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Get Tagged With Chris Brown’s “Graffiti” One Week Early

Chris Brown - Graffiti

Chris Brown - Graffiti

With one week to go until the release of Chris Brown‘s highly anticipated new album, Graffiti, it’s about time for it to leak. No, we don’t mean illegally! That would be wrong! But it is about time for fans to get a chance to preview before they decide to purchase.

That’s where MTV.com comes in. The album is being streamed online all week via MTV’s The Leak.

Here’s your chance to listen to, pick apart, or over-analyze (“he said Rihanna‘s name right there!”) each song before you shell out your hard earned money.

Have a problem with listening to Chris Brown alone? Don’t fret! He’s got a bunch of friends helping him! Featured artists include Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz (“I Can Transform Ya”), Plies (“What I Do”), Tank (“Take My Time”) and Trey Songz and Game (“Wait”).

Graffiti is in stores December 8.

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  1. this young man is talented you can’t deny that. i wish him all the best.

  2. I will be getting the deluxe version next Tuesday!


  4. Its cool ima snatch dat junt.

  5. Listening to Chris Brown alone…. get a life! We listen to Jay-Z and the last time I checked he recieved 3 years in 2001 for stabbing a man, you need to let it go, Breezy isn’t going anywhere!!!!

    • jayz ain’t never get convicted of anything. stop making up shit just because your precious cunt brown a felon. hatin ass.

  6. just heard the whole album i think he may get a grammy with this one real talk.

  7. that shit fire

  8. He really deserves a Grammy! And an academy award! He should beat women more often, it seems to be really great for his career.

  9. He did an AWESOME job on this album. I listened to the song on Rhapsody and preordered the Deluxe Edition…he is not disappointing! Most definitely he has graduated to manhood with Take My Time and Movie (those are my new favs. along w/Crawl, So Cold, I’ll Go).

  10. I listened to the whole album and i love it. i think it’s cb’s best yet, glad i pre-ordered it already but will also be picking up an extra copy on Dec. 8th. Seems the media are the only ones having a hard time deciding whether they like the album or not, every review i’ve read today seems to throw shade on the effort but when you read the comments they are all giving very favorable reviews. i think the music stands for itself but will likely not get the nod it deserves because of the talkin “media heads”. thank god ppl are so informed that they are able to decide for themselves what they like and dislike and those that do will support no matter what.

  11. i luv it…..can’t wait! my friend want breezy album as a x-mas present! so imma get two copy…1 for her and 1 for me

  12. I REALLY WISHED that people would stop jugding this young man on a incident that occurred when he was 19 and that he has expressed numerous times his regret,sorrow, embarrassement and apology for. If you insist on judging, judge the music and the artistic expression ALONE then you will be able to see what we his fans already know, he is supremely talented. The album is HOT and whoever says different doesn’t know good music or can’t separate the music from the whole CB/Ri incident which is sad.

    • F*ck Obama says:

      I hear ya, Sheeot…It’s not like whe didn’t know the beating was coming. If she dint want a beating, why she be wit a black dude.

  13. apart from thriller album this is the best album till date.

  14. Best album of his career!

    Buying the regular cd, and deluxe cd….


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    Featured artists include Lil Wayne and … http://bit.ly/7vFiBv

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