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Adam Lambert And Britney Spears Named Sexiest In Music By Billboard.com

Adam Lambert and Britney Spears - RCA, Mark Liddell

Adam Lambert sexier than Usher? Britney Spears sexier than Beyonce? The answer is yes according to a poll conducted by Billboard.com in search of the sexiest man and woman in music.

Over the period of a week readers were asked to vote on their favorite stars not by how talented they are, but how sexy they are. 20 musicians were in the running for each gender, with the top ten for each being announced today.

Lambert, known for oozing sex appeal with his captivating style, swooped up 20% of the vote, beating infamously sexy dudes like Justin Timberlake (he didn’t bring “SexyBack” enough at No. 4) and Enrique Iglesias (No. 5).

Proving just how much of an influence fans played in the results, 17-year-old Nick Jonas, who probably hasn’t even developed his sexy bone yet, comes in at No. 2 behind Lambert.

Britney won by a larger margin for the girls, scoring 27% of the vote. She beat out sexy chicas like Beyonce (No. 2), Rihanna (No. 4), and Shakira (No. 7).

The vote-crazy younger sect made its presence known here as well. Often more raunchy than sexy, Miley Cyrus charts high at No. 3.

See the full list on the other side.

Billboard’s sexiest guys:

  1. Adam Lambert 20%
  2. Nick Jonas 19%
  3. Chris Brown 15%
  4. Justin Timberlake 13%
  5. Enrique Iglesias 6%
  6. Bruce Springsteen 5%
  7. Jon Bon Jovi 4%
  8. Usher 3%
  9. Maxwell 1.9%
  10. Drake 1.8%

Billboard’s sexiest girls:

  1. Britney Spears 27%
  2. Beyonce 13%
  3. Miley Cyrus 9%
  4. Rihanna 8%
  5. Lady GaGa 7%
  6. Carrie Underwood 6%
  7. Shakira 4.1%
  8. Nicole Schezinger 4%
  9. Taylor Swift 3.5%
  10. Katy Perry 2.5%
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  1. This list is garbage!!!! My baby Chris Brown is the sexiest man in music!!! No life having fatties sat around voting on this shit!!!!

    • Chris Brown should’ve been #1 and I dont even know how Adam Lambert got on the list. But Chris being #3 shows that people actually voted for

      • adam should be number 1!!!!!

      • ADAM LAMBERT #1

      • is Chris the guy that sing’s ” jail house rock” ??? a big LOL !!!!LOL!!!!LOL!!!!

        • Nah, he’s the guy who beats up women! Who in their right mind voted for Chris Brown as sexy? Oh, I guess those people who’ve never been beat up by a boyfriend before. It happens. It just ain’t sexy to beat up women, no matter how they try to paint a pretty picture.

          • connie briggs says:

            You are an ass, pls go get a life

          • Lol you people are dumb maybe you didn’t read that the contest was for the sexiest dudes in music. It wasn’t for the best personal life or whoe ever hasn’t fucked up. So he deserved that number #3 spot and I voted for him which doesn’t mean I support domestic violence at all so get over yourself haters stop hating that he is sexy it is what it is and move on. So you people need a life lol for doing nothing but hating. That is all!

          • I agree with you. Can’t understand why anyone still supports a girlfriend-beating guy. They should’ve put Ike Turner on list too. I understand Chris had fans before he physically and verbally attacked Rihanna. Hasn’t anyone defected from the Chris Brown fan club after he beat up Rihanna? But I could never be a fan or find anything appealing about a guy who beat up a woman. Did these loyal fans find Chris more endearing after Rihanna did the 20/20 interview, and went into details about what happened in 2009, or when Rihanna said that Chris had put his hands on her before the assault in 2009? Imagine if Rihanna was your sister, daughter, mother, friend, would you still find the man who physically assaulted her, and threatened to continue the abuse after they got home, hot, sexy appealing?

            Gald my fave, Adam won as sexist guy. Surprised Britney won sexist gal, and by large margin. But she is back and touring again.

            • Blah Blah Blah, please save your little kid rants for something else, Chris will always have fans thatsbeen down for him for years and his fans understand that everyone makes mistakes and he is showing that he understands what he did was really wrong. People have you ever heard of forgiving or yall just to good for that?!?

      • The girlfriend beater? Nothing sexy about that at all

    • Well of course he should be! Nothing sexier than a woman beater. Right?

    • Chris Brown?? Pleaasssseeee….is that a joke? Ewwwwwwwww….sorry but I don’t consider women beaters sexy by any stretch and if your a female and you voted for a women beater as sexy than you are one sad chick.

    • no life stupid morons who like to get beaten and have no self respect voted for Chris. Adam is #1 in sexiness and talent

    • aww–don’t hate Adam because he is sexy and beautiful and respects women!

      • I agree. I love Adam too.

        • Adam totally deserved this. Watch some of his live performances of WLL and I swear he will make u (girls and guys) hypervenalate. I never would think some one could make me feel the way he does for me. DEFF deserved it.

          CHRIS BROWN!!?!?!?!??!! EWWWW!!!!! Disgusting, not only is his face messed up but he is a abuser!! NOTHING about abuse is sexy. I don’t even know why he is on the list.

    • So, do you get off on guys who beat up women? Yeah, that’s sexy all right.

    • Chris Brown won’t get #1 ever again because he beats the crap out of women.

    • Yes, because beating the crap out of your girlfriend is a very sexy thing to do. That man is trash and needs to be kicked to the curb where he belongs.

    • you have problems if you think chris brown is sexy

  2. YES! Adam LAmbert IS the sexiest….love him!

  3. There is nothing sexy about a woman beater -ex #3 choice

  4. really- adam lambert 1000% exudes sex appeal on stage, Chris does too he just hasnt been on stage in awhile so.. people forget

  5. Adam Lambert is the sexiest man alive, and for you Chris lovers calling other people fat???? i think Chris’s fans are fattest people in USA( at least most of them), i see them everyday on the street and buses, trains….. so do not judge people because you are not any better.


    • THANK-YOU !!!

    • Hoe please!! How can anyone like a dude that wears black all the damn time?!? You and his fans must be gothic or something. Anyway, A least Chris made it on the list!
      PS: Since Adam is GAY, He should be on the GIRLS LIST not the BOYS!!!

      • Obviously, you’ve never been beaten bloody by a boyfriend… I’m so glad for you that “Chris made the list” == must mean you’re sitting around hoping to be his next victim. What? For the thrill of being beaten up by a singer? I think it’s a little sick to even have him on the list with other sexy men at all. Look at the list… do you see any others who beat women bloody??

        P.S. Adam’s never beaten anyone up. His admirers are not GOTH; maybe they appreciate all he does for charities. I didn’t even know about the vote or I guarantee you I would have voted for Adam.

        • And you know everything Chris does for charity? Clearly you do not. You’re too busy rubbing your decaying vagina to a man who doesn’t even want your kind to know Chris donates his time and money to various charities including organizations working to end domestic violence. He made a horrible mistake that he is trying to learn from. Judgmental pieces for crap like you want to keep him down. Sorry hunny. He’s going to make it through because he’s a hardworker, good person and so talented. That makes him sexy so hit the bricks idiot!

          • And you call other people “judgmental”? It was a vote. People voted for who they liked. Pretty simple. Pretty clear.

          • what a loser, you stink , such a testy little chick because her guy didn’t win. And you think beating a woman is his mistake, yeah, he just kept on hitting her , not stopping, and he’s done is more than once. You hit the bricks chikita, go take Chris and go live in your fantasy world , masocist chick

          • You can’t blame Chris – after all Rhiana deserved it. I mean, she did start it; she was asking for it.

            • apparently you must be the same way — someone mouths off and it gives u the right to beat someone — u need help too!

            • I get that fans would want ot support “their” star but what he did to Rhianna (and more than once!) was inexcusable.
              Do you really want to support someone that screwed-up?
              My first boyfriend beat me and tried ro rape me… no. Just. NO.
              I wouldn’t wish that fate on my worst enemy… believe me, there’S NOTHING sexy or cute about being held down and being afraid he’ll kill you….
              Wake up, girl, or you will be hurt even worse than I was.

      • That comment is totally ignorant. Just because your gay does not mean that you cannot be sexy.

      • homophobic much?! Your sexuality has nothing to do with how much of a man you are, or how much sex appeal you have. stereotypes are so lame! D:<

  6. GO ADAM !!!Mr. SeXy !!!

  7. adam is the sexiest man singer alive today 2010- i clal him mr.perfectionsit; can sing -uniquely-can move gracefully- cand ance gracefully- very alluring .. adam lambert ur perfect in my eyes.

  8. I agree with Tara. Ain’t nothing sexy about a women beater… try nauseating. That’s also a good word to describe the ladies who think a women beater is sexy… or perhaps sad would be a more appropriate word.

  9. LOL! It took a gay man to truly bring sexy back. Yeah, Adam! Straight guys take notes.

  10. people who doesn’t agree… why didn’t you vote???

  11. We voted but Lambert’s jolly fat giants had more time to vote what with them swearing off the gym or any other activity that requires getting off their asses.

    • I don’t know who you are to insult Adam Lambert fans…at least like others have said Adam didn’t beat up a women or anybody else for that matter…And maybe you’re the one that’s fat because usually the one making the comment is complaining about himself…Adam deserves this title…Adam is #1

    • Very mature [not] oh well may as well stoop to your level na na na na na just because you lost lol

    • LOL, you must be a fat pig to think up this, you must do it everyday. hahahhaha… bashers really have no self respect, you are angry, go take a valium and calm down sweetie.

    • I am not fat.
      I did not know about the vote – if I did Adam Lambert would have had my vote. Adam is awesome!

    • Am I fat at 105 lbs and 34/24/34 inches fabulously slim, toned, while still deliciously curvy measurements? And yes, I also have really fast voting fingers!
      Yay for Adam, you sexy beast!

    • Excuse me missy – I’m not a jolly fat giant. In fact, I’m a petite, beautiful, one sexy bitch who would take your man away from you, chew him up, and spit him right back in your f’n face.

  12. YYYAAAAYYYY! A D A M ! Love you Adam!

  13. Adam is the sexiest man alive not only on the outside but the inside too. Quit being sore losers thats whats truely ugly.

  14. The only people stupid enough to think chris brown is sexy are sicko women beaters and fat assed black women. IDIOTS!!!!!!!

    • Next time you have a minute in your pointless life, check out fotage of a Chris Brown concert and see who’s up front drooling and blowing kisses at the delicious Mr. Brown…nevermind you’re too dumb to find it on your own so let me enlighten you…WHITE GIRLS bytch.

      Thk before you comment, you look life a real jackass!

  15. Um, Adam Lambert has more sex appeal in his pinkie than the rest of the others have in their entire bodies. Seriously, Nick Jonas was #2? See what happens when you allow pre-teens girls to use the computer and vote.

    • I am no nick fan but I can see how young girls might find him cute and attractive. Ok, that’s different from sexy, but you’d have to be old enough to know the difference :)

  16. skyshimmer says:

    Hmmmm… I don’t find Adam Lambert attractive at all. *Shrug*

  17. (Charisma + Handsome)+ Out of this world Talent = ADAM’s equation for his success.
    Love this performer !!!!

  18. I think this has more to do with young rabid fanbases then who is really the sexiest. LOL Alot of these artists fans are getting older and really don’t vote in these online silly polls. Only the fans who are either age wise young or mentally young vote in this type of thing. It’s really irrelevant. Lets face it. Neither Britney Spears or Adam Lambert should be topping this list.

    • Why shouldn’t they top their respective lists. The ones with the most votes won!!

    • You are so wrong.. a lot of the older fanbases vote how would you know anyways I don’t recall any fans telling you their ages. when beauty comes from inside and outside that is called CLASS and Adam is a HIGH CLASS GUY I never followed anyone before tha’s because there was never anyone like Adam Lambert and that’s why he was voted for because he is SEXY in every way and he is #1 nobody can take that away so be nice and accept. Sweet and sexy Adam your fans love you I will always vote for you.


  19. You guys are a mess. Each to their own. Leave it at that.

  20. I am white and female and nowhere near fat and I think Chris is cute. I just thought I would comment only to mention that you people are immature. The poll was to vote for the sexiest male/female. The poll states nothing about these artists personal life being involved. The people bashing Chris need to get a life he didnt hit you and has been trying to be a better person to my knowledge since the incident, and the people bashing Adam about being gay also, he is not your lover. You people are stupid.

    • Actually,while I agree with part of what you’re saying at the end, I disagree about what the poll represents. It isn’t a poll for the “cutest” or “most handsome”, it’s “sexiest”. A person might be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, but it’s attitude, charisma, and yes, actions, that make them sexy.

      • Cute or sexy whatever they mean the same to me regardless. If you want to look at the poll in your terms of looking at it then do this about Chris and Adam. Weigh in how much good they have done versus wrong. I think Chris has done way more good than he has done wrong so me thinking he is cute/sexy or whatever still holds true even with your analogy. I am not going to go into all the good Chris has done in the last 4 years versus his one major screw up with anyone though. Adam has also screwed up once on the AMA’s but he has done more good than harm also, nobody is perfect.

        • I won’t go into all the good Adam’s done either. An off performance isn’t illegal. Chris is cute, but I don’t find him charismatic. I was more surprised at Usher getting only 3%. Sexy is in the eye of the beholder.

  21. Also Remember: People magazine also listed him as one of the sexiest men.

  22. Adam has a of sex appeal as a personality also- he is very poised,confident, personable,articulste, intelligent,intrepidly honest,stylish,friendly,quick-witted,positive thinking, besides his grace under pressure, never making excuses, never blaming,always being his truth-and natuarlly sexy with a free spirit I haven’t seen since the 60s. All this besides the fact, he is an open book,looks you in the eye and flirts playfully with everyone-he is very easy going even tho taking hits from all sides, he gets immediately up and moves on. Adam is sexy in far more ways than just as a musical performer. And, gosh, he is jaw-dropping gorgeous erotic looking male.

  23. adamluv1000 says:


  24. Um, Adam Lambert is nowhere near sexy. Sorry! Chris should have been #1 and Maxwell @ #2 or vise versa. But, to each his own.

    • I have always thought Chris Brown is really ugly inside and out. I never could understand why any woman would like him. On the other hand Adam should have won by a larger margin. He is beautiful inside and out. He is the hottest guy I have ever seen!!!

      • Taylor Dean says:

        Quit lying. I doubt if you even knew of Chris Brown before the situation with Rihanna. If you had you wouldn’t have found him ugly on the inside. From the start of his career Chris was involved with charity and giving back to his community with toy drives and other events. He went to Oprah’s school in Africa to help the kids. If you truly always found him ugly on the inside then you are a simple minded jerk. Go ahead and be happy for Adam but don’t talk out of your ass!

  25. When Adam auditioned for AI, I noticed him. this is before all his performances. “Ring Of Fire”, got my eyes glued to the tv. I’ve been ‘in love’ infatuated, addicted to him all year.

  26. Everyone this just only proves that adams fans voted more but everyone knows that any man that wears more eyeliner, makeup, lipstick and fingernail polish then a woman shouldn’t have been on a male’s sexiest list. Pretty on a man is not sexy…… Let them be judged by a panel and Adam’s a$$ wouldn’t have made the list.. Adam sexiest man? LMAO

    • musiclover says:

      but he’s made it.
      Adam is The Sexiest man AND!!! he’s happened to be pretty too!!

      • So i guess People magazine was wrong too when they put Adam on their sexiest men list? No one cares what you find attractive so keep your close minded opinions to yourself!

    • It has nothing to do with wearing make-up and nail polish, it is about knowing who you are and exuding confidence. Adam is very sexual and very sexy and for a gay man to have this kind of effect on millions of women just goes to show that he deserves the title of sexiest man. It is all in the eyes, baby.

    • Many women love men who wear make up, especially when these men have spectacular killer eyes like Adam

    • Pretty on a man is very sexy- Depp and Pitt are pretty. To each his own. Adam oozes sex . Gaaaaah!!!

  27. His actions aside, Christopher Brown is a gorgeous young man sure to grow even more handsome as he matures. =)

    • musiclover says:

      how can you say “his actions aside”!!!!!!!!!!!!if you have E!!ver been beaten up by somebody, you would NEVER be able to say that!!!!!!!!! NEver!!! unless you are masochistic!!!!!!!

      • hmm smh i have seen a situation very similar to what chris did and is going through, where a dad hit his wife during a fight they had but he has never done it again, he realized he was wrong and was so sorry about it that he took counseling for it even though he thought he didnt needed it because he wasnt that type of person, like i said that happened and he has never done anything like that again and many years have passed so your comments are doesnt apply to all cases, everyone is different you cant judge someone like that based on other situations


  29. O.O wow some people here are crazy, comments like “chris’s fans are the fattest people in the USA” SERIOUSLY WTH that is NOT true im a chris brown fan and im not black, or fat (no offense to over weight people) or that Adam is not sexy because he is gay smh, I love Adam and i do think he is sexy and the fact he is gay does not change that, but he is more glam, like i said i do think he is sexy but i don’t think he is he sexiest, and i love chris brown and i think he is so sexy, he has so much sex appeal and because he made one bad mistake doesn’t make him not sexy and his mistake doesn’t define him as a person either, he is a great person with a great personality and him making the mistake he did, being able to take responsibility, and being sorry for it doing what he can to be better only makes him more human, so people making comments like he beats woman are unnecessary and untrue, just because he made that mistake once does not mean that he does that regularly for people to be labeling him like that, and btw nick jonas #2 o.O ok i love jonas brothers too lmao and nick is cute but he is not the sexiest, i dont think he has even developed yet … #thisismebeingrealistic

    this list should have gone in my opinion
    chris brown
    justin timberlake
    rest i

    nicole s.

    • Thank you! Someone who tries to speak the truth! I don’t understand the comments about Chris fans being fat or ugly lol I’m a Chris fan and I’m not fat or ugly and I don’t support domestic violence but I know its a mistake and that one situation does not define him as a women beater if only people weren’t so busy typing their bull they would know that. And they can hate all they want but that doesn’t change the fact that people still find him sexy so agree to disagree and hate all you want but he is still #3 and Adam is ok 2 lol.

  30. What I wanna no is why Rihanna isn’t number one? She is the sexiest then it’s Beyonce!

  31. Glambertarella says:

    The steam that rises from Adam’s body when it rains, just proves that he is the hottest living being on this planet.

  32. Adam is #1 and has sex appeal, so sexy….I am a 74 year old white grandmother and great grandmother and my 2 favorites is Adam and Usher….Why I like Usher I do not have the slightest idea, but Adam puts me in the mind of Elvis in his day…Go Adam and Usher……..
    I dispise that one video of rihanna’s..she might as well leave the tape off the top and go topless……


  34. ADAM is without a doubt the sexiest. He just has something special words donot discribe how he can make one feel. So FUN-SEXY-WILD-SWEET THAT’S ADAM

  35. I’d punch rihanna

  36. sorry…that was really ignorant…i think rihanna is cute…but very annoying at times. And Bey is much sexier!

  37. Adam lambert is SEX ON LEGS! (a daaaamn fine pair of long legs at that!!!) and CLEARLY most people agree!

  38. Whats sexy is a matter of opinion so why waste time disputing it there is no right or wrong!

  39. Way to go Adam and everyone who made the list.

  40. Good job Glambert fans. You made Adam the winner of a useless poll. We will see if you can actually do something useful like get him played on the radio. Too bad you can’t because you OTT clowns don’t know when you are going too far!

    And I would really stop announcing how old and decrepit the lot of you are. It isn’t doing Adam any favors. In fact it makes him look quite pitiful.

    • I’m 25 & i love Adam that just proves how great he is that he has such a wide variety of fans.He’s already been on Oprah & David Letterma he’s a star and what are you some idiot loser with nothing better to do than bash ppl?!!

  41. Adam is so very sexy. I saw him live on the Idols tour this summer and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He is one beautiful, sexy, mesmerizing man. No doubt about it. I love seeing the video of him singing Whole Lotta Love from the Gridlock New Years eve show. No that is pure sexy! And of course I can’t forget his captivating performance of the song “Crazy'”. If you haven’t seen it before, check it out at YouTube. It averages about 1,000 hits a day. Just read the comments there from the many many people who think Adam is the sexiest of the sexy.
    I’m a straight female and I don’t care whether Adam is interested in women or not. That makes no difference to me. Gay men are very sexy and Adam Lambert is 100% pure sexiness.

  42. Britney all tha wayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!gooooo brittt britttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is definetly no.1…..yeahhh!!!!

  43. Who the hell voted to put Miley Cyrus at #3?!?! After Britney and Beyonce and before Rhianna and Shakira?!?!? That is just plain wrong.

  44. DANA MARTIN says:


  45. AgusGlambert says:


  46. Adam is the sexiest man on the planet!! He is also an amazing singer and performer. He’s sweet and confident and has also been involved with several charities and he’s just beginning his career. LOVE HIM!!

  47. Hey Jovi….don’t know what radio station you listen too…maybe Kjoy…but on z100 & 95.5 Adam is played constantly, everytime I get in my car his song Whatya want from me is playing on the radio. Lets not forget that the video was #11 3wks ago, #1 2 wks ago & #2 a week ago on VH1’s top 20 and all 3 of his videos has been topping VH1’s top 10 video list for weeks now. So…check your info before you open your ignorant mouth and go back to VFTW with the other losers. ADAM is a SEXY Glam God. Btw I’m 102 pds no fatty here thx!

  48. Adam is not only hot and gorgeous but he is beautiful inside and out. Adam is intelligent, insightful, hugely talented, confident, charismatic, and stylish. Yep the man is the Sexiest in the music biz for sure.


    • BRITNEY IS DA BEST IN DA WORLD. and i voted for her and im not fat and almost a doctor. U just need to realise Britney will always be number 1, Beyonce came thereafter as always. Britney rocks the party. Beyonce has an excessive amount of lipids surrounding her gluteal muscles. OH AND SHE HAS FAKE HAIR

  50. Adam all the way. Just saw him live in NYC and he was sooooo amazing. Sexy, talented. He had the crowd going crazy. Adam is a good person on top of it too. Chris Brown is a criminal.

    • I wanted to go to the RMT show, but didn’t win tickets. I can’t wait to see his VH1 special when it airs. Hope to see him when he goes on tour. You are so lucky @emmylucy, glad you had a great time.

  51. Adam is the sexiest man ever in my book! Go Adam!

  52. Put them all on stage just standing, same outfit, doing nothing.
    SEXY is that one who absolutely oozes sex appeal even you don’t know who they are. It does not necessarily mean one has to be handsome or beautiful or shapely or a hunk. It is the IT Factor which cannot be explained.
    I’ve seen Chris all over but NEVER had any thought I should find him sexy.
    Same with Justin. It NEVER occurred to me that this guy is sexy at all. Nothing even attractive about him. Neither Nick. So with Usher. I find Enrique sexy even just standing. And Bruce is sexy more than Jon. But Adam oozes pure sex.
    Britney is only a packaged to sell sex but is not actually sexy, same with Madonna. Beyonce is sexy. Taylor is sexless. Carrie is OK but not really oozing. The one absolutely oozing is Shakira.
    A SEXY person attracts both sexes and the third sex. And a SXY person attracts both love and admiration or hatred and despise. Because the seed of envy and jealousy sparks from the heart.

  53. The Billboard poll is right! I too think Adam Lambert is the sexiest man to come along in my lifetime….and I’m a 49 year old woman, that boy just has ‘IT’

  54. Lizzie Blevinz says:

    yay i loved Adam Lambert he is numba 1..since he auditioned from the begining! i didnt watch that boring ass show though i just watch the finals..


  56. Congrats Adam – you ARE the sexiest. You are one hot, hot, piece of toast.

  57. christina aguilera should be number 1

  58. Violence is not sexy. Chris Brown beating up Rhianna is not sexy. Pounding a woman’s face while she sits in the seat next to you in a car is not sexy.

  59. Fans took this poll? I highly doubt that.

  60. Steve in Oakland says:

    Interesting that the vote total for Justin Timberlake, Usher, Maxwell, and Drake is less than Adam Lambert recieved.

  61. Chris Brown is being judged on the incident…. well, should it mean that we should look at all celebrities on their personal lives and not their talent? Rihanna said in a 2007 interview with Complex Magazine that she once hit her brother in the face with a glass bottle and that they didn’t just fight they physically fought, in the much made public court paper from last year trial, she also said that she had slapped Chris Brown once before. In 1999 Jay-Z stabbed a fellow music producer, his trial last 3 years, in 2001 he was sentence to 3 years probabtion for his offense, Jay-Z never stopped performing during his trial, infact he released a album during the time and perform the same night after the trial he was 32 year old at the time of his offense, he later settled a lawsuit with the victim between the amount of $500,000 to 1 million dolars( google search and read for yourdelf), Charlie Sheen, has a abusive background along with drug abuse, when in a relationship with actress Kelly Preston ( Mrs. John Travolta), he shot her in the arm, his ex-wife actress Denise Richards had said many times he was abusive to her. Chris Brown was 19 year old kid who made a bad choice…. Now unless hitting people with bottles, stabbing etc. isn’t physical abuse than what is. Do you like Jay-Z or Rihanna any less because of what mistakes they made…. will you still watch Charlie Sheen weekly on his show, no he hasn’t been convicted as of yet but everyone old enough know of his troubles.I like Chris and Adam who are to young men with different styles of singing.


    And Rihanna just sat there and let him pound her, gtfoh! If you are driving and beating me with your left hand and I’m just sitting there, stfu! More too that story, tmz had the photo, how do we know they didn’t alter them and why in the h3ll haven’t we seen his mugshot???? I mean h3ll everyone that has been arrested last year and this year mugshots have been plaster all over the internet, why not his.What are they hiding,okay you a little slow, could it be that why he was driving she was hitting him, maybe that’s why she had bite marks on her right arm, biting her because she was beating him why he was driving. Now remember she said herself in the iterview.Also after the incident for you guys that was following not the ones who just jumped on the bandwagon of bashing.He was shown wearing sun glasses, what was he hiding. Until I see a mugshot of Chris Brown I’m going to hold my thoughts on him. My daddy always taught me not to hit a woman, now I tell my sisters don’t hit a man unless you want to get hit back.

    • SO true. The photo was only released through tmz. Those are people that don’t even like him at all so for all I know they could have photo shoped that shit. About 3 weeks later she was walking around with him and I saw no marks on her face and not enough makeup in the world can clear that up and if her face really looked like that then those marks would have not went away in 3 weeks. I still don’t see not one mugshot of his face either. Everybody else has there mugshot released and when they get arrested why not his? Thats because there is something to hide. Of course some people would say well if thats true why didn’t he tell everyone he hit her first. If the boy would have said that everyone would be mad like he isn’t taking responsibilty I guess he knew either way the outcome would be the same unless he released the mugshoot which he can’t do. I’m still a Chris fan but I can’t really go in on the situation unless I have a mugshoot of his face to the day he was arrested. And you are smart for telling your sisters don’t hit a man unless you want to get hit back. Because I’m a women and I know a man isn’t supposed to hit a women but if you wanna stop acting like a lady and hit a man and be bold enough to do that knowing he has more strenght then you…if you are that bold then don’t expect not to be hit back because you aren’t supposed to raise your hand to anyone and raising your hand to a man that probably has more strength then you isn’t smart at all. It still isn’t right for him to hit you violence doesn’t solve anything but keep your damn hands to yourself thats all i have to say. And some of ya’ll have the nerve to say she couldn’t have hit him. Well the day a mugshot of Chris is released and he has not one mark on him I will believe that but since people are hiding the mugshot and don’t release it like they do with any other celeb I believe that there is something to hide. And that something might be a few marks caused by someone in that car that night. And how is he driving and beating you? Thats what the damn reports said. Can’t no one drive and beat you like that at the same time without crashing. So thats how you know that shit is false. And your left hand tends not to be your strongest so on top of him driving he is attempting to hit you with his left hand? And on top of all that you are leting him hit you? Yeah like he can really mess you up while driving and with his left hand and you don’t do anything but sit there. There is so much more to that story. But of course we might never know and these haters wanna sit here and talk shit like they know the whole sotry. Get over it and at least Chris is on the damn list sitting there at #3 out of 10 so shut up!

  63. Yes,yes,yes. Britney will rock!

  64. Yes, yes,yes…Britney will rock!

  65. fuck Adam he’s so gay
    he don’t deserve it!!

    Congrats Brit Brit! she deserve it!

    • What the fuck does him being gay have to do with him being sexy? Your a fucking homophobic close minded idiot!! I hope you get hit by a bus it would be doing the world a favor!!!!!!

  66. Britney, you go girl!! Adam, you go girl!!

  67. yes britney spears is da seiest woman on eart go girl

  68. Adam is smoldering hot,sexy personified !

  69. Britney is definately deserving of that spot she is insanely sexy!

  70. LambertsLabelle says:

    the Lambert is without any doubts the BEST sex I ll sadly never have!!!!!


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