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Adam Lambert Gets “Shiny And Fabulous” At Gridlock 2010 New Year’s Eve Bash

Adam Lambert said New Year’s Eve would be “wild” on his Twitter page, and boy was it.

The glamorous pop/rock star strolled the red carpet at Gridlock’s 2010 bash in a sleek black suit embellished with glittery gems and tons of sparkle on his face. When asked about his outfit, he described it as a “shiny and fabulous” look he put together with the help of his stylists.  He couldn’t be more right!

Inside the bash, he rocked the crowd with tunes from his debut album, For Your Entertainment, and even got a handful of Pamela Anderson‘s boobies. How’s that for wild!

photos: famepictures, pacificcoastnews

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  1. Adam kicked A@s!!! He is phenomenal live, on stage. Singing “Soaked” live is nothing less than stunning!!! This man has pipes to kill. Anyone who has not seen him perform live on stage should!!!

    • Oh Jenn, I’d give ANYTHING to!!!! That’s one of my many favorite songs. Adam is just undescriably TALENTED, BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME AND NICE!!! I envy you SOOO much, to get to see him perform “live”! I just love him sooo much! Janice K

  2. Soaked was incredible: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0bTyonM0-c

    All the videos also available here: http://mjsbigblog.com/adam-lambert-gridlock-videos.htm

    If you did not get Adam’s Album For Your Entertainment, buy it well worth the money! Most albums have 2 or 3 good songs but on Adam’s albums all songs are very good and some of them even great!

  3. I was front row. While preparing to introduce Adam, Pamela kept holding her left hand with a very large sequined glove in front of her left boob as her dress was falling off revealing her nipple. After introducing adam she scurried off as he was coming on….he then reached for her hands to thank her/hug her for the introduction and she pulled her arm back. He was grabbing at nothing. She turned away from the audience to keep us from seeing her nipple. One photographer next to me caught the whole thing.

    Adam was gacious, funny and incredible vocals. SOAKED was soaring!

  4. “Soaked” was absolutely breathtaking! It’s a gorgeous song on the album, but holy glittery moly is it beautiful live. Adam and his voice are amazing. I hope his set on Gridlock is available on DVD for purchase because I’ve got to hear that song and every song from his set over and over.
    Outstanding job Adam! Congrats to you and your band!

  5. I can’t wait to see what he does next. Movie, tv appearance, music video, a tour! This guy should have his own clothing line! Plus how does he get his hair to do that?

  6. I lOVE Adam’s hair!!! It reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog!!

  7. Adam was in fine form and I’m so happy for him. This venue was way better than the stupid Rockin’New Years eve show on ABC he would have been at. Adam was treated with respect and like the star he is at Gridlock and he got to do a 40 minute set instead of just a few songs. Yes,when one door closes, another one opens. Congrats to Adam for a dynamite show. I wish I could have been there. He looks beautiful and the range he hit on some of those songs just blows my mind. He is in a league of his own. I can hardly wait for the tour. I will be looking for the dvd of Gridlock as well.
    I boycotted ABC new years eve and will continue to boycott them. Adam proved on new years eve that he doesn’t need ABC.
    My deepest thanks to the wonderful fans who were there for posting the videos.

    • Since Sas Says brought it up – ABC once again displayed unbelievable hypocrisy NYE. ABC booked and heavily advertised Disney and music tween Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, therefore should have expected many tweens to beg to stay up and watch, and then proceeded to air Robin Thicke’s sexually charged “Sex Therapy” IMMEDIATELY following Bieber and then Gomez performances! I’d been boycotting ABC, but my kids and cousins and guest’s kids begged to try to catch Bieber/Gomez on DCNYRE, we relented, and didn’t get back to TV after Gomez performance, and boy were we sorry – uncomfortable explaining to do w/ Thicke/Sex Therapy performance. Kids will be fine, but stunning hypocrisy from ABC. Apparently, JLo dancer/crotch incident and much T&A from Keri Hilson too. Parent’s job to preview and all that, I agree, but plausible to expect that DCNYRE would maybe put Thicke/Sex Therapy on in the DCNYRE Part 2 broadcast. Any parent worth their salt would not have allowed any under 14/15 kids anywhere near the AMAs, but fully reasonable to expect that tweens will be watching the heavily advertised Bieber/Gomez…afterall, ABC has been so direct in their position on “Family Friendly” programming (tongue firmly in cheek). Sickening hypocrisy and double standards. I suppose Lambert was right where he was supposed to be, good for him. Was an amazing set and I’m thrilled to have the footage to continue to peruse! Onward and upward for Lambert, he probably wants no further mention of AMA business – but just couldn’t let go of mentioning the unbelievable double standard applied by ABC & DCNYRE on NYE!

    • Anonymous says:

      the first time i’ve ever seen Adam was when he sang MAD WARLD on Aidol. my first reaction was – wow!! he is like Elvis! that feeling had never change! Adam is really grate and all the hypocrites from ABC will have to envite him to preform live again!
      love from Israel!

  8. OMG Adam was so hot at Gridlock..I could barely breathe.. OH MY what I will pay to be at his concerts… HEAVEN

  9. Thanks so much for the great videos! LOVED the concert! How talented is Adam! and gorgeous

  10. shadamholic says:

    I am with you all. I would pay BIG bucks to be at an Adam concert! Adam looked OUTRAGIOUS….a Rock God with his hair on FIRE!! THANK you to the fabulous fans that provided the vids. They were everything I hoped to see yesterday!! Can’t wait to hook up my PC to my TV and watch it on the big screen! And CANNOT wait for the TOUR!!!

  11. i am 70 years old and i have never heard a voice like he has. wonderful

  12. awsome

  13. the most awsome intertainment of are time

  14. Anonymous says:

    Congragulations Adam on a great New Year’s Eve Concert… I am from Canada, and went straight to the computer to find live streaming video of your concert at Gridlock…. I Found It, and watched it instead of that ABC thing…. 2010 is going to be a great year for you!!

  15. Adam looked really gorgeous but i could do without the jacket though. Would look a lot sexier without it.

    • Agree totally. The jacket is great but I assumed it would come off for part of the show. The glitter looked great. I have watched a video of each song and would have loved to be there. Fortunately I am on the east cost where there will be a concert in NY with Allison and Kris from Idol. Can’t wait for that.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am so in love with you Adam Lambert and your awesome in everyway. Signed Sexy Jako

  17. This was his coming out party so to speak. If what i’m reading is about the show and him are true, he may very well be an upcoming superstar. Which brings me to this story. I remember back in 1978 a guy from Lenmore, Calif. had just tried out for a band in San Francisco. That band needed airplay and their management along with their record company siad they would drop them from their label if they did not come up with a frontman. I was in San Francisco at a concert with alot of upcoming bands and the announcer said a surprize act will open. Out comes this band named Journey and their newly acquired frontman’s name happened to be Steve Perry. I have seen thousands of singers and to this day i am in awe of what i saw. Perry had this unnatural top end and his vocals werer so stunning i remember people walking around the stage after the show looking for an answer for this singer. The rest is history. I will say i like Adam Lambert’s drive and ambition. He will be the best AI will ever have on their show. His legacy may be starting as of now.

  18. DANA MARTIN says:


  19. he is getting a little too much for me now .

    check out my blog http://dkengi.com/

  20. God i lovehim beyond words .. he is amazing at every level .. he kicked assess in NYE and his vocals is something out of this world .. no one can sing like him period . Adam Lambert is the real definition of Real Music.

  21. Adam is mesmerizing…I can’t get enough of him


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