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Nina Sky Ask Fans To Help Them Get Out Of Record Contract

Nina Sky - Wireimage

Singing twin sisters Nicole and Natalie, collectively known as Nina Sky, are looking for a way out of their record contract, and they’re enlisting their fans to help via Twitter.

In a series of tweets posted to their account, the twins express their discontent with the handling of their new album, that has yet to see the light of day, at their record label, Polo Grounds Music, despite the release of singles.

“For MONTHS we’ve had a complete album, ready for release,” they wrote. “Nothing + that’s the problem. We released 2 videos and singles without support from our label. All good.. Stayed positive… After months of no movement we asked to be released + still nothing. No [acknowledgment] from the President of out label Bryan Leach.”

“Bottom Line, we want to be released,” they wrote, before giving out Leach’s contact information, including his home and office phone number and email address.

They’ve dubbed their mission “Nina Sky Doesn’t Play Polo.”

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  1. There is even a petition online! Looks like Nina Sky aren’t playing this time around! Here is the link 4 the petition.. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/FREENINASKY

  2. Kimberly: O'Neill says:

    Dear Mr. Leech,

    It has come to my attention that you have yet to release the new Nina Sky album which has apprently been finished for months. Is this part of the contract which was signed by both parties? If not, then why would you wish to dishonor the contract, thus committing acts of fraud and perjury? Or maybe it is because there is no lawful contract between both parties that can be produced under full commercial liability? If this is the case, then would you not also be committing an act of fraud by misrepresenting the situation to Nina Sky by not fully disclosing all available information to them?
    I believe that it would be in POLO GROUNDS MUSIC`s best interest to fulfill any obligations they may have attached to Nina Sky, by not doing so would be considered by Determination by Proxy to be admitting that there indeed does not exist a contract lawfully binding both parties to any agreement and it would also be an admittance that POLO GROUNDS MUSIC has committed acts of fraud and perjury by misrepresenting the facts to Nina Sky that any agreement did exist between the two parties.

    Sincerely and without malice, aforethought, ill-will, vexation or frivolity,

    All Rights Reserved, Non-Assumpsit, With Prejudice

    Kimberly: O`Neill

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  1. Nina Sky Ask Fans To Help Them Get Out Of Record Contract http://bit.ly/dvTnc1

  2. […] in this case, seems a fair exchange). Apparently, the release comes in response to finally getting out of their contract with a label that was simply sitting on their work. Adoring fans should obv let Nicole and Natalie […]

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