bowie Medley, where he moves and undulates his body like nobody else. If that’s pudgy, I want it!!! He is absolutely stunning — I’ve seen every body part of his in the raw flesh except the one I REALLY want to see (but a girl can imagine( and, believe me, they are all deeeeeelicious!

    • Well you (some gay guys) are idiots. He is to masculine for you, or he doesn]t use his fame as a Gay Flag enough for you.

      He is perfect in every way. And you are fooling yourself, I bet you that if Adam walk to you in a club you will be totally fascinated and will go to bed inmediatly with him.

      Do not generalize, cause you are not good enough for him. and I hope that Drake goes bye bye forever.

    • Are you nuts?? Adam is sexy as hell. Some gay guys like em even heavier, like bears. But Adam is no bear, the man is a piece of art. He is gorgeous and if you think you can define what ever gay guy likes, you are a nut case.

    • Randy – speak for yourself, honey. You are not all gay guys. Self-hate much? Afraid someone will kick you in the butt for being too fem? Not everyone is butch, and not everyone wants butch. And you can have twinky Drake – he’s available now.

    • Uh.. Why are you speaking for all gay guys?

      I’m not attracted to skinny twinks who dress poorly at all, so Drake’s not my type.

    • How awesome for you that you’ve been voted Official Spokesperson of All Gay Guys Everywhere!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Funny, if this is true…I wondered why Drake was not at the “This Is It” premier with Adam, and then Adam was photographed at dinner the next night with another friend, sans Drake. Breaking up sucks. Wish the best for both of them. Adam is so tied up with his career right now, having a relationship will be a bitch.

  18. I think this is best for Adam’s career. He has an image to build and it will be easier for him without a relationship. I’m really amazed gay men don’t seem to be attracted to Adam that much. He’s just hot hot hot and he is not overweight.

    • Have you seen the photos of “perfect” men that gay men always post and drool over…the body builder types? As a woman I don’t even like that kind of man who doesn’t have a shred of comfy flesh on him…besides, who wants someone that is that conceited and has to be obsessed with perfecting his own body all day long? I have noticed that many gay men cut Adam down and the way they do it reminds me of how straight men make women feel if they are less than perfect in their eyes. Adam is tall (ooh, those long legs) and has a large frame, so he is “big” (hmmm), plus he has a round face and sometimes a little extra flesh around his middle…that is all…he is not “fat”!! He’s delish with any kind of meat on his bones. Adam has one of the most powerful inner sources of masculine sexual energy bursting out of him of really any man I have ever come across, and I had some gorgeous hot boyfriends over the years! Adam burns like the sun from within, and I would give anything for (the “straight” fantasy of) an hour alone with him over any other guy on the planet. I bet he could make someone feel like jelly when he’s through with them. In any case, just listen to his new song lyrics and how he wants to take us over!! Now isn’t that hotness worth more than just having a “perfect” body??

      • Generalize much Linda???

        • Is this the generalization you were talking about Jason? “I have noticed that MANY gay men cut Adam down”….I did not say “ALL gay men”. I just wish more gay men would go on all the websites talking about Adam and they would proclaim from the rooftops that they are gay and think Adam is hot, not fat, his skin isn’t that bad, and he’s not too effiminate and doesn’t wear too much makeup! For God’s sake, one could tell from the beginning that Adam was gay (well, most people could) and yet it has been the women of all ages who accept all his little traits and think he’s delicious and would give anything for a moment with him! Where’s the multitude of gay men to say that? Don’t many of them feel such a burning desire for this creature named Adam too??

      • Well said, Linda. Adam’s already a work of art. And once he uses some of his new money on the best plastic surgery & dermatological care available, the facial scarring will be no more distracting than Brad Pitt’s former skin problem (notice how hardly anybody talks about that!). Then the superficial critics who are just jealous deep down are going to start running out of twat.

        • I was lucky to see Adam up close and talk with him several times after the Idols show in Grand Rapids. I didn’t see any skin problems and I was right in front of him. If he has any scarring it’s very minimal, like most of us. I wear makeup to cover some irregularities and I’ve been called beautiful and pretty all my life. So, if Adam has any blemishes they are minimal and do not distract from his beauty at all. He is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful smile and eyes, nose, cheekbones, chin, hair,and YES, BODY!! He is very slender and, to me, has the perfect male body. I don’t like overdone muscles, Adam has lean muscles and a little padding in ALL the right places. If you want to see the “padding” I am most excited about, take a look at the “Crawl Through Fire” video from the Zodiac Show, where he’s wearing the tight spandex pants …. Drooooooooool!!! :-P ;-P ;-P

      • Linda, I got turned on just by reading your statement…turned on because it is exactly what I would have said! “Adam has one of the most powerful inner sources of masculine sexual energy bursting out of him…………he burns like the sun from within…….” Are you a writer? Your words are beautiful! It’s amazing to me that anyone, no matter what their sexual orientation, would not be attracted to this man! Or at the very least, talk about him as the thinking and feeling human being that he is.
        I wish Adam (and Drake) good health, happiness and love for their futures.
        I just wish there was more acceptance and friendship in the world. Then there would be love.

      • number8gurl says:

        Linda, I agree with every word you said about Adam. I absolutely love and adore him and think he is the sexiest man alive and most definitely the sexiest man I’ve ever encountered in my entire life! I’ll admit that before Adam I was kind of ignorant to the gay community and what the criteria is that constitutes a ‘hot’ gay guy. I’ve learned a lot and it continually surprises me how SOME of the gay guys judge Adam on such a superficial level first of all, but also that they don’t think he’s absolutely gorgeous! I don’t get it at all! I’d personally take Adam’s lovely long legs and his swively, sexy hips over a piece of beefcake any day. But beyond the physical aspects of Adam’s body, he is such a kind, friendly and charismatic person. I don’t see how anyone can keep from falling in love with him. I’m not going to say anything negative about Drake out of respect for Adam. But I did kind of think the kiss was the beginning of the end. I had a feeling before that though, when they were in New Orleans. Adam didn’t look happy. I love Adam and wish him nothing but the best. He deserves to have the love of his life and I know that he will find it someday. I know I speak for all of his fans when I say that we are ALWAYS looking out for him and I pity the fool that hurts him! Adam I love you bb!

        ps: to that Lilia person: you are an idiot and you need to go stick your head back in the toilet where it belongs.

        • number8gurl says:

          Replying to myself to add that I don’t know how skinny Adam has to be before people stop calling him fat and his face pudgy. I mean my God!! The boy is practically skin and bones now! He looks great! Leave him alone! Adam is a uniquely beautiful individual and he is never going to fit into some pre-determined mold of what some other person thinks the perfectly beautiful gay man is supposed to be like. Any man would be lucky to have Adam because watching him dance and feeling his sexual energy course through my body just sitting in front of the computer, I know without a shadow of a doubt that he is one hell of a lover!

  19. Lilla, ignore all the ignorant people who believe that sexual orientation is hard-wired from birth; it’s a lot more complicated than that. Rainbow propaganda should never be mistaken for science; and sheer repetition doesn’t make for truth. There is hope for at least some bisexuals (even though Adam refuses to use the term, he could still be one) to find proper, fulfilling love. It happened to one of Adam’s idols, David Bowie (who used to claim that he was gay and had always been so). So, good for you, Lilla, you actually want Adam’s greatest happiness. Hopefully, the breakup with Drake and the even creepier Cheeks (the boyfriend before Drake) will shed the first shafts of light onto the desperate self-assuring lies of the decadent gay subculture that has dear, sweet Adam in his oppressive talons (for now). He much deserves better even if his sexual orientation never changes.

    • alsj: Is this all your religious view? Probably. I doubt you’re a scientist who has studied whether homosexuality is inborn or not. I’m sure you think however, that YOU were “born straight” and not made that way as a child! And did you ever stop and think that Adam may not feel he is in any “oppressive talons” of the “gay subculture”? Most gay kids when they find others like themselves, or a safe place for gays to congregate feel like they are finally “at home” and not different from everybody else. Adam said it took him a few years to feel comfortable with who he is and when he moved to Hollywood that’s where he found a lot of others like him. Luckily his family accepted him too. What is wrong with having both gays and straights in this world anyway? Are gays doing anything to you? What do you care what their so-called “lifestyle” is and why do you want to turn them straight or bisexual…for what purpose…because of what “God” says? And I doubt most gays could become bisexual anyway. Can’t we just let everyone just live their own sexual orientation without butting into anyone’s business even if we can’t imagine being attracted to someone of our own sex???

      • Thank you, Linda. Well said AGAIN! With all the hatred and bigotry toward homosexuals does anyone honestly think they would chose to be gay? Do you think they would chose to suffer the ridicule; the lonliness; the despair that they sometimes are forced to deal with?
        Adam is Adam……..take him or leave him. He’s a human being with feelings. He deserves to be happy. He struggled for so very long. Let’s all simply enjoy his great music and amazing voice and wish happiness for him….the kind of happiness that HE chooses. What would be wrong with that?

        • sizzlingsmile says:

          Adam is hot and very attractive. Can’t get enough of him. Having sex appeal takes a lot more than a few pumped-up muscles. I hope he will make good choices regarding his private life and his career as almost everybody wants a piece of him. Adam is like no other, he does not fit any mold and he is very self-aware. Getting to feel confident in his own skin has probably taken him all the years prior to the Idol success. Love him, love him, love him, and if you disagree, please leave him alone, he deserves that.

    • “rainbow propaganda”? Hey, look, another moron commenter who needs to play in traffic.

  20. i really wouldn’t take this too seriously unless it came from the horse’s mouth…what sort of ‘close’ source would bitch out to the tabloids that his/her close friends have broken up without first checking with them or putting his/her name to it. sounds like old school tabloid fodder.

    • number8gurl says:

      This source picked up from Just Jared but the news was actually broken by one of Adam’s friends on his blog last night. Probably not going to get confirmation from Adam but I do know from Twitter that the friend who broke the news was with Adam last night.

  21. This news calls for a GREAT CELEBRATION!!!

    I love you Adam especially now that LaBry is outta your life… I will be here for you… FOREVER!

  22. Tweeterpie says:

    It would be hard for anyone in Adam’s position to be in a committed relationship. He is being followed endlessly by paparazzi & working non- stop. That’s not going to end anytime soon either, as he on the verge of Super Stardom. Hopefully, he’ll just enjoy the ride for now, but in the end be able to find a person (male or female) that he loves whole heartedly & who loves him in return. Hopefully they will love him for “who he is”,& can accept him for anything “he’s not”, meaning, warts and all. Love knows no boundaries, & has no color, age, size, or label. Yes, that means…even sexuality. Let’s not forget that Adam is only 27 & was a virgin until 21st Birthday, which he described as a huge let-down. His earliest sexual experiences were with women, however, his first & only love was with a man. His heartbreak was brutal just like it is with most first loves,& triggered the “slut” response that many go through when they try to prove to themselves that they are still attractive to others. Adam’s wounds were still fresh not that long ago but he is now more confident than ever & can have anyone or anything he wants. Now that his options are wider, we’ll see what he ultimately choses. Whoever the lucky “person” is had better treat him right! He deserves it!

    • Thank God he has a wonderful loving mom, dad, brother and probably extended family, as well as a few long-time friends he can trust. They may be all he has any time for in the foreseeable future with all his appearances after the ablbum is released, and eventually touring coming up over the summer. (we can only hope he’ll tour that soon!)

  23. Adam looks like a cross between Liza Minelli and Kelly Osborne.

  24. Lilia, I believe that you are just misguided and uneducated on what homosexuality emcompasses. Get thee to a library and do some research on all forms of orientation. There is NOTHING wrong with Adam as far as I can see and thank heavens he had loving, nurturing parents that supported & encouraged his innate talents for us to now love and enjoy. Adam is comfortable with who he is and so should we be. I saw Adam up close during several of the AI concerts, at the barriers and the last meet and greet. Up close he is tall, soooo handsome, gentle and kind & both times I got lost in his eyes. I just couldn’t look away. Petty sniping at a few extra (& losable) pounds, his makeup, male friends and other personal stuff is not cool. Adam gives 100% when he performs for us and that’s very very cool. He is one gifted and very special person. I hope he keeps us entertained for a very very long time!

    • SuzyQ,
      I saw Adam up close also after the Atlanta show and yes….he IS beautiful! He has a few minor flaws to his skin….most people do!…….but you only notice if you can POSSIBLY get past looking at his beautiful smile and soulful eyes! He’s beautiful….inside and out! Funny, though, the night I saw him he looked kinda skinny! I was worried that the tour was perhaps draining him.
      AS far as the gays who are not attracted to him because his musculature is not toned…..well, perhaps Adam will get with one who appreciates his strengths rather that his “weaknesses” and love him for the person he is.

      • Nancy
        I saw Adam 10 times in concert and he is a truly gifted, exciting, electric performer. I agree, up close Adam is beautiful inside and out and entrances with eyes. So he has some skin flaws… who doesn’t? I didn’t think he looked skinny though, just tired, drained, sick and ready to finish the tour – as they all were! I was really worried about his voice and the toll that the tour had taken on it. Glad to hear in his new single “FYE” that his signature wails are back clear as a bell! I just want Adam to have as much love and commitment in his personal life as we, his fans, have for him in his professional life. Starting his career has taken it’s toll but I’m sure there is someone out there who is his equal and will give him the emotional support and love that he needs and vice versa. Keep looking Adam, he’s out there somewhere! Meanwhile, we love love you!

  25. To the Anonymous: You are an Idiot yourself. For your information, in many instances to be gay is a choice. Yes, there are people who were born being gays. But believe it or not, nowadays there is in facion for stupid young people to make such a choice in order to be original, not like everyone natural, or in form of some kind of protest. With time it goes away, as it was with the ex-lover of Elen DeGenereous (not sure if I spelled it right) and lome others. Like it has happen to hippies. In our young years we offen go through some kind of mistakes. The time straighten us up. And to have your own child, your own flushing blood, is not the same as when you have an adopted. You can rase him/her, you can be bound to an adopted child and love, but it is still not the same as it came out from your body, when it really yours.

    About Adam: he is a complete harmony, you just cannot not to love him. Beautiful, talented, smart, well brought up, kind to people. And he likes women too. This is a big hope. I do not want for Adam to eventually end up lonely, I want him to have a normal family and be happy. And for the readers: I am 74 and Russian speaking. Please forgive me my limited English and maybe sometime wrong spelling. My the very best to everyone!

    • Being gay is NOT a choice, and there are significantly fewer cases of male sexuality being as fluid as female sexuality, so using Ellen Degeneres’ ex-lover as an example is pretty dumb. But since I’m sure you’ve never read a single scientific study on sexuality, dumb is what I was expecting.

      Adam has made it very clear that he has known he was gay since childhood. At 27 years old, it’s not a phase.

      Hurry up and die, you dumb old bitch, people like you are ruining the world.

  26. Actually, David Bowie claimed he was Bi not just gay. He was attracted to both men (Jagger) and women. He married Angie (Bowie) and they had a son. But he was always attracted to and slept with African American women (groupies) and then married Iman. But that has no bearing on Adam Lambert’s life.

    It’s disrespectful to assume that Adam is delusional when he says he is gay. Why do some really crazy women say he doesn’t know who he is and will find out he is really heterosexual?

    Just respect who he says he is and let him live his life. Geez. All he really wants is for fans to buy his CD’s and go to his concerts. I doubt he wants advice on how to live his live life.

    There was one crazy Glambert fan who thinks his parents made him believe he was gay! How insulting to his family is that one? They seem like such wonderful parents.

    I think he is pretty great the way he is or anyway he chooses to be. He is so talented and is who he is because of his experiences to date. Let him be people because it’s really none of your business what he does in his private life.

    I am so happy my kids are not famous–this fan thing is sick.

  27. So Drake is finally done with that “man-izer”? Good. I think Adam likes to have a boyfriend at home and still be free to date around as much as he likes. If that’s true, then Drake deserves a better relationship, OUT of the limelight. Why is everyone picking on the little guy?

  28. Adam Lambert was with Ferras during Halloween Party. And they look happy together. I like Ferras more than LaBry and the former is a good singer and songwriter — a better match for Adam!

  29. Adam Lambert was with Ferras during Halloween Party. And they look happy together. I like Ferras more than LaBry and the former is a good singer and songwriter — a better match for Adam!

  30. Marcus, it is very good that old wise people lead the world. They have much more experience in life than you are, angry, maximalistic fool. Time will show what happens to Adam in his future life. I just want him to be happy, he deserves it. Is Adam natural gay or no, it does not hurt me. Not like I am people, Marcus, must hurry up and die, but such angry at all the world types as you are, should not be born. Why did you wish me to die? Have I done anything wrong to you or to anyone other you know? Because I have different luggage of knowledge from yours? You also will be old some day, if your anger will not kill you sooner. You maybe a gay from the day you were born, but you cannot be sure about Adam, even if he thinks and said so. Maybe tomorrow he will meet a woman, as classy as he is, in the best meaning of this word, and fall in love with her? This may happen very much, as it frequently happens in life even with those, who declared themselves being gays. I do know that some man have more female hormons than male’s and this makes them gays. The same happens to women if they have more male’s. These people are really gays. They do not feel sexual attraction to the opposite gender. I do not know, Marcus, how old you are, but you are talking like a young fool. Live up to my age, become a little bit more knowing of life and people, and then say out with assurance what you have learnt from your own and the history of people experience. I love and admire Adam, irrelatively he gay or he is not. I respect his intellect, I love how he behaves on the stage and with people. He is not only a great singer, but is a great artist in his profession. He is a phenomenon of this century. I feel lucky that I live at the same time Adam lives and presents us with his art.
    My wish to Marcus is to love people a little bit more, and to read books, especially with historical content. And it would not hurt you, if you take some English classes.

  31. Velvet_Goldmine says:

    Jealousy is simply and clearly the fear that you do not have value. Jealousy scans for evidence to prove the point – that others will be preferred and rewarded more than you. There is only one alternative – self-value. If you cannot love yourself, you will not believe that you are loved. You will always think it’s a mistake or luck. Take your eyes off others and turn the scanner within. Find the seeds of your jealousy, clear the old voices and experiences. Put all the energy into building your personal and emotional security. Then you will be the one others envy. – Jennifer James

  32. I saw Adam up close in July, when I held his arm, he smiled and looked right into my eyes and signed 2 photos (RS mag and AI program) for me and I have to tell you, he is tall and unbelievably gorgeous! Broad shouldered and slim, much slimmer than I had expected actually.Taking into factor, the extra weight that cameras add, he is just perfect, in every way. That said, I don’t believe Adam ever will (or even wants to be!) the “Gay poster Icon” for the GLBT community! He has stressed, many times, that he is not about issues, but about the music and entertaining, period. Deal with it! I hope the gay community keeps this shit up, really. Adam is very masculine, he oozes it from every pore and he has said in so many ways that he also finds women fun, sexy, and fun to make out with. So keep bashing him, gay community. There are plenty of warm,accepting, sexy, willing females to comfort Adam.We (women!) find Adam hawter than hawt, so yeah….keep pushing him toward us…we don’t mind one little bit. And it would be a shame if Adam adopted, rather than passing his amazing DNA onto children of his own.We (women!) are here for you Adam. Just take your pick my dear sex God! Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce! ROCK ON! XD Glambert 2516 BTW. <333

  33. Kaitlin Beckman says:

    Cheer up. It WILL get better.


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