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Video: Avril Lavigne Performs “Alice (Underground)” On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Avril Lavigne - NBC

Singer Avril Lavigne toned down her feisty punk rock ways for her performance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this morning (March 4).

Perched on top of a piano and dressed in a long black gown, the Canadian pop/rock darling performed her song Alice (Underground).

Avril showed enormous vocal growth during her performance, easily shifting from full voice to high notes.

Alice (Underground) is the lead single off of Almost Alice, the soundtrack to the Tim Burton-directed, Johnny Depp-starring live-action version of Alice In Wonderland.

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  1. This song fits the Alice In Wonderland.

    Thx 4 posting.

  2. Are you for real? Vocal growth. Avril sounded so shrill I ended up changing the channel to HGTV before she was done. It was literally hurting my ears. The song is horrible too.

  3. Amazing vocals! She’s a great talent, she also wrote the song by herself.

  4. anonymousflowers says:

    @ tasha: keep ur opinions to ur self plz cuz unlike u, some people like this song.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Avril always sings live there has never been a moment in her life or career where she has lip synced. But nice review on the song!


  1. […] After seeing Avril perform ‘Alice’ on the Jay Leno show last night, I’m starting to warm up to the song after all. Maybe it was the stage set up, maybe it was the band, whatever it was, Avril sounded amazing…if she was actually singing live. Check out her performance in this video from NeonLimeLight.com: […]

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