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Rihanna, Adam Lambert, Taylor Swift, More Attend VEVO Launch Party

rih rihadam adam

Many of today’s hottest music stars turned out to celebrate the launch of VEVO, the music-related YouTube-like website, which will offer exclusive content from many of the artists under the Universal Music Group umbrella of record labels.

Among the stars were Rihanna and Adam Lambert, who posed for a hot shot together inside the party, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, John Mayer, Ciara and more.

The guest were also treated to performances by Lambert and the always incredible Lady GaGa.

john johntaylore taylor

John Mayer and Taylor Swift

50mary johnjustint

50 Cent and Mary J. Blige, John Mayer and Justin Timberlake

allisonadam ciara

Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert, Ciara

mariahtaylor mariahrihanna mariahnick

Mariah Carey poses with Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Nick Cannon


Young Jeezy and Pete Wentz

gaga justinb

Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber

corine johnl

Corinne Bailey Rae, John Legend


gaga4 gaga3 gaga2 gaga1

adam4 adam3 adam2 adam1

photos: wireimage, getty images

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  1. adamdevotee says:

    adam lambert amd lady gaga on the same stage in 1 night…wow!double wow!
    adam looks amazing and love the vevo videos of adam so far!

  2. OMG! Adam looks soooooooooooooo GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love him!


  3. OMG i cannot believe this. A lot of people has been noticing that Adam Lambert has been copying Bill Kaulitz’s style but not so shamelessly like this!!!! 0.0 Adam is wearing the exact same pants Bill Kaulitz wore at the 2009 EMAS!!!

    • Twisted Sister says:

      Adam is not copying Bill. Tokio Hotel fans needs to get over it. As much as I like the band I have to say that Bill doesn’t own the rights of his looks, he’s not unique and he’s not the only guy in this world with an androgynous look.

      • Adam Sucks!!! says:

        Well then, you don’t know bill Kaulitz very well…If you think it’s just the TH fan that think this- then your wrong! The media is taking notice also! While the media compares Adam to….Bill is praised for his own PERSONAL style. Adam needs too stop sucking up to the TH fans…. just because Adam wears make-up, doesn’t mean we have too like him. His pancake make-up looks gross over all those zits……ewww

    • Lo, w/e, Adam fills them out much better!

    • Hi – I know who Kaulitz is, but not familiar with what you say is his style. The pants look like wrinkled jeans to me. Would you let me know, please? Thanks.

    • A lot of people have been noticing Diana is shamelessly running at the mouth with brain not engaged.

    • Adam dosen’t copy anyone.And is Bill is seen in similar clothes as Adam, he dosen’t copy anyone either. It is against the nature of creative people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well maybe Bill left them behind . . .

    • Who is Bill Kualitz?

  4. Adam Lambert and Gaga are freaks. Let’s put them on a boat and ship the out to sea. Maybe a hurricane will come up and swallow their boat. No more Adam and Gaga. Win win situation!!

    • Twisted Sister says:

      Speak for yourself. I love those freaks and I’m not the only one. lol

    • irisita69 says:

      So why are you so interested? Freaks got your attention, huh?

    • Anytime you want to get on that boat is fine by me. Without GaGa and Adam who are we left with – Taylor Swift? I ‘ll take these “freaks” over that snooze whore any day, thank you!

      • I second that!!! I’ll take the “freaks” over bore- fest Taylor and un talented, bratty Bieber!

      • Stop hating,fuckers. Taylor is more talented than those fuckfaces. I actually like them, but if you put them up against Taylor, I’ll always go with her. ‘Snooze whore’ my behind! Stop hating, cause theres nothing to hate about her. Bitches.
        GO TAYLOR!!!
        fuck haters <3

      • That’s because your parents didn’t teach you that real talant doesn’t need a gimmick to make it to the top.

    • I love Adam and Lady Gaga. They are couragouely themselves, honest (unlike tiger woods for example) and totally individualistic. They honor their own emotions, think for themselves, and are talented and living their lives their way. And Diamond is a spectator watching them do it, while he drinks his holy water sitting at home-again.

    • lousy state of consciousness, no right to use the name Diamond which is an enlightened mind. You are afraid of people who are different from you, out of the box, out of your control. Bet what you were taught to think, say, feel, do and believe as a child is all you know and spout forth.Those two ‘reaks’ would stand up for your rights to be yourself and never say to put you in a boat and send you out to sea. I choose them. Live with yourself.

    • the only win win is if you ship out moron. I can’t believe how some people actually write stupid things like this on a public blog, can anyone say, hey I’m wearing a big sign letting everyone know how stupid I am. And thanks for noticing Adam and Gaga and taking time to write cause they got your attention . LOL

    • I FLOVE those two freaks! They both are the freshest, most creative artists out there right now. Bring on more freaks please :)

    • Your right put them up against your favourite Barney and I guess they do look like freaks. I love them both

  5. zoomer2k2 says:

    @Diamond ur a dik -Gaga’s awesome and Adam is trying to make a name for himself. Perhaps you should jump on a boat because I don’t think they are going anywhere anytime soon.

  6. Twisted Sister says:

    One thing is 4 sure. The party was thousand times better than the web site. The only good thing I’ve seen about this web was on their blog and it was two videos with Adam Lambert. I hope they fix the problems because right now VEVO.com is unavailable.

  7. Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga FTW!. :D

  8. Well so much for all the stupid rumors of Mariah Carey and Rihanna hating each other! so so lame.

  9. Wow! Looks like the glambulge was out in full force too!

  10. oh yeah Adam rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ADAM!!!!!!
    Love the hair and makeup. You’re sexyyyyy ???????

    • Eww he is ugly .. Justin Bieber is better. At least Justin isnt gay unlike Adam.. and Adam is like disgusting. Did you see what he did at the AMA’s? They dont want him going on that tv channel because of wht he did.. Then he was like, Ohh I just got caught up in the moment. Ya right.. Justin Bieber rocks and any girl likes him and if then dont then whatever. That is there prob

  12. Adam Sucks!!! says:

    Nice pants Adam! But they looked better on Bill Kaulitz at the EMA’S!! Also the pants- Adam wore on the cover of the rolling stone- bill wore before him & looked better in them, i could go on & on…..Stop ripping off bill style. You never wear something that someone else wore on the red carpet, that a big fashion NO NO!!!!!

    • Well whoever you are get a grip. I’m sure anyone can go out and but a pair of pants. As far as this Bill guy goes…I got nothing. And you must be a freak to think no one ever wears something someone else wore on the red carpet. I saw a red carpet even where two ladies showed up in the same dress. That was funny. Anyone remember that?

  13. Adam Lambert is copying Bill Kaulitz. We know Adam has said Bill is his celebrity crush, but from there to steal his style is too much!

    Bill Kaulitz (Nov.5,2009 EMAs) and Adam Lambert (Dec.8,2009 Vevo Launch Party):


    • THANK YOU!!!!! I been try too tell people this! Adam is too fake. I like the real deal- BILL KAULITZ!!!!!

      • what a dill weed. you think just cause some guy wears a pair of jeans first he has dibs on those jeans. you’re a fruit. wardrobe folks get paid to put looks together for stars. go have a cow on one of their doorsteps.

    • THANK YOU!!!!! I been trying too tell people this! Adam is too fake. I like the real deal- BILL KAULITZ!!!!!

  14. love adam/rihanna pic! and love adam and gaga! they rocked the house out!

  15. Oh wha like I don’t have black shirts and jeans. Get over it Monica. There are only so many pairs of black jeans out there and if your whole mind is going to explode over a pair of jeans you need to redo your life.

    • Get Aids soon Lambert says:

      I’m guessing you enjoy doing some pitching and catching as well as much as this is getting you all worked up.

  16. Get Aids soon Lambert says:

    I seen a woman in the vet waiting room stopping her toddler from putting its finger in a dogs butthole. The mother said “You don’t put any part of you in there, its filthy and disgusting”. That caused me to think to myself, “Why is it that we can tell little children that putting any part of their body in the brown eye is nasty, but once they become teenagers we aren’t allowed to tell them that anymore?”!!

    • Let’s not spread hate. Let everyone just live and let live. Adam makes beautiful music, and we are lucky he has shared his talent with the world. Whatever you may think about his lifestyle doesn’t change the fact that he is a capitvating, charismatic, electrifying performer. A singer with Adam’s talent one-of-a-kind. Let’s just enjoy his music. And if you don’t like him, that’s fine–nobody is forcing you to listen.

  17. I have never heard of this Bill guy before somebody’s comment, but I’m not interested because Adam Lambert is the most gorgeous man on the planet. He is beautiful and has his own style. Perhaps some people are just jealous of Adam’s success and huge loyal fan base. Adam and Lad gaga together….I wish I could have been there to witness that!!! I’m sure it was phenomenal! Adam is hugely talented and has the most incredible voice I have ever heard. I love Adam Lambert!!!!!!

  18. adam lambert always has his own style.he never copying from a thin and awful boy like bill kaulitz..
    adam lambert is so handsome and lovely :)


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  4. Debbie says:

    http://bit.ly/51GBE0 Adam and Rihanna headlining again lol

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