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Video: Mariah Carey Accepts Film Festival Award Drunk

No one can ever accuse Mariah Carey of being dull.

The singer and actress attended the Palm Springs International Film Festival last night (January 5) to accept the award for Breakthrough Actress for her performance in Precious. The film’s director, Lee Daniels, presented the award to Carey and right away things were weird.

“Oh my goodness,” she squealed when Daniels gave her the award after a big hug that swept her off her feet — literally. “For you Mariah Kitten,” Daniels said. A few nervous laughs, an “I love you” to Daniels, a long pause and ceiling stare later, Mariah said: “Please forgive me, I’m a little bit…” An audience member replied with an obscenity, according to the Associated Press, to which MiMi replied, “yeah,” and let out a drunken laugh and a slurred “Oooooooooh my goodness!”

See part of the hilarious acceptance speech above and read more here.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Unbelievably disgusting! Mariah should control herself!! She could get drunk or whatever she wanted after the ceremony/event not when the event was still on. Shamefull!!! Maybe she should think about psychological consultation!!!! And what was his stupid young husband doing concerning her drink at that time????

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