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Pop Singer Vita Chambers Takes On Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

Vita Chambers - SRP Records

When we saw 15-year-old Vita Chambers live last October opening for A Rocket To The Moon on a chilly night in Baltimore, she warmed us up with a handful of zesty tracks from her debut album, The Get Go, out in May, including the bass-thumping “Like Boom,” and rocking “Young Money.”

With her profile rising from her Thanksgiving Day tribute to Motown performed with other leaders of the label’s new school like Melanie Fiona, Shontelle, and Forever The Sickest Kids, Vita has been chosen to head out on the road on the revived Lilith Fair.

Before she rocks the stage with Ke$ha, Norah Jones, and Sarah McLachlan, she’ll get poppy with Justin Bieber at this weekend’s Pop-Con Festival in New York.

So, what’s the perfect way to get in the mood for the show? Cover one of your fellow performer’s hit singles! Vita took to her YouTube channel to deliver a soulful acoustic version of Bieber’s latest “Baby.” Maybe there’s a duet in their future…possibly a love match? Just kidding, Beliebers!

See the video below.

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  1. Ashleighno3 says:

    She is so lucky to get to sing with justin bieber. Love her voice. Should be a good duo. =] x

  2. google this: THE BIEBER SHRINE

  3. katybieber!! says:

    She sounds great but not as good as Justin!!! He is so cute. I want to see him for my birthday Sunday!!!!!

  4. Way better than Justin!

  5. she sucks she’s butchering his song

  6. It is a Great song I love it!

  7. she sucks because she didn’t write this song and so she cain’t sing it… she needs to write her own songs and stop butchering others :)

  8. awesome…great voice!



  11. i should be singin wit him not that ugly ass girl

  12. mikayla should be singin wit him not wit that ugly fugly girl

  13. i luv u justin bieber but yea mikayla should be the one wit him she is all that hers pretty

  14. call me justin bieber at 7831778

  15. ummm i dont even like this justin beiber kid anyways. she’s got good vocals but i’ve never heard of her. im pretty sure that if she’s as poppular as justin she’s gotta b as annoyin so…. i mean no disrespect to their fans out there. this is jus my opinion cuz not everyone out here is a fan of the beiber


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