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Adam Lambert Strips Down In Breathtaking VH1 Unplugged Performances

Adam Lambert - VH1

After a day’s delay, VH1 finally rolled out their highly anticipated Unplugged performances with musical firecracker Adam Lambert.

Stripping songs from his debut album, For Your Entertainment, down to the basics, the true beauty of Adam’s voice was able to take centerstage. The rockin’ ballad “Whataya Want From Me” was drenched with vulnerability; “Music Again” was a funky delight; his signature “Mad World” cover was even more haunting; and “Down The Rabbit Hole” was extremely joyous pop fair.

But it was the simply breathtaking “Broken Open” that stole the show completely. You’d have to be completely soulless not to feel the power of the song or be moved (understandably to tears) by the delicate sensitivity in which Adam sang it.

Aside from providing what should be deemed a vocal tutorial for others to follow, Adam explained the inspiration behind choosing the songs he would perform, his love for Muse, and finding his “awesome” band.

Watch the videos below and visit Unplugged for the interviews.

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  1. Gorgeous, glorious, amazing – there aren’t enough words to describe these wonderful performances.

  2. Adam is so dang talented it is almost scary. He can rev it up or tone it down and his voice is always perfect. Truly there are just very few that can sing like this man. Beautiful!! He is such a lovely person as well.

  3. Tecnica y emocionalmemte hablando: el mejor interprete del momento, just amazing.

  4. Okay, I’m admitting I’ve never bothered to listen to this man sing before. But I’m really happy that I decided to play these because good lord he’s amazing! The vocal purity of his voice just blew me away!

    • Welcome to Adamland!

    • marlock276 says:

      Shasta, you HAVE to listen to this live performance from six years ago from the play Brigadoon. . . it’s unbelievable! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJYyqzUr6jU

    • Shasta, congratulations, you have been officially addicted, whether you know it or not yet. As we all know, once he’s in, he owns your heart.

    • Glamlove says:

      Yeah, that is how he got everyone. My first song was “Ring of fire” he did on country week on AI. I saw it accidentally while switching the channel. First, never bother watching AI and second totally not a country music fan. So, Adam’s glam outfit made me stopped for few seconds. Then, the singing caught my full attention right away. Then, as everyone else, addicted into his music.

      Man, you got to be careful. next thing u would do is unstopped googling and searching vid from you Tube. Try Fantasy spring Indio concert ” Whole lotta love” acoustic version. It would blow you away even more…

  5. Adam is from HEAVEN…I love him so much

  6. wow! what an amazing talent!All songs sounds perfect and pure,love brocken open even more after this,if thats even possible,his voice is heavenly,he is an angel that fell from above and we are experiencing something so brillient that no words can describe. Adam Lambert is one of a kind and out of this world. I cocider myself a fortunate person to have experienced something so powerfull,so amazing! If I die tomorrow I will die in peace because Adam Lambert is my angel from god himself.

  7. Thank you God for giving me the GREAT pleasure to know ADAM– such an OUT OF THIS WORLD TALENT–during my life time.

    Can you imagine there are still people out there trying to say negative things about this WILD AND SWEET ANGEL ? He was simply sent to show us how the power of music can make us better, sweeter, more generous, better forgivers and HOW WE CAN BETTER ENJOY OUR LIFES!
    Just encourage ADAM to do his art and we will be better on many ways.


  8. Oh my!! That Broken Open is absolutely breathtaking. I just forwarded the link to a couple of friends. What a great voice this guy has

  9. Should have received a standing ovation for Broken Open. What was wrong with that audience?

  10. Wow.

    How is he real? His voice is stunning. Fingers crossed for lots of Midwestern tour dates!

    • racbec, my fingers are crossed for Midwestern tour dates as well! I think Kansas City, MO would be perfect, as it is centrally located, making it easy for people to come from all directions. I saw him here on the Idol tour, and he appeared to be real, but I don’t see how he can be real, either.

  11. the unplugged performances tell you the artists’ true ability.
    Btw, some of the changes and twists are even better than the originals.

  12. Love these!!! His voice is so beautiful!!

  13. I CAN’T VIEW THEM :(

  14. I can’t see anything?! I live in London maybe that’s why??

  15. Just can’t stop listening to Broken Open its so addictive and hauntingly beautiful. Adam’s voice is mesmerizing and magical…he takes me out of the ordinary into the mystical.. what artistry! Adam gives us his all and shares every emotion with us. Thank you Adam for these glorious performances!

  16. ADAM is the ULTIMATE PERFORMER … you want rock … he gives you ROCK … you want pop .. he gives you POP … you want unplugged … okay .. you ‘ve got it …. ADAM has a voice that transcends ALL the GENRES …. and little by little he is sharing everything he has to offer with us. Always SURPRISING .. MESMERIZING .. ENTERTAINING & leaving us wanting MORE!!! As for me .. my appetite for ADAM’s music & VOICE are INSATIABLE!!!

  17. Hi I’m from Adelaide Australia, we total love Adam but I am unable to VH1 unplugged performances because we are not in the area. FFFFFFfrickin not fair.
    Would of loved to see Adam’s unplugged performance

  18. IreneRose says:

    I can’t get enough of Adam, whether its an interview or him singing. Loved his unplugged sessions and yes “Broken Open” did bring me to tears each and every time I watched it. My one wish is to see him live, I hope with all my heart and soul that this will happen soon. He is beyond amazing, and I’ve never been obsessed with anyone before Adam. I think what attracts me to him besides the obvious, looks, talent etc., is how sweet and honest he is and how comfortable he is in his own skin. I just love that about him. Adam you rock.

  19. Leilani aloha says:

    Just love Adam’s amazing vocals:)
    so talented, artistic & simply adorable too. sweet sweet guy!!!
    Everyone Loves Adam, Dang!!!

  20. Unplugged Down the Rabbit Hole may be my favorite Adam performance. Then again, Whole Lotta Love at Indio…Hmmm…so many to choose from…

  21. adam lambert is one in a million what a gift god has given him

  22. elizaky_2 says:

    I have never posted before on snyyhing. but …. this is the adam i fell in love with on idol. take off the makeup and look at the real talent. he is probably the most talented person i have ever seen. no matter what kind of music he sings, he is great. he sings from the heart and here… it shows. honestly as a fan from the begining… i dont care how he dresses or how much makeup he has on he is awsome. but again like i said i honestly believe what i have just listened to is the real adam. love it!!!!!!

  23. Josephine says:

    I love Adam Lambert. Amazing voice, amazing person. i can’t get enough of him.

  24. Broken open is great and it is worth pointing out that Adam wrote it.. this is what is in store for the next album when there is more time for him to write AND perform.

  25. Adam is stunningly talented. I love these unplugged versions. He did some in concert at Fantasy Springs as well. Adam is freaking amazing live so if you ever get a chance to see him live, do whatever it takes – sooo worth it!!

  26. My God does it get any better than this man…. what a great singer and performer he is now and what do we have for the future? GREAT things from Mr. Lambert !!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I saw him live at American Idols Live 2009….:)


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