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Pop Singer Kerli Lashes Out At Lady GaGa: “Stop Ripping Off Everything I Do”

Kerli and Lady GaGa - Kyte/PacificCoastNews.com

When a newly yellow-haired Lady GaGa turned up to perform in Miami for her New Years Eve bash last night, she delighted fans of her fashion-forward thinking. However, the same appearance rubbed Estonian pop princess Kerli completely the wrong way. The singer, also known for her daring fashion moves, posted an F bomb-laden status update to her official MySpace page, accusing GaGa of copying her edgy look.

“It’s kinda f*cking funny that Lady Gaga ALSO has yellow hair now,” a yellow-haired Kerli said in her status and mood update. “I wish she would f*cking stop ripping off everything I do. F*cking b*tch.”

Fans were quick to agree with the “Walking On Air” singer. “I hate how everyone says ‘Oh, Shes sooo unique’ and sh*t but YOU are the unique one. Lady gaga is the rip off Kerli,” one fan said in a reply, sentiments shared by several others. Another came to GaGa’s defense, pointing out the hair color in question could be just a coincidence. “I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga isn’t copying you. Her style is a lot different from yours. Come on, yellow hair? Plenty of people have yellow hair.”

When the pop star isn’t calling others copy cats, she’s busy working on the follow-up to her stellar 2008 debut album, Love Is Dead.

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  1. LMFAOOO I Love Gaga but its true… PPL & Gaga herself talk about how original she is and give her soo much credit for being unique but the truth is, she isnt that original.

    Pretty much EVERYTHING she’s done from her debut comes from artist like. Grace Jones, David Bowie, Kerli, Kylie Minogue, Hussein Chalayan (And many other designers) & Roisin Murphy. Even her crazy candid interviews mimick Grace Jones lol.

    Yes, Gaga is extremely talented but she’s not as original as she comes off lol.

    • say whatever you want but lady gaga can sing out any artist out there. they can hate all they want but lady gaga is the “IT” girl and everyone is just jealous that even if she did copy, she does it better and she actually gets noticed and not all of those haters!GO GAGA

      • hahahahahahaaaaaaa what kind of a person are you. Where have you lived??? She can sing out any artist out there??? I mean WTF!?!?!! Lady GAGA!?!?!?

        • Um yes.. she can outsing any artist out there..

          she has one of the best voices period

          • The point isn’t who’s doing it more publicly. The point is who is doing it first. It’s a shame to know that there a genuine artists like Kerli who are being bashed by Gaga supporters when all they want is their own identity, but get it stolen at every turn. I’m so glad Kerli said something. I’ve seen Gaga rip her off over and over again and was wondering why I hadn’t read more about it.

            • Im hate to tell you this but lady gaga did rip off kerli and she did it alot look at her hair in poker face and kerlis in walking on air. the basicly the same BUT kerli had it in a music video first! then look at love game and on kerli’s myspace pictures both have purple hair BUT yet again kerli had it first and now this with the pics above oh yeah kerli did that first too!

              • whoa you’re right. kerli has some awesome stuff too. i think she just made a nw fan haha.

                • Kerli is awesome, from Creepshow, from here, from Estonia ;)

                  • KERLI-Fan says:

                    I’m having a fight with this Guy Mitchell, he’s never heard a single Kerli song in his life, and he’s downing her, it pisses me off. I keep giving him all the times Lady gay gay ripped her off and every single time he make up an exuse. Their is no fucking Excuse Gaga steals from Kerli and i don’t give a shit how good of a singer gaga is she has no right to steal something and call it her won. Kerli did it firt did it great and worked hard to do so, here comes gaga with the same damn thing and boasts about how creative she is. She’s just a bitch who can’t think of anything original, and it really pissed me off when Kerli had to apologize. She was right to lash out! GO KERLI

                    • I flipping love Kerli and her style and hate Gaga’s rip-offs, but remember we are living in a world where people think the Beatles have been ripping of Justin Bieber’s hairstyle -_-“

              • Seriously, anyones hair could look like that! Just because Gaga’s hair looked smiliar to Kerli’s doesnt mean shit. This is all just childish bull shit. We all develope our own unique styles by first copying others. It’s how we grow and evolve into our own styles.

                • “we all start by copying others’ styles..then evolve..”
                  true, but then would you still call yourself authentic or original if like you said all stars start by “copying”?
                  See the paradox? I bet you don’t.

                • Your mama's bff says:

                  HONestly, We grow and we learn We copy because at young age we wasn’t well grown yet to understand and realizing our own individuality. Therefore, I dont know how old are you? maybe ten? I have no idea but if you are an adult and a mature one YOu will know the differences between Copy doesn’t equal to originality and copy is a great way to be popular like ripping off others’ ideas where they probably spend lots of time on creating this originality personal traits:) But then again , what would a person like you undertsand? Copying isn’t cool. Originality and creativity and talents are most real. CHEERS from your mama’s best friend:)

                • Your mama's bff says:

                  copy “”is NOT”” a great way to be pop
                  is a great way to be popular

                  Say hi to ur mama from me ha :P

                • well.. anonymous.. your right.. no idea is original–however from a different perspective.. in the world of music.. its all about how your marketed… and lady gaga’s style was no where near what it is now.. before she was brunette and her style was very broadway.. ect.. kerli came out awhile ago.. with that crazy alice in wonderland look.. however lady gaga’s label decided to put this image on ms.gaga bcuz she got a better deal… its easier to market an image when you have the means and really good distrubution deals- not to say lady gaga is not talented.. she has an awesome voice.. but i think who she portrays is just an image.. a front.. ya know to be eccentric..and have a bunch of little girls wanting to be just like her..and BUY her album!.. la fin

            • LesliKosvotz says:

              Fuck off!i am starting to hate Lady Gaga!I had been a huge fan of Kerli and Lady Gaga, and i was watching their evolutions. and sometimes i thought that Lady Gaga looked to much like Kerli, but i thought it was coincidences. And i thought that Lady Gaga was original too. BUT FUCK OFF LADY GAGA. She is copying the work of another artist taking her sucsses and that is shit.Kerli is such an inspiration and if some of this assholes don’t know who she is you can google it!because the musics that Kerli writes are touchable, her lyrics are really beautiful.and not stupid things like “let’s have some fun this bit is sick i wanna take a ride on your dico stick”!!!i used to like Lady Gaga, but now this wannabe original that copys all the world, can kiss my ass!

            • reyaa gagaloo says:

              man f/ck kerli. mama monster doesn’t rip anyone off, so kerli is the effing bitch.

              • KERLI-Fan says:

                Do me a favor go to google images, no ype in Kerli Vs lady gaga. HUH!!! whats this Lady gaga looks just like Kerli in some many of these videos, and look again, lets see whose music videos came out first, Wow Kerli did her music video in an outfit just like the one lady gaga is wearing before Lady gaga.

                Get over yourself, lady gaga has a good voice but no originality. look at the number of times she’s been accused of stealling, it’s not all a Coincidence.

                • Anonymous says:

                  you just say that cause they are both blond
                  and it’s not like GaGa copied Kerli’s sound
                  if she did there would be a major problem but she didn’t
                  this osrt of thing only proves that stupidity is a virus and everyone is catching it

            • Thank you! It’s so effing true. Kerli is actually worth listening to. SHE’S TALENTED. And her songs have definition to them. WTF I want to take a ride on your disco stick… Really? Kerli looks way better in everything, anyway. FUCK GAGA.

          • @Jason hey I love GaGa and she has a nice voice but the best out there??? I mean if you want to compare with all the young 20 and below crowd thats famous then yeah, shes the shit. But artist like Mariah Carey and dare I say Beyonce (B is more of an entertainer than singer with just an ok voice but its a little stronger than GaGas) and Christina Aguilera etc. THEY are the best voices out now and have been for a while. Lets not get crazy.

            And IDK who this Kerli chick is but I see some similarities but like i dont really care who stole what from who. Artist like something from someone else so they take that and adapt to their style. Obviously Gaga like Kerli’s style. But it doesn’t really matter cause eventually, like every artist, GaGa will grow up and start dressing like a normal human being and wear PANTS! lol
            (: As strange as that girl is, Lady GaGa is great(:

          • suuuure says:

            What are you, twelve?

          • okay i like “gaga” and all but kerli totoally pulls her stile of better then lady gaga and really lady gaga needs 2 find her own stile like i dont think its that bad to dress like a normal person in public i mean i think lady gaga sing pretty good(kerlis better) but when i found kerli from her song “Tea Party” and “Walking On Air” they are now my favorite songs of all things (i think i like kerli because 1 she is a great singer and because she has all the percings i dream of but snake bits but if i couldnt get snake bits i would get one in the middle) dont get me wrong im not a hater i promise this is just my p.o.v.

          • lol you’ve obviously been living under a GAGA rock, sure she sounds nice, but she does not by FAR have the best voice out there, I can name off several right off the top of my head with better voices than hers, granted she gives a good performance, I’ll give her that, but singing? Please, There’s Sarah Brighten, Amy Lee, Kerli, BoA, (going into male) Ruki [the GazettE], Kamenashi, Akanishi Jin (both formally/from KAT TUN), Adam Lambert, uuuummm my cousin~ (girl), and those are at the spare moment of off the top of my head vocalists.

            Sure, she’s great in your eyes, but if you were to actually compare her REAL voice with her REAL looks to someone else, she’s practically nothing.

      • well, I like GaGa and i don’t Hate GaGa , but true is, that Lady GaGa IS copying Kerli. and i think, many ppl who don’t hate GaGa thinks that too.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re fucking stupid.. you probably don’t even know any of the people VuanTV listed.. and Lady gaga is some boring, ugly, stupid product

      • Anonymous says:

        yea only cuz she shows nudity and draws attention to herself

      • Anonymous says:

        ur a dumb ass if u think that

      • kelsey steiner says:

        HELLZ YEA

      • Lady Gay Gay suks says:

        First Kerli gets all deh lovers cuz y would u spend ur time hating on her so rly u luv her i dont hate gaga i dislike her XD so dosnet count as a lover so bak off kerli SHES BEEN OUT LONGER gay gay can go fhk herself

      • kerli is the shit says:

        no she cant she is a talent less copycat and cant do anything. she doesn’t even really sing live cuz if she did you could here her breath wile she does it…. whats ur excuse then… kerli has been around alot longer she is the best there is and before you judge you should here her songs and look it up more. she changed her haircolor to yellow… a week later gaga did the same…. she changed it to purple and a week later the same thing… and the same thing happened after she changed her hair color to blue

      • Singing is all well and good, but American Idol and shows like that are perfect example that there are plenty of good singers in the world, but Gaga is just riding off everyone else’s image coattails.
        I don’t think any part of her image is original.

    • xXxsilentxsorrowxXx says:

      I like lady gaga, but she does rip off other peoples styles. she’s not by any means “unique”. I’ve seen kerli with a certain style , and then I few weeks later I see lady gaga with a similar style,. she doesn’t just steal her style from kerli though I’ve seen her looking like other people too.
      Yes she is the ” IT ” girl these days, but that doesn’t give her the right to be called “unique” when she uses other peoples styles. If kerli was the one stealing lady gagas look she’d be looking like the bad guy right now. oh wait she does look like the bad guy right now because she’s tired of being ripped off. Lady gaga prolly can’t even sing well by herself, its prolly “touched up”. Nobodies heard of kerli because she doesn’t sleep her way to the top, or at least sing about sleeping with everyone.

      actually kerli told us today on a Kerlichat that she has met Lady Gaga and is friends with some of lady gagas team. kerli feels awful about what she said. and I told her on the chat not to worry about it, cause I’d be pissed too if this shit happened to me. she says she respects lady gaga and told people not to take sides.

      wow go Leroy ! I agree. As I said I love lady gagas music, but kerlis is just so deep, it has meaning, its artistic and gives people a reason to live. lady gagas music is about sex , money and fame. I mean honestly it does get old.

      Leroy says:
      January 1, 2010 at 7:51 pm
      So if I were to say that McDonalds is fine cuisine…. you wouldn’t argue with me? Because, after all, McDonalds has served a billion and contibutes to the economy? Truth: LGaga is just another cash cow for idiots like yourself to worship and vomit all over because you have no real concept of what creativity really is.

      Bottom Line Is

      people who don’t even know both sides of the story need to get over it

      • that is so true.the high high heels were kerlis thing as seen on walking on air.then gaga rubbed it very much in kerlis face in bad romance.walking on air came out before just dance and she had the straight bangs.i say she not giving anyone a chance to be a “threat” which she obviouslly finds kerli as.bottom line she is famous for creativety,and its not hers so…good bye gaga!hello the truth!

        • Anonymous says:

          hopefully more of this will come to light now and the big dogs won’t be as comfortable keeping the small dogs down.

        • Hey uh… those heels in Bad Romance were designed by Alexander McQueen; the song premiered at McQueen’s fashion show… so as far as the “high high heels” go, I’m fairly certain Gaga wasn’t ripping off this Kerli.

        • the shit part is that Gaga is leeching her fame off other people’s creativity.
          There’s nothing original about her, the whole fame shit is desperate and pretty old to be honest.

    • xXxsilentxsorrowxXx says:


    • omg looking at the photo of lady gaga or is that her cause not 2 be mean but that is the worst picture anyone could ever take

  2. It’s so true. I love both of them but I’ve been listening to Kerli and watching her long before Lady GaGa ever rose to fame and L-Ga just seems to copy everything.

  3. Who really cares how or where she gets her ideas, etc. She sells tons of tickets, filling arenas and theaters, and there’s tons of money being spent keeping a lot of people employed. Bottom line whether you like it or not; Lady Gaga helps our economy and may affect some of you who work close to this retail arena!
    Tell it like it is!

    • So if I were to say that McDonalds is fine cuisine…. you wouldn’t argue with me? Because, after all, McDonalds has served a billion and contibutes to the economy? Truth: LGaga is just another cash cow for idiots like yourself to worship and vomit all over because you have no real concept of what creativity really is.

      • Get a life you moron! She’s the best performer that has come along in a very long time. Too bad you probably can’t afford to get in to see her, so you put other people down how know talent. Sooooooooo sad! Love you Lady Gaga. Keep doing all you do to help out the homeless in the GLBT community! She’s truly amazing and not another self absorbed vacuous “star”!

      • johnny_a2us@yahoo.com says:

        Actually, i would say the originality is in the MUSIC and LYRICS, which GaGa writes. I dont care if she came out and sang naked. A rip off would be someone who wrote music or lyrics which were ripped from this second rate wanna be. Of course this is the chance for Kerli to get he r15 minutes on the back of somebody else.

      • holy..helping the economy? Are you out of your mind? Is it helping your economy? Or the pockets of the few rich and famous..boy you’ve got to be living on top of the moon!

      • Anonymous says:

        haha you do not know how much i love what you said..

        • Anonymous says:

          oh btw i was talking to leroy ;p keep the peace.. unfortunately its not like that on here.. hmm pity

  4. the fact that anyone in this decade can dare call themselves original is fucking hysterical..every new idea either stems from an old one or some people geniunely think their being original…I think Gaga is Unique and I love her style and she just does it better…I don’t think she’s trying to steal from this girl..pretty soon someone’s going to come along and Tell Kerli to stop ripping off their fucking ideas lol! quit crying it’s not like a movie script or song… wonder if she’d make this big a fuss if Gaga wasn’t hott shit right now…

    • People already do tell Kerli to stop ripping off their ideas–the problem is that it’s only Lady Gaga fans that do so, and Gaga’s ideas are all Kerli’s first. I’m guessing that’s why she’s so upset. I would be too.

      • Exactly. If someone stole my ideas and his/her fans come to say that I stole them, it would be really annoying knowing that I have done everything not to look like him/her… I think Kerli’s right to be upset at this aspect.

    • kelsey steiner says:


  5. @Tellitlikeitis UMM The person who gaga is jacking obviously cares.. And BTW Those arenas she’s filling are also because of the image she’s drawn up for herself. If you were doing something and someone else was getting all the credit for it..you would DEF feel some kinda way.

  6. how do u know that she’s copying? maybe lady gaga likes kerlins style? but i do think that she needs to cum up with her own ORIGINAL ideas every once in a while.

  7. Michelle Jackson says:

    Dat Lady CaCa is rippin off Kerli.
    Kerli is the Original.
    Lady Caca sucks..

  8. also. i think just for once id like to see the natural Lady Gaga. not the painted up hollywood girl. cause sometimes i get so tired of trying 2 igure pple out. mayb i shoiuld just stop.

  9. Kerli sucks. At least Gaga can sing.

    • Well, believe me, Kerli CAN SING!

    • I don’t think anybody in their right mind would question either Kerli’s or Gaga’s musical talent. It seems harsh though to mindlessly defend the party at fault when Kerli’s trying just as hard to make a name for herself and gets her ideas stolen by the artist who’s currently on top. Is it hard to fathom that for all of Gaga’s musical talent, she may be threatened by somebody ten years younger with just as much talent and twice the creativity?

    • your only posting this negative comment b/c your to scared to admit that gaga copies kerli

    • Anonymous says:

      atleast gaga can sing? are you kidding me? gaga’s voice is mediocre at best and disguised by dance beats and synthesizers which is why she sounds so different when she sings live, Kerli has a wonderfuly unique voice and she sounds the same live as she does on her album and yes Gaga has ripped off some of Kerli’s style the only reason why people take gaga’s side on this is because she is more widely known in america than Kerli is, trust me this would be a much bigger deal if Kerli was as well known in America as she is in Europe furthermore Kerli actually designs all her own outfits and even makes most of it herself which is why if you wanted a skirt she wore you cant find anywhere to buy it whereas gaga gets all her stuff from other designers she just looks for the strangest stuff out there and then wears it which is why she wears alot of alexander mcqueen creations because some of alexander mcqueens stuff is bizarre

      • pink fluff says:

        r u kidding me?!?!?! Lady GaGa has one the the BEST voices and talent i a very long time. Also, u can’t blame Lady GaGa for being on top because she got herself to the top and is waaay more successful, i mean considering i didn’t even know who Kerli was until i looked up something about Lady GaGa. and everyone who likes Kerli seems to know Lady GaGa too.

        • urfriendlyneighborhoodspiderman says:

          she got herself to the top, by causing a spectacle of herself, she relies on raw meat dresses, crazy hair, and nudity to sell. when she’s a normal person, maybe ill respect her.

      • kelsey steiner says:

        gaga is an amazing singer… live is even better… for god sake she went to one of the best school because of her amamzing singer and talent… face that facts… she is amazing anyway

    • Umm, Kerli can sing, and waaay better than Gaga (on my opinion!!) for that matter, her voice is way more unigue and rare


    • not a fan of kerlis OR gaga, but come on!! says:

      Ms.B, yes, if autotune is singing- gaga wins it all.

      *sigh* a lot of stupid, ignorant people out there…

  10. wow kerli that is not true lady gaga is so more unique then kerli and she has a way better voice and it looks WAY WAY better on lady gaga

    • no lady gaga is one of the most wierdest people alive i wouldnt even call her unique the way that she pretends to be cripled in a wheel chair well thats an insolt to any body thats in a wheel chair so go on kerli go live your life without all theses HATERS o remeber haterz make you even more famous it think lady gaga is just jeoulous of your SWAGGER

      • notaretard says:

        @sierra; learn to fucking spell 5 year old asshole. don’t go all PMS on us just because you don’t know what talent is!!

        • urfriendlyneighborhoodspiderman says:

          im sorry but come on. ur the one pms-ing if anyone is here. dont call random ppl retards or assholes cuz u dont agree with them. i agree with miss sierra on this one. u keep doing wat ur doing kerli. u dont have to be in a wheelchair or act like an idiot to sing well.

    • Anonymous says:

      hey-hey-hey,do you even know K. K ? Lady gaga has even copied Kerli’s name !! Isn’t if familiar : K.K and GaGa ??

      Kerli had everything before and that is so true Lady Gaga is coping her!!

    • Hates GaGa says:

      Lady GaGa isn’t unique. At all. Setting aside the fact that she looks and sounds like a man trying to be a woman, when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter WHO the look is better on (I say Kerli because I’m convinced GaGa is or at least WAS a man, dear god look at her), it matters who came up with it first – And Kerli’s been around a lot longer then that nasty transvestite wannabe GaGa.

    • Anonymous says:

      lady gaga looks like some freakish walking ded persn on her bst days and she sucx balz at singin

  11. just dance was out in the may 2008… where were kerli???

    and stop talking shit about GaGa

    she is original because she puts together a lot of things…
    pop is a mix of culture

    so if kerli is so original why doesn’t change her look??

    lady gaga is one of the best singer i’ve seen in my life
    she plays piano she can sing she is a true perform

    this stupid blog ( that probably has created this stupid rumour only for publicity) has to stop trying to destroy GaGa..
    We have a singer who can sing dance and play an instrument
    i want her to stay forever in the music.. so people can’t say that all the singers are talenteless like britney spears or rihanna ( i love britney spears and rihanna btw)

    • “She plays piano she can sing”

      You’re a moron.

      • at least her name is something retarded like “your mom”

        • Estonian! says:

          Hey, this is not about popularity, this is about style! I knew about Kerli like years before Gaga came to the stages. You know, how many of American stars get their name on the air: One night, they’re nothing and next moment, they are known world-wide. Kerli might not be that famous, but she came out of a small country, like Estonia, where i happen to live. He was popular in here and then, she went to Europe and gained popularity in there aswell. Now, she was in the states and i heard, she did pretty good in there aswell! Atleast Kerli has earned, what she has right now. She does not throw anything around like those idols of Yours. She’s pure, she’s original!

          Not, that i have anything against Gaga, but as a person wrote once: “Set your shit straight.”

    • Kerli has been around since what? ….2001/2002? Where was Lady GaGa THEN? “she plays piano she can sing she is a true perform” Whaaaa? Isn’t that what a singer is supposed to do? If she can play the piano and “sing” then she is great? Well then…Kerli is even better.

      I’m not saying that I don’t like the music GaGa does, but I’m sure that she’s copying Kerli’s image. And I also believe that Kerli is a very beautiful Estonian girl with or without all that make-up. Something that GaGa can’t rip off:D

    • Kerli was promoting her EP and her ‘Walking on Air’ video, after playing some shows with Gaga–before Gaga was doing the long white hair / bangs thing…or the doll thing…or the purple and pink hair thing…or the masked dancers thing…or anything else that Kerli did first.

      If you would read up on it, you’d see that Kerli does change her look…really often. Every time Gaga steals it. The neon yellow hair was supposed to be a final separation between the two of them and Gaga jumped on that too.

      Oh, and Kerli sings, dances, writes and plays piano too…youtube is your friend.

    • kelsey steiner says:


  12. … I’m sorry, but I haven’t even heard of this Kerli girl before. And she acts like she’s some kinda big deal. Ugh just leave Lady GaGa alone.

  13. and Kerli copied Bjork, what a hypocrite!

  14. Wow. Who the F*ck is Kerli anyway? I mean… do you have a sold out concert? DO YOU have platinum hits? Gaga has been around forever, but I suppose on the gays know that.

    • Why don’t you google her? Or watch one of Kerli’s huge concerts on Youtube? Kerli was out before Gaga and they’ve played shows together. But I suppose the gays know that.

    • Anonymous says:

      LMAO! Nobody wants too look up that bit@# if she was so famous I would have heard of her and no 1 is original we all get ideas from others and add a lil something and make it our own. So who ever homegirl is isn’t that famous in the US because I’ve never heard of her blehhh” gaga is dope people hate her because how succsesful she is!!!!! – nufi

      • KERLI-Fan says:

        Thats cause she’s not from America, she’s From Estonia. a small country next to Russia. So next time don’t judge if you don’t know cause you’ll just end up looking like an idiot… Sorry to late

  15. Kerli is right! Lady GaGa is even copying me me! She’s wearing an oversized jock strap to impress people with how well endowed she is!

  16. Chris you are right! Kerli is copying Lenny Bruce with all the F bombs that she uses on face book!

  17. who the f**k is kerli? never heard of her… aslo…kerli must have gotten her ideas from somewhere. Bowie, Alice Cooper, who? And even if she didnt can she be so stupid to think that in a world of over 6 billion that she would be the only one to dress that f**king way? Give me a GD break. GaGa is Goddess right now. Suck it up kerli. What is this High School? Grow the f**k up…

    • hmm..but Kerli is the f’cking one, who is dressing exactly that way and is being coped by GaGa. And the reason, why LG doesn’t copy others who dress like that, is because she knows Kerli very well and not these other people.

      Truth is that GaGa is copier. She is as amazing singer as Kerli, but the only thing is, that LG is more famous.

      Sry my english.

    • Anonymous says:

      try using google or youtube its your friend no kerli did not get her ideas from somewhere they are all her own as for being inspired by bowie or alice cooper you are wrong she grew up pretty much without music in an estonian forest, she didnt have music so she made some she is 100% unique and happy just being herself she isn’t pretending to be some persona just to get famous she didn’t go from some mousey brown haired jersey looking girl to a platinum blonde singing wierdo she has always been herself and will always stay true to herself and when she takes off all the clothes and all the makeup she still looks like herself if you saw gaga without the wigs and make up in a pair of jeans and a tee you wouldnt recognize her however if you saw kerli in jeans and a tee without makeup youd still know it was kerli oh and she uses her real name not some made up name to go with a persona do you think lady gaga would be nearly as famous if she went by her real name stephani and didnt wear wigs and over the top makeup?

    • kelsey steiner says:


  18. I never heard of the Kerli girl in my life until now. so she can’t be that friggin important.
    I’m 36 yrs old and I get a huge kick out of Lady GaGa. Yeah, she may have swiped some ideas from other singers that come from my generation, but so what??!! She’s very animated and her videos are hysterical!!!

    • KERLI-Fan says:

      Ok if you don’t know Kerli you really can’t say Gaga is better cause you have no reference. Just because she’s not as famous doesn’t mean she’s not good. Infact she’s fantastic. She’s just from another country

    • urfriendlyneighborhoodspiderman says:

      ur 36 and you love lady gaga? id expect that by living on this earth for 36 years u would have heard way better artists and would’ve known how much worse she is by comparison.

  19. BrokenRhodes says:

    Kerli Who?

  20. She trying to make a name for herself
    check out my blog

  21. Never heard of her!!!!!!!!

  22. Get over it seriously Kerli is now gona be even bigger now kuz she talking shit to someone who sells more tickets then her and if anything her agents probably suggested she acts immature and calls the more talented person a bitch.. Lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Since when are all the rich&famous always better at what they do than the ones who aren’t that famous? Kerli’s 1st album also came out in 2008 and I can say 100% that she had her style like that before Lady GaGa. I’m not saying GaGa in bad or anything – I have listened to her songs and some of them are OK, but in the end the point of this mess is not their music, but the fact that GaGa seems to come up with her new looks just a few weeks later than Kerli. So what Kerli isn’t as famous (OK, probably not famous at all) as GaGa. She said in one interview that her stylists are somehow connected to GaGa’s stylists – to me it’s pretty clear where GaGa gets her new looks every once in a while.
      And I also think it’s good that Kerli stands for herself – if she doesn’t then who does? GO Kerli.

      P.S. I’m from Estonia, too…
      Edu Sulle, Kerli! Sa oled 100 korda ägedam kui Lady GaGa! :)

      • KERLI-Fan says:

        YOUR ACUTALLY FROM ESTONIA SWEET!!!! Actully i love Kerli the first song i heard her sing was Bullet proof and i’ve loved her every since

  23. Chuckjones says:

    Coloring hair is pretty common for pop and rock stars. I don’t think Kerli has a copyright on colored hair, yellow or otherwise. For all we know, she may have been inspired by some Gaga looks. Kerli may be just “bluffin’ with her muffin” and protesting too much.

    • Anonymous says:

      there’s a difference between being influenced and blatantly repeating every step someone takes with 2 weeks time in between

    • Its not just the hair, its everything. In some videos (tea party for example) kerli puts poison in the tea. Does that sound familiar??? (aka lady gagas song papparazzi)

  24. Oh my gosh, Lady Gaga is ripping her off. I mean the actual lyrics are different, but everything else is an obvious rip off. But, I didn’t know about Kerli or how talented she is. Wow, neat find.

  25. It’s just a PR stunt. They are both a manufactured product that are original only to those who are unfamiliar with previous acts that have done the same thing. The key demo for their product typically does not care enough about music history to research the artists that helped this type of look and music to exist. As a previous poster stated, every new idea stems from an old one. It would seem to me that the artist making the rip-off claim needs to re-focus her lens on getting more album sales. Then again, controversy sells and we are on this site talking about it…………

    • Kerli is not a manufactured product;)

    • Not to rain on your tirade, but there are a ton of videos of Kerli in her bedroom showing how she makes all of her outfits, styles her hair and makeup, writes and plays her own music, etc. It’s easy to dismiss people working in the pop genre as “manufactured” but sometimes, the real deal comes along. As far as record sales go, why do you think Kerli is so pissed? When GaGa takes her ideas and passes them off as her own, it’s bound to put a dent in Kerli’s career, don’t you think?

  26. Kerli can only wish she had the talent and the balls to stand for the amazing things Lady Gaga has done. What an amazing show in Miami. Yes…I was there and I’ll make sure I never go to see kerli. You fucking jealous bitch! Get over yourself!

  27. People uses people as influences to improve styles all the time. Its natural. SO WHAT!!

  28. Kerli is “the f*cking bitch” in this. Who says that? Calling GAGA that just makes her look childish and immature. Having yellow hair does not necessarily mean she’s copying everything that you do. Yes she may be borrowing ideas from other artists but that doesn’t mean shes a fucking bitch. Everyone copies something from someone. Kerli is just jealous she aint popular at all. Who the hell is she anyway? Ive never heard of her until now…

    • KERLI-Fan says:

      OH MY FUKING GOD! If you haven’t heard of her than you have no fucking leg to stand on. if you did know Kerli than maybe you would know it wasn’t just the yellow hair Kerli was pissed about, it was just the last straw. lad gaga has had outfits hair and everything similar to Kerli so many times. The bubble wrap suit, the tutu, th yellow hair WITH the heart over top the eye. Maybe if you knew Kerli you’d have known this and you wouldn’t look like a fucking retard now.

  29. who the hell is kerli? stop trying to use gaga to make yourself known girl, ain’t gonna work.
    gaga is original, she doesn’t “copy” nobodies like kerli~ i mean wtf?

    • If you don’t know anything about Kerli, then how the f**k can you say smt shit about her at all. It’s your own f*****g problem that you only know very famous ppl across the globe!

    • why don’t you google her yourself? kerli was out before gaga, they were on the same label, they played shows together, and you can see kerli’s shows, pictures and interviews all with dates showing that she had all of gaga’s looks first. seriously. do your research before you get all crazy upset.

      • Lady gaga copies kerli like crazy. Ever notice that in most of her videos she had that whitish har with the streight across bangs like kerlis had all this time?

    • KERLI-Fan says:


  30. ok so then if kerli started writing better music, having #1’s and got more talent in instrument playing, then SHE would be the one copying. yes?

    • KERLI-Fan says:

      No, because Kerli wore it first and came up with it first, Lady Gaga is still stealling her look.

  31. What is sad is that I just wasted my time reading this and all of your comments. We are all idiots for caring who did what and who is better. Isn’t there something better that we all could be spending time on?

  32. Who is Kerli???

  33. i love lady gaga, thanks for the information, your website is excellent.

  34. So, i think this is pretty immature. Aren’t there better ways to spend your life than calling another singer a copycat? I mean, really. You should write some songs that aren’t depressing, and move on. (Maybe one that doesnt say ‘Love don’t live here anymore’ over and over again.)

  35. Umm…who’s better? Lady Gaga Bitch!!

  36. Who is Kerli ? I never heard her name in music industry . She is Princess of Pop , she just Princess and Jealousy . F**k of you , KERLI UGLY !

  37. KERLI UGLY is not Princess of Pop like Gaga , that f**ken Kerli is Princess of Jealousy or maybe the Queen of Jealousy . F**k of you KERLI UGLY !

    • Do you even know Kerli??????
      And what a f**k are you f**king here?
      I bet you havent ever seen her !!

      • I know, all you lady gaga fans. You all assume kerli is just some bitch that cant sing, but she is a talented singer and she uses her OWN STYLE. unlike lady gaga who rips off of alot of people, though i like lady gagas music as well. there both amazingly good, but i dont find it fair that she gets all the credit for kerlis ideas.

        • kelsey steiner says:


          • KERLI-Fan says:

            Ok i’ve read several of your comments and i wanna say this… Your a dumb ass. Kerli came out just before Lady gaga, and as for your whole comment on ‘AND ALOT OF HER IDEA’S CAME OUT BEFORE MRS.KERLI… CHECK OUT THAT.’ you sound stupid because to be honest your wrong. Kerli wore most of her outfits in music videos, that came out before Gaga even wore the clother. So shut up cause you don’t know shit

  38. flashingGOGO says:

    i looove LADY GAGA she can sing and puts her own unique twist from artists that have inspired her, and SUPPOSEABLY if she is copying kerli, then she is doing a better job at it! LADY GAGA IS AMAZINGLY GOODD.

  39. Funny Kerli everyone knows who Lady Gaga is and nobody outside of whatever country you are from knows you. Seems like somebody needed some attention.

    • KERLI-Fan says:

      First of all She’s from Estonia, and why does everyone point the jealousy finger. she lashed out it doesn’t mean she’s jealous, and if it does well than i guess i’m jealous of a dumb ass like you who’s downing someone she don’t know shit about. Get facts straight before you say anything, cause you honestly look like an idiot right now.

  40. f***** her lady gaga is awesome if you agree add me on myspace http://myspace.com/ladygaga12

  41. who cares? your all a bunch of losers.



    • KERLI-Fan says:

      yeah… Yellow hair was just the final copy of her lashing, Kerli wore a bubble suit first a white tutu first had the heart over her eye first and the straight off bangs first. so i think you need to learn the truth. and even if you don’t shut up anyway

  43. “EW. Gaga would NEVER waste her fucking time researching an ugly, worthless cunt sac like you. She has achieved maximum fame within a year!! And what the fuck have you done to impress?? O thats right!! NOTHING. Accept maybe for spreading your legs. Who the fuck are you anyways?! Sorry, but I’ve never heard of your shit head slut ass!! EVERYONE knows that you’re just doing this for attention because your shit music does’nt sell. Seriously, grow the fuck up or go to hell you stupid, insecure, JEALOUS gothic whore. K thanxx bye.” I posted this on that dumbfuck’s myspace right after I read this” lmaoo :))

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you know she’s a “slu ass” if you’ve never heard of her?

      • hey p*ss off with your “lmao” and stuff! you kids think you know everything and your “opinion” should be funny if you just add “lmao” to the end. grow up you piece of sh*t! what a waste of time you are!

    • kerli you are my inspiration (: says:

      Hey, wtf? She’s not a ‘slut’!
      She doesn’t ‘spread her legs’ for fame.
      Grow up! Hmm yeah, you may be ‘laughing your arse off’, about your lame little immature stunt for attention, but you know what? You look like a fool, and no one mature enough will be laughing with you!

  44. I’m not a Lady GaGa fan, but at least I’ve heard of her. I did not even know who Kerli was until now! As for the “yellow” hair, is she talking blonde or actual yellow? Or is there even a difference? I’m confused. Lady GaGa has had the blonde do for a while and it’s been done by many before her OR Kerli. To me, Lady GaGa just sounds like typical dance music–something I would reserve for clubbing with girlfriends or something and have been since the ’80’s. Catchy, but not unique in the least.

  45. Wow, they actually put their myspace pages out on blast like that?
    Well, anyway…I agree with Kerli and her fans. Plus, she said she was sorry. People make mistakes. I love Kerli and I think she’s way more unique than Gaga. All she wanted was to do her own thing to be different from every other singer/celebrity and then comes Gaga doing all this too.

  46. missbehave says:

    Wow… yellow hair and that’s COPYING you??
    You patented that particular hair dye color or what?

    3 words for this Kerli (who??): GET A LIFE!

    And if you ever really wanted to succeed in this industry the right way, you just blew it! You just made the worst PR move ever by putting out such a idiotic remark!

    • KERLI-Fan says:

      haha thats funny, that you don’t know shit. Gaga also copied her tutu her bubble wrap suit, her straight off bangs. Any more that you want me to name i’ve got tones. So don’t say it’s only the Yellow hair, that was just the final straw.

  47. GagaLoo92 says:

    OMG, Okay, SO Gaga has said countless times that she is inspired by the 8-‘s glam rock, and by many other stars. Gaga has been far more outrageous and awesome than Kerli. I know both, I dont like Kerli much. Her music is depressing. Hell she was so unpopular she let herself be a free download on iTunes just to get recognition. One look, one time, it may be cheating on a test, but in life, it is called a coincidence. Kerli is just looking for a scandal to get fame so her record sales arent shit.

    • KERLI-Fan says:

      a coincidence doesn’t happen countless times. When you finally know shit about all the people gaga has copied i’ll be waiting for you to come back with some real info.

  48. Instead of talking about idiotic subjects people should focus on real and important things… no wonder this generation is being seen as a bunch of asses.

  49. No disrespect to Gaga, but I’ve followed them both for a while now and this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened. There are comments saying ‘Gaga has been all over the place, where was Kerli?’ and ‘she is just trying to make a name for herself.’ Neither have them have always been famous. They’ve both been there before you’ve known of their names and faces. Kerli seems more than satisfied with her popularity (based on previous videos, updates, etc taken place long before this post); so I wouldn’t see this as a publicity stunt. Honestly, there is a lot of talent that goes unnoticed because of a missed opportunity. That’s how any celeb gets their fame. Right place, right time, etc. Kerli has as much right to express her thoughts and feelings on her social networking page as you do to come on here and criticize her for it. It’s called freedom of speech. Now she’s facing the effects of what she has said although she has already apologized and removed the statement. There’s been plenty of comments on here simply trashing her and remarks such as ‘Gaga is better’. It isn’t about who is better. It isn’t about who is and who is not unique. Nobody has the right to judge because we’re no better than anybody else. I understand that some fans may feel loyal to Gaga and are quick to jump to her defense, but it’s unfair that without even knowing a thing about Kerli you put her down because of one little comment, from one small post. Just because you’ve never heard of her doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist, or hasn’t before controversial status update. She’s worked hard to get where she is now. If it was nothing more than a publicity gimmick there are far more attention-grasping stunts that would make her name known. Either way, you’re still talking about it, aren’t you? If one were to judge based on some of the comments here it would seem likely that the more insulting and less mature commentators have probably done the same thing to somebody else. How is name-calling and insulting Kerli making you any different? At least she was annoyed with something she believed to involve her.

    • And it also seems like Kerli has a valid point. So it’s twice as rude of people to throw insults around without looking into the situation for themselves. Imagine how Kerli must feel if she IS getting her ideas stolen…and then gets bullied into apologizing by a bunch of Gaga fans who can’t accept that there is anybody else out there who can do what she does, or who may just have done it first.

  50. JustDance says:

    Actually, if you look into it, Kerli is totally right. For every new look that Gaga assimilates, Kerli’s got some kind of documented press that predates it by at least a few weeks. I’ve watched it out of curiosity for a while now, and it’s crazy. Kerli’s “Walking On Air” video came out before Gaga’s album, and the infamous white-blonde bangs were Kerli’s “thing” first. Then came Kerli’s purple and pink streaks, and then Gaga followed suit a few days later. Every time Kerli’s live performances go up on the internet, Gaga’s changes her routine to match what Kerli did. I think this whole thing was taken out of context because of the reference to neon yellow hair, but I’m pretty sure it goes much deeper than that. I can’t even imagine how hard it is for an artist as creative and unique as Kerli to be working in the shadow of somebody that “borrows” all of her ideas–and I’ve even read interviews with Kerli where she talks about how she respects Lady Gaga but has to change her branding over and over again to avoid the Gaga fans lashing out at her. I saw that she issued an apology and an explanation, but I really don’t think she needed to.

  51. JustDance says:

    Oh, check it out. There’s another blog talking about this one that actually posted the whole story with Kerli’s comments on the situation and everything. I can’t believe how people are ripping her apart. It’s completely unjustified:


  52. at least Kerli is naturally beautiful without all that makeup and fake hair, Gaga has. So Gaga, it’s ok to copy her, we understand, you need it more!
    Im not a hater, i like both of these girls, and if you havent heard of Kerli before, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXMeZwO2qZ0&feature=fvst

    • Anonymous says:

      wtf?? was that supposed to impress me? i could sing that song just as well or better. the difference between lady gaga and kerli is not who is more unique, because i think it is impossible for anyone to truly be unique, but who has talent! watch any of lady gaga’s acoustic performances, she is the real deal.

      • prove it,that you can sing better and become more famous than Kerli is,without money and help!
        and this story goes around look,not talent!
        Kerli was first, and lady gaga is a copycat!

  53. C’mon guys, do you honestly think that Gaga even knows Kerli?
    You must be stoned if you think that…. Lady Gaga is THE IT GIRL right now, Kerli .. compared to Gaga.. is a street-musician!
    So don’t say she’s copying gaga, Gaga has her own style, and have u ever thought that, maybe Kerli’s the one whos copying gaga to get some more fame?!.. to say “GAGA IS COPYING ME, SHE’S A BITCH”.. that’s the way things are in hollywood, if you want your name on top of the others… DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA!,She’s probably copying lady gagas style to get herself noticed….

    god damn street musician, fucking uptight country-girl thinks she’s a star!
    She can’t even sing, and she’s the copycat…


    • and yes, gaga knows Kerli, they have met several times!

    • Hates GaGa says:

      Kerli’s been around a lot longer then GaGa, please do your research before posting like a fucking moron. They have met, they’ve even done performances together you dumb bitch.

  54. so you all gaga fans think, that masturbating on stage is original?? that is sick, gaga is trying to get attention with these cheap and lame moves!
    + Kerli is much more good-looking and original than gaga, Kerli is taking it easy, gaining fame with her beautiful voice, not stupid and childish actions like gaga,

  55. gaga i Fake!!1 Kerli saoled hea!!!! jei. Estonia : ) be good

  56. Lil Nässu says:

    Kerli Kõiv on välimuses mitu korda etem kui Lady Gaga.
    Kuigi Gaga´l on ka häid laule :)

  57. Lol. Its just dumb. But I believe, that GaGa is copying Kerli. But Kerli isnt that famous and known just because she is from Estonia. And nobody just believes that GaGa is a copycat. ;D

  58. Kerli Kõiv ….

    Is Kerli’s real name.



    I am very proud of her. I wish the great success to her!
    I saw her concert in Tallinn last summer. That was very excellent.

    (Estonian, sorry my bad english.)

  59. Kerli!

    Ära pane tähele, ära reageeri, parem kiida Lady GaGa-d!

    GaGa teeb sulle puhast reklaami, sest tema on kloun. Sina aga kloun ei ole. Sind saab tõsiselt võtta, sest see paistab Sinust välja!

    (Google Translator : http://translate.google.com/?hl=en&tab=wT#et|en| )

  60. Pictures about Kerli:


  61. Lady GaGa does not have her own style or her style is coping.GaGa is so childish . Gues that her taste is just so bad that she needs to copy people.I understand why Kerli is upset.Im so takeing Kerlis side…

  62. like whatahell? kerli can sing and lady gaga really did that so. im not saying that cuz i live in estonia but.. still i kinda like them both

  63. They both suck. Case closed.

  64. ammonjaakjoala says:

    I promised my self not to go along with this crap but i had to. do you people don’t have any thing more to do than waisting your time typing some lame ass comments about celebs, “she’s a whore! no she’s the bitch!”. i really hope that comments like these are coming from 8-10 year old girls.
    I don’t listen to pop or any thing like it but I like Kerli a lot more and not just because I’m from Estonia too, but she is a lot more intelligent person (exept in this situation (the myspace thing)). Gaga just seems to be a dumb bibo who can sing well.
    Kerli is just trying to make a name for her self, but if a 10 times more popular person won’t allow that… it would piss me off too.
    Pleas people, leave this topic and get on with your lives.

    Ja kui sa Kerli peaksid mingil ime kombel seda lugema, siis ära nii küll enam tee. ma läheks ka närvi, aga myspace lehele midagi sellist kirjutada on küll rumal. see keerab väga palju inimesi sinu vastu. vähemat ajasid mind naerma ja tegid meele heaks, et enda eest välja ikka seisad.

  65. yea .. lady gaga is bitch !

  66. lady gaga seems in this pic , like madonna .. old and fool.

    • If GaGa keeps doing what she’s doing now, she will end up like Madonna:D She might be alright for now, but in the future…and GaGa’s fans don’t seem to be smarter than her. At least Kerli’s fans say they also like GaGa – smth GaGa’s fans will never admit;)

      • UltimaMage says:

        Excuse me? I admit I like other artists thank you? Good god don’t lump us all together or you’ll be just as worse as they are!


  68. Anonymous says:

    I just read a few comments of people who don’t think Lady Gaga is talented. I’m so tired of hearing this. If you do not think she is talented, please watch this video, or any video of her live piano performances for that matter. I was at this concert Tues night, she was flawless.

    If this isn’t talent, WHAT IS?


    • Just playing the piano is not a talent. Everyone can learn that;)

      • It actually is a talent.
        You don’t have to be great at playing every musical instrument out there to be talented.
        Plus she learned how to play at age 4 by ear. Don’t know about you, but that’s impressive to me.

  69. who is that gaga girl? never heard…

  70. Jheeez…. I couldn’t even read until the last post. Such a kindergarden.

    Gaga CAN’T sing, that’s fact. Maybe she will learn to sing during few upcoming years, since she is lucky enough to have an opportunity to get some real people working on her.

    If you are saying that someone is more talented than another, then you’re a brainless idiot, or just a retarded teenager.

    In show business it works little bit different today. Many people just happen to be where they are, it doesn’t mean that they are super talented or super-deserve that, nothing like that. Production companies do miracles, they can turn even one-legged fat hippie into a superstar in seconds, if they see that the market is able to sell it.

    Gaga was lucky enough to be at the right place in the right time. That’s how it happens. And I wish all the best to her, this work is tough and it’s not easy to survive in this kind of environment.

    Copying and “borrowing” music, styles, ideas etc. has been around since the beginning of entertainment industry. It’s a part of it and it always has been. Even big things like Madonna or Rolling Stones have a lot of their music and appearance taken from low-budget acts from decades before them. Think about it.

    All the music and art is already there and it’s not really possible to create something NEW, something that hasn’t been around ever. The fact that YOU haven’t heard or seen it does NOT mean, that it’s not there.

    Entertainment business is wicked, evil and mean machine. Sometimes it takes, some times it gives. It’s all about luck these days.

    And all you stupid teenagers, “true fans” and who ever you are – go screw yourselves!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmm you’re sounding a good bit like a teenager yourself calling people “retarded”.

      Have you ever listened to Lady Gaga’s live performances or are you basing your opinions on her digitized singles you have heard? I am hoping that she will start making more natural sounding music, because it hides her talent. And yes, if one girl has a range of oh probably 3 notes, doesn’t play an instrument, and writes crappy music, I can say that she is less talented than someone who went to Tisch school of music bc she is a classically trained musician, can range from singing dance music to jazz to ballads, all beautifully, and writes hit records.

      I would be really curious to know who you think is a good singer if you say that Lady Gaga flat out CAN’T sing.

      • Well naming things the way the are is okay, I think.
        I have seen and heard Lady Gaga more than enough, much more. And yes – she can’t sing. If you still believe this marketing bs, then good for you. You actually think that she makes everything herself? Designs her fashion, writes her own music and lyrics, makes her own choreography… right :)

        Who is good singer, you ask? Beyonce, Lou Rhodes, Imogen Heap, Madonna, Amy Lee… to name the few. Really fantastically talented, well trained and improved in the industry. Now compare them to super-compressed, robotized and pitch-corrected Gaga. Tisch school of music you say, eh?

        • Anonymous says:

          Wait, Madonna is a good singer? WOW. If I had actually had respect for your judgment of talent, I would have lost it. I love Madonna don’t get me wrong, but everyone knows she’s not a fantastic singer.

          Lady Gaga sounds 10x better live than she does on her albums, as I said before. And this is what every music critic I have seen has said about her.

          And I’m not even going to bother trying to defend Lady Gaga anymore, sometimes you just have to see it for yourself. I said the same things as you 7 or 8 months ago and then I saw her live by chance and was proven wrong.

  71. I dont give a shit what are you talking here. I Come from Estonia, and Lady GaGa is a fckin’ shit artist:)

  72. Unicogirl says:

    Kerli… might wanna check out: Goldfrapp, Roisin Murphy and Gwen Stefani. Before she opens her mouth… or in this case, typing something she is gonna regret later.

  73. Lady Gaga says:

    I robbed a girl and I liked it

  74. Well it is always said that the dumb ones get fame faster, because…. they are dumb. Well i like to think that Lady GaGa is a fool. Right now, pop music is in the skies, GaGa is good at it, but she sucks by taking other people’s ideas. Kerli haven’t taken anyones ides, yet they get stolen by Gaga’s.

    My point is, If Kerli was to be fool, and an idearobber, she would be there instead of Lady GaGa. But she is smart and has her own characteristics. It’s sad everyone thinks that GaGa is so original, because actually she is a fake.

  75. Ya know, I had NO idea how much Gaga copied other ppl until I started to read about Gaga and checking out her fashion. She’s a Madonna, Roisin Murphy, Kerli copy cat. She only got famous because of her clothes. If she was really great, then she would have made it when she was signed to Def Jam on her voice alone and not on some zany fashion. I actually feel really bad for Kerli now and I will be buying her next album to support her. Not too sure if I’ll be buying anymore of Gaga’s music now.

  76. Anonymous says:

    lady gaga avvib

  77. When Lady GaGa been ripping Kerli, then GaGa nay been famos, Shes famos just she’s style, but Kerli is not so famos….

  78. gaga is a ugly bit*h

  79. I realy do not hate Lady Gaga but she do the same things like Kerli.She have the same costumes and makeup and even the hair color is the same.Lady Gaga steals Kerli style and identity.

  80. Lady Gaga gets noticed because she is famous nothing else! If Kerli would copy her she would get killed by newspapers because she copies! But Somehow Famous People Can Do What Ever They Like And Less Famous Should Shut Up! SO GO KERLI AND YOU SHOULD DO IT ALL THE TIME THE NEW EXTREME STYLES MAKE A FOTO AND BUT IT ON MYSPACE AND 2 WEEKS LATER SAY TO EVERYONE LOOK LADY GAGA IS AGAIN LIKE ME WHAT A NICE COPY OF ME AGAIN!:D

  81. Haha, Lady gaga is lame.
    I call lady gaga lady kaka, wich means in estonian Lady shit.
    she may sing great, but.
    ööh, she´s like Robert Pattinson, Miley Cyrus or something else pathetic.

    • littlemissnotsoperfect says:

      totally agreee with u . im from estonia too . its really weird but i call her like that to . lol . dont u think its sad that almost only estonians see how lame copycat lady gaga is ,

  82. lame, what a copycat! never really listened to gaga and i probably never will.

  83. im from estonia too nd i saw the start og kerlis career nd trust me although our country estonia dosent stand out that much we do have talent plus i think gaga realy looks quite tranny

  84. Nothing is original. Everyone has done something first. Neither of them were the first to have platinum blonde, purple, or yellow hair, neither of them were the first to have a certain hair style, neither of them have set any real new fashion trends. Everyone has done something first. Fashion is about evolving already existing trends and tweaking them to make them work for you.

  85. http://i48.tinypic.com/auf479.jpg

    Thats Cyndi Lauper with yellow hair. Wanna explain this Kerli?

  86. littlemissnotsoperfect says:

    ok , now let me tell u something ppl gaga-s stylist has called kerli after a few of her performances and a few weeks later gaga performs with a similar outfit id be angry to if i were kerli . btw im not a gaga hater , just dont like it . BTW KERLI APOLOGIZED AFTER IT . SHE WAS TRYING TO DIFFER FROM GAGA BY YELLOW HAIR AND BANG GAGA JUST HAS TO COPY THAT TO . REALLY MAKES ME HATE GAGA -.-


  87. I think you are all being really pathetic. If you really think that Lady Gaga is “original” or “unique” you obviously have no idea. It’s easy to say “I have never heard of Kerli, therefore she cannot be talented” but that is complete bull. I will not deny that Lady Gaga has vocal talent, but if you listen to her songs, they sound VERY generic, similar to a lot of other dance music out there.Her songwriting talent is very lacking, “P-p-p-p-poker face” anyone? The lyrics are superfical and shallow and do not shed a positive light on her personality. While I will not go as far as saying Kerli is an absolutely amazing songwriter, she does have talent. And she sings about deep personal issues that actually have face value and pure emotion in them. And a lot of you seem to be forgeting that Kerli is not American. She is from a small Eastern European country called Estonia. You may not have even heard of it. It’s EXTREMELY rare that and Estonian musician would even get into the U.S charts, so it’s pretty amazing that she did. Before you meantion her songwriting, remember English is NOT Kerli’s first language. Kerli has worked really hard to get where she is today, and she’s been working on getting there for the last ten years. Kerli is actually very successful in some European countries, so whether you’ve heard of her or not is irrelevant. Besides, I don’t seem to understand why you think “If they’re not famous they’re obviously no good”. If you actually have any ounce of originality it’s actually harder to break into the music business because people don’t like investing their money on things that haven’t been tried or tested. If you actually looked at more underground music, you’ll realise how much talent there actually is there. Which is why I usually search through the internet to find new bands to listen to. Also Lady Gaga DOES regularly immitate Kerlis style. I have been following Kerli for the last year and a half, and I’ve noticed this at least ten times, but just passed it off as coincidence. I did wonder why kerli didn’t meantion anything about it. Remember they are completely different acts, their music is nothing alike. Lady Gaga does not show as much raw talent as Kerli. Rather than just taking singing into acount, remember everything else. For example, Lady Gaga has huge production teams to help her with her music. Kerli makes hers on her LAPTOP. Kerli makes her own clothes, Lady Gaga gets others to do it for her. Kerlis music comes off as much more original. Listen to her six minute instrumental piece called “Saima – Journey through Fairy Land”. Even if you didn’t know the name, you could close your eyes and listen and just feel yourself walking through a dark forest surrounded by little fairies. Lady Gaga sings about getting drunk and partying. Which one really gives off the image of the nicer person? Kerli comes across as a million times more deep. Lady Gaga is just the same stuff you hear on the radio over and over again.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM51qOpwcIM <———– She can't sing!???? to those of you who claim that psh If that isn't singing and absolute talent than I don't know what is. GaGa is freaking original Kerli is pretty pathetic to even accuse her of "ripping off her style" Kerli didn't fucking own that hair. She was not the first person to do it! So heck she is ripping off someone too.

      “P-p-p-p-poker face” anyone? The lyrics are superfical and shallow and do not shed a positive light on her personality. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??? I can't tell you how pathetic it is to take a hook from a song and use it and say blah blah that isn't orginal! Just about all songs have t hooks like that you know it. "Russian Roulette is not the same without a Gun and Baby when its love if its not rough it isn't fun"Those are freaking awesome lyrics. You clearly no nothing about her and her musict and btw that is your OPINION ! so stop saying it like its the truth and your so correct. Why is it that GaGa get accused of shallowness and being superficial !? She is INCOMPARABLE to that! What about the people that ACTUALLY do have shit lyrics you say nothing to them. Britney spears…..Flo rida you know who. Listen to the songs Speechless (she wrote for her father to get heart surgery she went rough time and nearly lost him and was gonna quit music if anything did),Brown Eyes, Red and Blue,Dance in the Dark, Electric Kiss, Captivated, Quicksand (written for Britney Spears),Honestly all of her songs have clever and amazing lyrics and meanings so deep people won't understand. She has so many symbols and meaningful things in what she does. Her live performances are undwordly amazing. Oh and she has written for alot of big named artists just do some research before bashing her. Lady GaGa learned to play piano at FOUR by ear. Wrote ballads at twelve performed at clubs at fourteen! She was offered a place at the JULLIARD School of arts one of the HARDEST BEST SCHOOLS IN THE WORLD TO GET IN TO along with Tisch, she was one of 20 people in the world to get early admission! GaGa has worked her ass off more than any person in the business you people will never know how hard she as worked and how truly talented she is! HUGE PRODUCTION TEAMS NO SHE DOES NOT! SHE HAS RECOREDED SONGS THROUGHT OUT HER LIFE EVEN NOW ON LAPTOP AND WHATEVER SHE HAD SHE BOUGHT WHAT SHE COULD WITH HER MONEY! SHE MAKES HER OWN CLOTHES FOR GOODNESS SAKE SHE WORKS WITH HER FRIENDS AND MAKES HER CLOTHING AND CREATIONS TOGETHER, HER FRIENDS!! SHE TELLS THEM HER IDEAS AND DISSCUS IT etc. HER IDEAS! She is A PRODUCER herself! I can't not stress it enough. She designs makes her own clothing her videos, her shows are all HER creation ALL! She is a part of everything she does. This girl has so much "raw" talent its unbelievable. She does not sing about "getting drunk and partying" goodness! She doesn't sounds like any other singer nor do her songs sound similar. A lot of so called pop stars have been ripping her off with songs though. You do not no Lady GaGa as a person and she is nicer she cares for her fans so much she is soo sweet it and genuine it brings me to tears. She is a very pure soul. People just sterotype and judge its annoying. Yeah I think Kerli is talented but not even close to GaGa and Keril's style isn't orignal.

      • I never said Lady Gaga could sing I sad “I won’t deny that she has vocal talent”. Maybe your english isn’t up to par, but that means “I think she has a good voice” okay? And a lot of Gagas songs are like that “rah rah ah ah ah ro ma ma ma ga ga ooh la la” anyone? Not all songs have hooks like that. I assume we listen to completely different music, because none of my favourite songs are like that. And those lyrics you said really aren’t that great either. I’m not speaking like I’m correct either, I’m just speaking my mind!
        And why is she being called shallow? Well partly the way she dresses. If you dress in such skimpy clothing, people do tend to accuse you of being shallow. Maybe that’s not right, but it’s the way it is. She’s OBSSESSED with contreversy and loves to cause it, which doesn’t help her either with the shallowness factor.
        And her lyrics. They are beyond shallow. “We got a redlight, Pornographic dance fight, Systematic, honey, But we go no money”. “Daddy I’m so sorry, I’m so s-s-sorry yeah We just like to party, like to p-p-party yeah”. “Wish I could shut my playboy mouth, and we’re all getting hosed tonight”. Those kind of things are deep? No. I could write deeper songs than that.
        But this argument is Gaga V. Kerli so thats why I’m speaking about Gaga specifically. And I’m not denying that she isn’t have talent, I’m just saying her music sounds very generic, and she doesn’t SHOW as much raw talent as Kerli does. There’s a difference between having and showing by the way.
        And although she DESIGNS her own clothes, her friends make them. Therefore she doesn’t make her own clothes.
        And Gaga did NOT work harder than everyone else in the music business. If you take a look at all of the people in the music business, and then look at their background stories, you will see how hard some people fight for what they want.
        But if you only look at Britney, Flo Rida, or whatever else you consider to be real music, you won’t find that.
        Also your writing extremely immaturely, and using too many caps. It makes you look un-intelligent.

        • Anonymous says:

          Whoever said music has to be deep to be good? Most of the Beatles’ songs weren’t deep. And Lady Gaga DOES show her talent in her live performances. And the good thing about that is that in the future, she will be able to show us more and more. She is also so versatile, I mean she can sing jazz, ballads, pop, whatever she wants! And her piano playing is not just like my piano playing… learn a song and know it by heart… She composes songs that I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even play if I tried. See this video for proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM51qOpwcIM . And I see no problem with her not “making” her own clothes… she has an actually successful career and doesn’t have time to make them by hand. She designs, and I’m pretty sure if Kerli was in her position too she wouldn’t be making her own clothes either. All in all I think these were some pretty lame insults to Gaga lol

  88. I don’t like Lady GaGa, maybe some of her songs are Okay. Kerli is tired of what gaga does. It think that Gaga thinks “Cause I am more famous then Kerli, everyone will go against her” .. But seriously, when Kerli had yellow hair, The GaGa did the same two weeks later. Kerli apoligized in a chat one-two days ago. I think that the Lady GaGa fans should forget it and us Kerli fans.

    It’s sad that people make a big deal out of this. Many are going against Kerli..
    Poor Kerli.

  89. gaga is stupid :-)

  90. Who the hell is Kerli? She’s probably just jealous of Gaga’s fame.

  91. lady gaga is woman or man?

    she looks like madonna.

  92. just thinking. says:

    Dont know what to say. I have always prefered Kerli to Gaga. At least Kerli sings her own songs, wheres point also. Not gaga, ooooooO, so bad romance, like she had one.

  93. Kerli On Parim!!!

  94. Anonymous says:

    To those of you who have been bashing Lady Gaga:


    Michael Jackson even is on team Gaga. We win. :)

  95. WildEyedDayDreamer says:

    Never hated Gaga, but I’ve never actually liked her.
    I can’t look at her whithout seeing Kerli, Bowie, Grace Jones and all the others she ripped off. I don’t see unique. I don’t think – oh, why I didn’t think of that first? or – this is genius! What pops up in my mind is – How does she actually get away with it? Do people really fall for that?

  96. lady gaga is a bitch and ugly . kerli rules.

  97. if Kerli stops and notices little things like that she will get NO where – When it comes to singing Gaga is wayy better!! Lady Gaga is amazing – Kerli (at least in the U.S) hasn’t done soo hot so for her to lash out on Gaga since Gaga is doing extremely well right now, is completely unfair!

  98. this is some bullshit.
    lady gaga has been doing her thing for years.
    she just wasnt as popular before.
    lady gaga and kerli are completely different,
    they sing about different shit, dress differently, and dont look shit alike.
    kerli is just being a conceited ass little bitch.
    in my opinion shes just jealous.
    i actually used to think kerli was interesting.
    but now she can just fuck off.
    team gaga ftfw.

  99. Kerli is orignal, Lady Gaga is not. Kerli’s music music means something, Gagas not really. People hate Gaga because their jealous? No. It’s because Gaga only is famous because she’ll be as slutty as it takes, to win over all the degenerates out there, of which there are too many.

    I just new with a name like Lady Gaga, she was going to be horrid. 100% accurate. Her new song is addictive, but people with actual talent made that happen.

    Any one who can’t stop singing about men’s private parts, “sticks”, are talentless. It’sCrass, and really should be off the radio. Anyone who wants their little girls to grow up with self respect and talent….keep the Gaga away from them.

    Lady Gaga, Gaby La la? Gabby La la has talent and doesn’t have to be a tart.
    I think she copied her name as best she could, like she took Kerli’s style.

    Don’t bring Britney Spears into this. She was victimized by Hollywood tarting her up, to weezle the money out of the same squirells who thing Gaga is worth defending. *yawn*

    Like her music if you must, but defending her so fiercly must mean your a talentless pervert as well. :P

  100. I love kerli <3 and Lady Gaga but it is true she does copy loads. Kerli was the origional (sp) + more =) love you kerli <3

  101. I find it funny how everyone is saying “OH LADY GAGA IS A COPYING BITCH BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH KERLI RULES”.

    But who the fuck is Kerli? I don’t know her, she doesn’t sound like a extremely famous person?
    So what if Lady Gaga got bangs like Kerli did? And, so what if she got yellow hair like Kerli?
    It’s just hair. I’m sure Kerli doesn’t have rights to her styles.
    Lady Gaga and Kerli don’t even dress alike, as I found out thanks to Google.
    They don’t look alike either.
    The only same thing between them is wearing extremely high heels and having the platinum blonde hair with bangs.


    In the link provided the only thing the same between them is the hair.
    Everything else? Different.

    Lady Gaga dresses unique and way different then how Kerli does (YES, I SAID IT!). So I have one question.

    Have you ever seen this Kerli person dress like how Gaga dresses?
    Has she ever worn a dress made of bubbles?
    Has she ever worn ANYTHING like how Lady Gaga dresses now?
    You know, with the crystal dresses OR anything like Lady Gaga wore at the 2010 Grammys?
    Or has Kerli ever worn the hair bow made of hair or the telephone made of hair?

    When you do see a picture like that THEN it will be decided that Lady Gaga is copying Kerli.

    Also, after reading posts I’ve found out Kerli plays piano and sings.
    And now some of you are saying Lady Gaga is copying? Really, are all you of this stupid?
    Do you know how many singers there are that sing and play piano? A lot; more than you can count.

    So, really. The only similarities there are are:
    – Blonde hair with bangs.
    – They both wear extremely tall heels.
    – They both sing and play piano.

    So what? How is that even copying? Is it because you all think Kerli is the only one who does all this? If that’s the case… well, then you are all very wrong.

    And IF Gaga copies Kerli, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter; we all copy someone in our lives anyways.

  102. well im going to be honest with everyone hear on this page…..in my opinion who ever really defends lady gaga is a fan…..im not a fan but i dont dislike her either…..i feel as if its not the amount of talent she has it what the media and the society around her make her out to be……with all you guys really buying her albums and going to her concerts is just adding fuel to a fire….giving her more amunition to write and act up like she does…..i dont think she can better than half the artist that are out…..dont give it to much credit…..she isnt original….nothing about her really is except her eccetricness….thats all she can really claim and some of her music……either way doesnt matter what we say shes still gonna make music and make a profit due to all you people…..i find it to be funny how she became that famous in a short amount of time…..thats why she cant be claimed no sensation such as madonna or michael jackson and even britney spears etc….everyone has there moments when coming up but eventually they die down and you find something new to listen

  103. I agree with what she says, Lady GaGa has copied her style :/
    Her shoes, her hair, her sort of unique-ness?

  104. Anonymous says:

    Who the hell is Kerli?

  105. lada gaga can sing and she can dance and i know most of what she wears is unique and not a copy of kerli so stop hating

  106. WoW(best game eva) says:

    Idc lady gaga is f*ckin crazy. Kerli is awesome, she was a gothic look which is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! :b

  107. i like both kerli and lady gaga, but lady gaga is american and kerli is from estonia and i doubt gaga has never heard of kerli and it doesnt even look the same its completely different!!

  108. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t really compare the two visually. Lady Gaga has a more glam, new york, gay scene kind look while Kerli looks like she’s just copying shit she saw in a manga.

  109. Kerli vs. Gaga says:

    But, if you`ll searc for some Kerli or Gaga consert costumes, their also pretty close, but Kerli wore it first, so, what can I say.. I like Gaga more than Kerli, but, in this case, Kerli is the winner.

  110. This is beyond ridiculous…

    First of all: WHO THE HELL IS KERLI????!!!!! I had to google her name to find out who the fuck she was, and after watching some of her picks, I think that there’s a similarity on her look with Lady GaGa, but is very obvious that GaGa isn’t copying her style. Why? because:

    1) Kerli DIN NOT came with her “crazy” style before GaGa, they started at the same time, and Lady got huge attention and success, while Kerli still being a nobody.

    2) Lady GaGa doesn’t make her outfits herself: she buys clothes made by the most creative designers out there. She’s not copying anyone, she just pays to talented people to make dresses for her. All in all, it would be Kerli the one who’s copying these designers, not GaGa since she’s working with them.

    3) Kerli said that Lady GaGa should stop “ripping off everything I do” … I think this bitch Kerli should define what’s “ripping off” for her. I mean: wearing original designer’s outfits and paying for them isn’t “ripping off”.
    After watching some of Lady GaGa’s outfits, I thought she was actually copying BJÖRK, since she came A LOT OF TIME before Lady GaGa and Kerli started recording albums. But after some research, I realized that Lady GaGa wasn’t copying Björk: they worked with the same designers, that’s why their outfits look similar sometimes.
    And as for Kerli… as far as I know, she’s never worked with Alexander Mc Queen, so I guess SHE’S COPYING HIS DESIGNS.
    Plus: Kerli said “everything I do”. THE ONLY similarity between Lady GaGa and this lame parody of a singer is the look (which failed to be a “ripp off”), because their music styles couldn’t be more different: Lady GaGa makes pop music, which is fun to listen and she’s actually able to sing, since she has a good voice, while Kerli makes pop-gothwannabe-boring-crap, that’s shitty as hell, and I’m sorry to say it but the bitch can’t sing. She sounds as if someone has poured boiling urine through her throat.

    Lady GaGa has been influenced by many arists, and she’s not afraid to say it: David Bowie, Michale Jackson, Madonna, Boy George, Gwen Stefani and amny more. But she takes those influences and makes something new and different, that’s why we say she’s original.
    And sorry to dissapoint you Kerli, but Lady GaGa has probably never heard in her life your name.

  111. I made some grammar mistakes… typing too fast, you know… XD.
    But I want to add something else:
    I’m NOT a Lady GaGa fan, I just like some of her songs and that’s all (but I’ll buy her album someday I guess), I just find hilarious that this lame bitch who has been around the music scene for two seconds thinks that she’s able to actually point fingers and say that she’s being copied… DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!! I mean: who the fuck she thinks she is, Madonna? sorry Kerli, but you’re only a nobody with one boring album, pretending to be goth when you’re not, and pretending to be unique when you’re not.
    I think she’s only filled with hate because Lady GaGa is huge, and she’s just a no account with two fans all around the globe… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! poor Kerli… keep trying harder bitch, because so far: YOU’RE FAILING … XD.

  112. Eh i think Kerli is Prettier than Lady GaGa anyway? did anyone look at that picture up there? GaGa looks utterly revolting o-o also Its great that those two have such dedicated fans ^^ I think they both work hard to entertain you guys, if Gaga is copying Kerli thats her problem and karma solves everything so calm down and enjoy the music ^^

  113. Anonymous says:

    look at kerli’s eye and hair and then at lady gaga u can tell that lady gaga is copying Kerli

  114. Debra T says:

    Lady GAGA is a fu*King clown!!! Kerli was around way before Gaga! Kerli is the best musician out there!

  115. Do you people have nothing better to do than sit and comment on the lives of celebrities? Honestly, like Perez wasn’t enough. Guys, just let them live their lives. You can’t honestly tell me that both of their looks haven’t been done before, so yep. Screw who copied who, it’s O-V-E-R. OVER! Lady Gaga and Kerli are two different artists and have two different styles that are unique to them so don’t you all go getting pissy about people you don’t know and dramas that aren’t dramatic.

  116. hey first of all nobody’s knows about kerli’s music yet. lady gaga is way more successful, and kerli has a fake voice, and lady gaga can sing a lot better. Kerli walking on air video is creepy as hell, but lady gaga is original

  117. xoxoGirl-in-love says:

    Actually LG does rip off lyrics & music from older music that her fans wouldn’t know as well as at least one unknown I know of so…

  118. Maggie Mae says:

    Seriously. Don’t you people have anything better to discuss than THIS?

    Get a grip.

    No wonder this generation is going straight to hell.

  119. Loli Brazilian Girl says:

    Gaga fake! is a fact
    and the freakm fans belive in Gaga


  121. I’m 13 and when I was younger I found Kerli and her song “Walking on Air.” I loved it so much and I started to really like Kerli. I was watching The Hills 6 Premiere and heard Kerli’s song “Love is Dead.” I then remember about Kerli and now I just realized that Lady Gaga definitely copied Kerli and I no longer have respect for Gaga. Get some originality, bitch.

  122. Lilian says:

    I don’t mind Lady Gaga, but honestly she isn’t truely original, but uniqe -for sure. Nobody in their right mind would use those clothes somewhere else than on a music video – so thats something right?

    BUT, After my opinion, lady gaga does not have a hood voice. The only reason she is something id because she do all the crazy stuff she does – and I bet she knows it, thats why she use so much time on maintaning the “WOW, WTF IS SHE WEARING”-title. She can’t sing – but if you think so, well OK (but u might be a little delusional).

  123. Oh please, Lady gaga has MANY variaties of styles. Get over it jealous bitches. You’ll never be as successful as her. The end.

  124. Anonymous says:

    ummm wow. really? because pretty sure she isn’t the only person int he world that has ever had yellow hair, and pretty sure she didn’t invent it. hahaha. i hate it so much when people act like they’re the only person who has something like (hair color, piercings, etc) and that they made it up because they didn’t so stop freaking out it’s pretty ridiculous and it doesn’t mean they copied you. I guess that means sheee copied someone that had yellow hair before her, too? dumb, dumb, dumb.

    • Maresu says:

      The problem is : Every time that Kerli changed the color of her hair Lady Gaga changed too.
      People compare everybody with Gaga and that isn’t good for someone that’s not famous yet. And everyone thinks that Gaga is the first person to use this clothes/hair colors, but definitely she isn’t. She just see old artists that used creepy clothes and do the same.
      Now with new and almost unknown artists too.
      You have to understand that Kerli’s music is completely different. I mean, Kerli sings about feelings and Gaga just sing about bitches.

  125. Yes, because Gaga monitors EVERYTHING you do and goes
    Shut up. You didn’t invent anything that you’re doing now.
    Neither did Gaga, but at least she ADMITS that.

  126. Gaga can’t claim to be original, but these bitches can’t claim she stole it from them either. I’m willing to bet that Gaga wasn’t influenced by some random Estonian pop singer.

  127. I’m laughing at the people that actually believe that Gaga copied her.
    there are only very few people in this world that can actually go around saying that Gaga “copied” them. And Kerli is def. not one of them.
    She did not invent that look. She got it from somewhere too, so she better sit down and shut up.

  128. and yet, if Gaga hadn’t dyed her hair, i wouldn’t have heard about this lady ganguro.

  129. Yea well it looks like Kerli is ripping off Chobits style.

  130. okay i just googled this girl and there’s no way gaga bit her style. Kerli has more of a gothic lolita thing going on.


  132. patnrke says:

    I’m sure Lady Gaga, as Stefani, woke up one day thinking “Oh! I think I’ll look up Estonia, see if they have any pop princesses with crazy style….” And thus, Gaga was born.

    Um. No. Shut up.

  133. No one is claiming Gaga is original but she states her influences, and has said where she got the yellow hair thing from.
    She got it from WARHOL. Nice try though, Kerli.

  134. I wonder who it is more likely she copied. A girlshe met ONCE, or two famous icons she REGULARLY references.

  135. Didn’t GaGa already say something about wanting to be ANDY WARHOL ELECTROBLOND on her twitter. I would say he inspired her on this as well as on many other things she’s done. Kerli, gtfo.

  136. thatsnotlipstick says:

    Initially I was very shocked when stumbling upon this article.

    Being a Gaga fan, I did get irritated when Kerli accused Lady Gaga of copying her, yet noting the similarities I could understand why she was pissed and jumped to those conclusions.

    No matter how “unique” someone claims to be, they always have a source.

    Kerli fans say Gaga rips off her when others call Gaga a poor immitation of Madonna.

    In my own opinion, I think that Lady Gaga has multiple sources for her inspiration as does Kerli.

    I like Kerli, but the yellow hair thing…seriously? Calling out someone for having the same yellow hair as you makes just about as much sense as calling out someone with BLONDE hair.

    Either way, I’m sure both artists are busy enough with THEIR OWN music to get caught up in a feud. :)

  137. JosephC says:

    People, Lady gaga probably doesn’t even know who Kerli is, She is so unknown. Also the Yellow hair is a wig, She goes back from blonde to yellow. Kerli is just seeking media attention so more people know about her, hoping to get publicity for her next album.
    Lady Gaga isn’t influenced by current day artist, She might do something David Bowie, might of done, but he isn’t around anymore. Can anyone honestly tell me how she copied someone

    Kerli is a good singer.

    Gaga is a perfect singer. Know the difference. Also if you say I’m you don’t know the first thing about pop culture, and music.

  138. I do like you lady gaga but I need 3 tickets for my kids in ny please call me if you can my#is 248-563-0205 thank-you so much Bobbie from michigan

  139. AnirakSparklechild says:

    I think they are just two girls with similar style and, yes, inspirations. Neither of them invented their sound or look, which comes from artists from the 80s and 70s, inspired by artists from the 60s, and so on and so fourth backwards.

  140. Lady Gaga doesn’t even use her voice, it’s all computers. Her voice is mediocre, though Poker Face had a decent sound when she was singing.

    Lady Gaga is shit.

    • UltimaMage says:

      You’ve never listened to her live have you? She’s practically a Goddess live.

      Not to mention, everyone, EVERYONE, mind you, has their voices altered on their CDs. The closest you can get from CD to live right now is basically Adam Lambert. What you’re stating is basically a useless fact.

  141. UltimaMage says:

    Wow, not only Miss Mosh but Kerli too? Uggh, I just wish people would differ between coincidence and pure copying. Lady Gaga has a different style of hair. Lady Gaga’s hair also has strips of her usual platinum.

    Plus, I’ve never even heard of Kerli until this.

    She must be hoping on the bandwagon where you claim gaga is copying you to get more famous.

  142. Oh, I doubt Kerli herself didn’t copy off of someone else.

  143. WHO THE FUCK IS KERLI????!?!?!? lmao you people are crazy! she’s NOBODY obviously because no one knows who she is – so ask yourself, is it worth dissing gaga and going crazy over a nobody?? sell 10 million albums in less than 2 years and then MAYBE we can talk ;)

    • WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU to call Kerli NOBODY?? well you must be purely EVIL or mind controlled by gaga or smth. Obviously, Kerli IS somebody and it doesn’t matter if she has like 100 fans or 1000 or millions. Her songs actually have a MEANING and are INSPIRATIONAL to people. She writes song about things that she has experienced meanwhile gagas songs are mostly about having sex. Do you really think Gaga is a good role model for kids? IS is FUN when 6 year olds are singing: I wanna take a ride on your disco stick? And why are all those crazy gaga fans wasting their time on youtube, commenting bad stuff on kerlis videos. You don’t like her?? I GET IT. I don’t like GAGA but I’m not wasting my time, watching gagas videos and commenting them.. You just have to accept that kerli is an artist and she just got a bit pissed off. SHE APOLOGISED by the way! My point is: just let kerli be who she is and do what she does.

  144. lady gaga pulls that stuff off better than kerli who the hell is this CURly n e way gaga is the queen n she is taking over

  145. Haha, everyone says that everyone wants to be a Lady GaGa these days. It should be, everyone wants to be a Kerli these days. :P

  146. Get Informed! says:


    Kerli: Came out in 2008

    Saying you don’t know Kerli is the same as Kerli fans saying they don’t know Gaga.

    I am enamoured by Gaga’s music and style, sure – but when I discovered Kerli (on a completely topi rather than this Kerli vs. Gaga crap) Kerli is also a very creative individual.

    SOME TIPS: To Ppl who have the “Gaga-closeminded Syndrome”, as you know Gaga ALWAYS mentions her love for 80’s music… look up these people to see the COUNTLESS outfits/looks/styles she had recreated in a more than obvious way:

    Roisin Murphy, Dale Bazzio, and David Bowie.

    Get Real and stop typing before you know.
    Oh and another thing… does anyone honestly believe Kerli’s quote on this Bias Gaga post? If you really want to hear what the Modest and Reserved Kerli has to say, watch this:

  147. THLoveBriBri says:

    Does it seem odd to anyone else that not to long after Kerli did a duet with Tokio Hotel she had a song come out called Love Is Dead?Tokio Hotel has a song called Love Is Dead…and it came out before her song…so yeah.She’s got to find something else better to do with her music career than copy other artists and their songs.She also has a song called Bullet Proof.La Roux has a song called Bullet Proof. Is it weird that she copied the names of big songs???????HMMMMMMMMM.Think people.I know some songs have the same names…but seriously……thats WAYYYYYYY to ironic! >:D So STICK THAT in YOUR JUICEBOX and SUCK IT!!!!

    BTW:]Lady Gaga kicks butttttttttttttttttttt! She CAN outsing Kerli and a lot of other artists that think their perfect!!!! <3 GO GAGA!!! :D

    • PinkPersona says:

      WOW I didn’t know it was possible for someone to be this stupid. Do a little research before pointing fingers.

      And Kerli wrote everything on her album when SHE WAS 17.
      SHE’S 23 RIGHT NOW.
      SHE WROTE THOSE SONGS SIX WHOLE YEARS AGO, Meaning she wrote Love is Dead in 2004, which is before Tokio Hotel released their song, also, her album came out in 08 which is BEFORE SHE DID THE DUET WITH TOKIO HOTEL.
      La Roux released Bulletproof in mid 09, and Kerli’s album came out about an entire YEAR before hers.

      Which means your entire argument is flawed, ridiculous, pointless, and stupid.
      You couldn’t be farther from the truth.
      All of Kerli’s songs came out or were written first…you’re so… *face palm*

      You’re an moronic idiot who worships the ground Lady Gaga’s unoriginal feet walk on.
      Lady Gaga can’t even out-sing Bieber.

      And having the same song title makes them a copy cat? WTH is wrong with you?!

  148. first im a lady gaga. Soo people say she copys xtina, maddona, rosin and everyother blonde bitch out there so make up ur mind u dumb fu*ks. But not tha lg fans.

  149. Scarlett says:

    I thought that Lady blah blah was original and I started to like her. Then I heard of Kerli (Is is wawesome.) I saw a picture of Kerli next to lady blah blah and I thought to myself “Wow they look alike” Then I looked up pictures. Kerli was the first to do everything. She had the yellow hair first, and she had the white hair first. and the style and the exotic music. Lady Gaga has told the whole world that she created her style and edginess and that she is unique. SHE IS NOT UNIGE AT All!!!! Kerli has been around longer and is way better! Lady Blahblah can f*** off and get her own style, and her owl life!

    • Learn to spell Unique and tell between style. Hottopic clothes and hair bows frol Claires are different from high fashion pieces of rare art.

  150. HEY HEY HEY! i dont see anything similiar in this pic~ kerli is wearing black lipstick, gaga isnt…both r wearing different outfits…and the glitter around the eye, kerli made a heart and gaga made a circle~whats the prob with stupid kerli anyway?!!!

  151. ….And Sailor Moon did it way beefore Kerli

    • Ederson (so fake) says:

      LOL so true

      • LOL, ikr.
        Lady Gaga’s been around for like three years, and more. Before she became really famous she still had her unique style, like in 2007 and stuff. And say what, Kerli came in 2008?
        And Kerli thinks Lady Gaga copied her? Complete bs.
        I actually don’t really like Kerli’s singing, but I like her songs. Lady Gaga does have a better voice.
        Maybe Kerli shouldn’t just go have a rage moment when she doesn’t really know Lady Gaga at all.

        • PinkJawBreaker says:

          Actually Kerli was 2002 and lady gaga was 2005. Nobody new about kerli right away because she is from another country!

  152. Ederson (so fake) says:

    LMFAO i love kerli’s music but this makes me hate her for herself lol call me ignorant and w.e. but that dosent change the fact that i just dont like her cuz of this now

  153. Ederson (so fake) says:

    oh ya know i didnt know that kerli had a meat dress, did a song with beyonce, gaga didnt really rip her off if she happened to have an eye patch or yellow hair ohhh big frekin deal. GaGa’s style is unique becuase its not like Kerli has done ALL of what she has sooo stfu xP…

  154. Im sorry to say, that Kerli is right. Gaga is ripping off all her stuff and getting credit for it. Gaga just needs to grow up and admit it and try to find her own style.
    Sad thing? I heard Gaga before Kerli. Then my younger sister lent me a cd of Kerli and I fell in love with her. Shes so unique, talented, and an amazing singer. God bless.

    -April, Brenham Texas

  155. Lady Gaga looks like one of Rita Repulsa’s monsters in that pic.

  156. Well, I think Gaga was copying Kerli, but she’s taking he own route now, becoming a little more unique. But all artists call other artists copy-cats, but I think Gaga did copy Kerli, because it’s one too many times to be a coincidence

  157. If you ask me, Lady Gaga is some what, oh, I don’t know, GAGA?!?!

  158. I’m really ticked at gaga kerli had this look and many others before gaga and kerli is way more talented than gaga so ya I completly support kerli and am done with gaga forever

  159. Lady Gaga is ripping off almost anything that exists.
    Anyone remember the metal outfit from her clip paparazzi or whatever, George Michael has it in Too Funky.
    The meat dress, there was a fashion show several years ago. I believe it was in the late 90, I’m not sure.
    Another outfit of hers was stolen from an artist’s painting. There was a rant about it on a site.

  160. Sorry Kerli, but Cyndi Lauper did it first.
    Know your facts.

  161. i dont mind his at all its really just all the fans are prety uch eing it on i love you kerli but the fans some of hem any ways just have to point it out even though they know kerli ws WAY before gaga but i like both (mabey not the same) but really people jus like sartin sh!t oh bye the way ITS BUBBLEGOTH!!!! not pop tyvm!!!

  162. Okay, What I see this as, is that Kerli has said their styles are ‘similar’ and that Lady GaGa is in some ways ripping her off. Kerli has worked so hard for longer than GaGa, plus, GaGa didn’t even WANT to be a singer at first, she was a song writer. Kerli worked for years and even moved away from her family to try and get noticed for what she loves doing. They are both unique, and both similar in some ways. Noone can be completley unique, someone has to have the same SOMETHING as you, so it’s not really too much of a big deal. Kerli does deserve a lot more credit though. She’s been through a lot and deserves it. Not taking sides because I love them both, but Kerli I would have to say is my favourite of the two. GaGa lovers no hate please; just love, because I did stick up for both sides. I don’t see that fans have to abuse eachother either, it’s not nice on the artist, because then they have the responsibility of keeping their fans sane with eachother :) I.L.U Guys :) xoxo

  163. Everyone is defending Lady Gaga because they like her. Clear as day she doesn’t have her own creativity.

  164. no ones really unique at all so who really gives a hoot who’s copying who lol

  165. i LOVE Kerli so much! i think she’s amazing and i look up to her as if she was a big sister to me. but i also like Lady gaga and i have to say i dont think anyone is copying anyone. it might look the same but still. theres like a zillion people in the world. ones bound to have the some something you do. now i;m not shitting on Lady gaga and DEFF not Kerli but i’m just saying. nad everyone should know Kerli apologized about what she said. she said it was very immature of her and she doubts doing it. So noone should be giving anyone and shit for anthing….no one did anything wrong X3 Kerli and LadyGaga are both AMAZINGLY talented singers, dancers, and people in general! (but personaly i like Kerli the best) so no one say anything bad about wither one of them :3 <3

  166. AWSHUTDAFAWKUP! says:

    Oh my god, shut the fuck up. Kerli came out in 2002. Gaga, 2007(pretty sure, too lazy to look it up) Kerli wouldn’t say that, she is from Estonia where she is raised to be modest and polite. She actually doesn’t care. Everyone has there own opinion on who is better, but this forum is incorrect. Kerli most likely didn’t say that. And if she did, she was probably PMSing and was super pissed because girls are like that. And Lady Gaga has been supposedly “impersonating” artists since she came out. So what? If you say something about it on a stupid forum, it won’t make her infamous. People will still love her because she supports gay marriage. The Gays will love her and the Straights will love her because they don’t want people to look down upon them and think they discriminating against Gays. People are stupid. Everyone is in their own special way.

  167. Anonymous says:

    Everybody had white hair that time, and I don’t think Lady Gaga even had heard of Kerli in 2008, because they were both just coming up.

  168. Kerli a pop princess? Do you live under a rock? listen to her songs creepshow,butterfly cry,love is dead etc. and tell me she’s pop.

  169. OK, someone said that “Lady Gaga” has one of the best voices period, ok someone needs to learn how to sing.
    In my “opinion” Kerli has a better voice than Gaga and shit everyone else has a beter voice than everyone else that’s life but that’s my “opinion”
    Don’t mess with a 80s vocalist not if you want your @#$ kicked!
    Gaga extremely talented? Extremely, come on!

    Gaga is not “extremely” talented, she maybe talented but not “extremely”.

    Is Gaga a versatile singer? can she sing in many different octaves, she is not Glenn Hughes.
    If you want to here talented soul vocalist just to name a few George Michael, Steve Overland, Paul Carrack, Tarja Turunen, Jackie Evancho, Alison Moyet, Babyface, Duffy, Geoff Tate, John Farnham, George Duke, Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff, Engelbert Humperdinck, Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Glenn Hughes, Jimmy Barnes, Michael Bolton, Jan-Thore Grefstad, Nils K. Rue, Miljenko Matijevic just to name a few.

    Everything in music “today” is “MASS PRODUCED” its like theirs no room for originality anymore. The “media” is telling people what genre and style of music you should listen too and whats all this crap about YELLOW HAIR?

    What happen to the good old days when everyone was fighting about every others boyfriend
    No he’s my boyfriend, no he’s my boyfriend, no he’s myyyyyyy boyfriend, ok you can have him, what! What’s wrong with him? Nothing, no you can have him, well I don’t want him,
    !Ohhhhh nooo you didn’t!!!! good old days. lol

    As a “musician” everyone copies everyone else and that’s the truth.

    \\m// AOR!!!!!!!


  170. OK, someone said that “Lady Gaga” has one of the best voices period, ok someone needs to learn how to sing.
    In my “opinion” Kerli has a better voice than Gaga and shit everyone else has a beter voice than everyone else that’s life but that’s my “opinion”
    Don’t mess with a 80s vocalist not if you want your @#$ kicked!
    Gaga extremely talented? Extremely, come on!

    Gaga is not “extremely” talented, she maybe talented but not “extremely”.

    Is Gaga a versatile singer? can she sing in many different octaves, she is not Glenn Hughes.
    If you want to here talented soul vocalist just to name a few George Michael, Steve Overland, Paul Carrack, Tarja Turunen, Jackie Evancho, Alison Moyet, Babyface, Duffy, Geoff Tate, John Farnham, George Duke, Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff, Engelbert Humperdinck, Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Glenn Hughes, Jimmy Barnes, Michael Bolton, Jan-Thore Grefstad, Nils K. Rue, Miljenko Matijevic just to name a few.

    Everything in music “today” is “MASS PRODUCED” its like theirs no room for originality anymore. The “media” is telling people what genre and style of music you should listen too and whats all this crap about YELLOW HAIR?

    What happen to the good old days when everyone was fighting about every others boyfriend
    No he’s my boyfriend, no he’s my boyfriend, no he’s myyyyyyy boyfriend, ok you can have him, what! What’s wrong with him? Nothing, no you can have him, well I don’t want him,
    !Ohhhhh nooo you didn’t!!!! good old days. lol

    As a “musician” everyone copies everyone else and that’s the truth.

    \\m// AOR!!!!!!!


  171. What -.- Put off the autotune and Gaga can’t sing… She doesn’t have an “amazing” voice… The nerds at the studio are good at altering it. Thats the deal.
    And yeah, Kerli is original, and i understand her hate on Gaga.. But on the other side, i would copy Kerli also if i were to recieve Gaga’s current paycheck O.O

  172. Anonymous says:

    Kerli isn’t pop, she’s Bubblegoth ( a music genre she made up, which is like alternative mixed with pop)
    And, while I do love both LG and Kerli, I must say Kerli is more unique and talented. I do, however, think that LG is copying not only Kerli, but other lesser known music artists for LG’s look– which is in no way right. It will not get you anywhere good.

  173. imnotsayin says:

    oooooooo oooooooo oooooooooo oooooo
    o oo o o o o oo
    ooooooo ooooooo o o o oo
    o o o oooooooooo o oo
    o o oooooo o o ooooo

    >>>>> KERLI DIDN”T SAY THAT <<<<<<
    fuckn morons.

  174. Kerli is right though. I respect her and Lady Gaga for doing their thing, but seriously?
    If you look back to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” video you’d notice that that is EXACTLY the same hair as Kerli’s. You’d also notice how she has the large heeled shoe’s out suddenly after Kerli made her “Walking on Air” video with her in large platformed black heels. I wish Lady Gaga the best, Kerli too, but she needs to get her own ideas. Inspiration is one thing, copying is another.

  175. It’s yellow hair. People have had their hair dyed yellow before Kerli. I bet Gaga hasn’t even heard of her. It’s not like Kerli invented yellow hair. When I was much younger, my older sister’s best friend who was into neon hair dyed her hair yellow. Is it a crime if someone else does it too? You’re saying Gaga is unoriginal but that excuse is so unoriginal.

  176. Seriously? Lady Gaga… ORIGINAL? Seriously? If you guys took any type of music history or music class you would realize that Gaga has copied EVERYONE from David Bowie to Madonna. She’s NOT original. Excuse me Gaga fans but if you got your heads out of your asses and listened to REAL music maybe you would realize that Kerli is the unique one and Gaga IS NOT. Kerli was before Gaga so don’t give me this bullshit either that Kerli is copying Gaga because she did it first. Of course this is what pisses me off about Gaga because now anybody weird or different will be compared to her but nobody is realizing that everyone has certain ways about them. Yes, Gaga originated the whole monster thing but that’s all she originated everything about this bitch is just fake and she looks mostly retarded most of the time. I really wish my generation would listen to more music besides pop because there’s more out there that’s good. Me personally i listen to everything (even the stuff i hate). When you are a musician it’s great to have an open mind and that’s what happening with the music of my generation everything is starting to sound THE SAME and nothing is changing it’s like everybody is copying everyone and i’m sick of it. Kerli wanted to do something new and now everybody compares her to Gaga really pisses me off because Gaga is nothing but a gimmick. The main point of what i’m saying is “Open your ears to more than 1 genre of music for a change then you might see things a little bit differently”.

  177. ohhh pleeaaaaaaase…Lady Gaga is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Kerli, Kerli’s style looks like a harajuko pop raver who belongs on a cartoon filled with gummy bears and rainbows and fake trees and little elves dancing around with random skirts of black velvet and hot pink. Lady Gaga on the other hand is more hardcore, dirty, gundgy and she just pulls off alot more than this kerli character. THATS WHY KERLI HASNT HIT MAINSTREAM IN CALI YET. i never even knew who kerli was until someone told me today. LADY GAGA IS ORIGINAL…SHE ORIGINAL BECAUSE SHE HAS THE BALLS TO DO HALF THE SHIT SHE HAS. she’s gone lengths that not many artist have. Lady Gaga is sexy and daring and bold and dark. Kerli is just cute and fluffly and bright, her music videos remind me of juicy couture. Lady Gaga on the other hand reminds me of the best of 80’s, a touch of drag queens, a lick of rock and roll, a slap of vodka, a hint of cigarrettes and whip of leather. she’s an amazing artist….people are jealous of her capability and her strengths.
    xoxo MONSTER.

  178. pillpill says:

    lol i love you kerli but a lot of people dye their hair yellow…have you not noticed the style these days? but other then that you are still a nobody in the music business. if you have not noticed she is more successful then you are and she probably does not even know who you are, i ask my friends all the time do you know kerli? and guess what they say. “who?”..lol so unless you told gaga personally that you were going to dye your hair yellow which im pretty sure she didnt then it would be considred being ripped off. if i start decapitating stuff animals and pasting them on to my clothes would you sue me?

  179. EyeLuvAttention2 says:

    I always thought that Gaga style look similar – Grace Jones.

  180. army of love,prepare for war! MOONCHILD/PLAUGE RAT FOREVER!!!!!!!!

  181. First off I want to say excellent blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.

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