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American Idol Recap: Siobhan Magnus ‘Paints’ Idol Awesome On Rolling Stones Theme Night

American Idol season 9's top 12 - FOX

Finally. After weeks of semi-final sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares, the real competition kicked in on season 9 of American Idol with America’s top 12 best undiscovered talents (ahem) taking the big stage for the first time.

The top 12 singers were afforded the opportunity to perform hits by the legendary Rolling Stones for their first theme night of the season. And had the group been stronger in the talent department, we would have been in for a world of awesome. Instead, we had a few so-so performances, one or two great ones, and one OMG-incredible one courtesy of the quirky darkhorse, Siobhan Magnus.

Here’s a rundown of how the top 12 guys and gals did:

Michael Lynche – Miss You: Last week’s stunning performance of Maxwell’s “This Woman’s Work” would be hard to forget, but Big Mike was determined to keep raising the bar. It wasn’t his best performance, but Mike is definitely on a roll. He showed off his wide vocal range — dipping for low notes and gliding into a falsetto — and even channeled Michael Jackson at times with his dance moves. Randy thought Mike “slayed it,” while Simon thought it verged on “corny” for the dancing.

Didi Benami – Play With Fire: Didi played with fire and didn’t get burned. Instead, she scorched the stage with an intense performance that wasn’t always technically perfect, but showed her emotion and connection with what she was singing. “You’re on fire tonight,” Randy praised. The other judges agreed, and finally, it looks like Didi is getting the respect she deserves. Team Didi FTW!

Casey James – It’s All Over Now: First, can we talk about how much Casey’s mom looked like Peggy Bundy in Casey’s pre-performance package!? Now that we got that out of the way… Casey whipped out his electric guitar again for a blues-and-country-styled performance that allowed him to play rock star, while staying true to his roots. Unlike last time with he brought out the axe, Casey focused more on the vocals, and less on showing off for the girls (and Kara). Three out of four judges positively swooned with delight. “Tonight you were a rock star,” cougar Kara said. But Simon was less thrilled. “There’s gotta be more,” he added.

Lacey Brown – Ruby Tuesday: Even when Lacey is good, she’s still painfully boring. She delivered a pleasant rendition of “Ruby Tuesday” with beautiful violins accompanying her, but instead of relaxing into the performance, everything was calculated, right down to each flirt with the camera, resulting in a world of yawns. The judges agreed. “You could have put more into it,” Kara said. “Stop over-thinking this,” Simon warned. Too late. Lacey could be in trouble.

Andrew Garcia – Gimme Shelter: Oh, Andrew. He continued to prove he peaked in Hollywood. Thankfully, we were spared another one of Andrew’s lackluster takes on a female diva tune, but we were left with the same inconsistent warbling. By the end, Andrew had gotten himself together and belted some pretty amazing notes, but it was too late to save the performance. Randy didn’t like it, saying “it was pitchy everywhere.” Ellen disagreed, adding it was his “best performance yet.” Kara, again, didn’t feel his connection to the lyrics. Simon called BS on Kara’s critique and hopes Andrew makes it through to improve next week.

Katie Stevens – Wild Horses: Katie, who has had a hard time finding her inner young performer, said she had no choice but to be old this week given the catalog she was given to choose from. And old is something people might think of seeing how Susan Boyle’s cover of “Wild Horses” is the most notable in recent years (though, I think maybe Katie picked up Alicia Keys and Adam Levine’s version for tips). Katie’s sultry voice was in great form and she only slipped out of the zone a few times. The judges praised her vocal performance. Simon liked the vocal and noted it was first time since making it into the top 24 that Katie “connected with a song.”

Tim Urban – Under My Thumb: Positives: Tim got creative by injecting a little reggae flare into the Stones tune. Negatives: everything else. Tim just can’t sing. The entire performance was pitchy, weak, and the ending was anti-climatic. None of the judges understood it or liked it. Ellen compared it to something you could hear at a resort (ouch! Simon much!?), while chimed in with “it just didn’t work.”

Siobhan Magnus – Paint It Black: And this is when the show really begins! Siobhan’s been steadily increasing in popularity and her performance of “Paint It Black” proved why. Even when she’s not great, she gives you everything you want in a performer in terms of excitement. Her performances are never dull. In this one, she’s dressed a bit gothic, singing in a haunting full voice, jumps into a crystal clear falsetto, and wails with an eardrum-busting scream.  Some of it could have been terrible, but all of the elements together made for one OMG, kick ass awesome performance. The judges couldn’t have been more thrilled. Randy dubbed it hot. Ellen had the best critique: “Like Snooki’s poof, you just stand out!” Kara gets “flashbacks of Adam Lambert” and his brilliance with arrangements. Simon says half will either love it or hate it (that’s what he constantly told Adam Lambert last season), but it’s a great place to be.

Lee Dewyze – Beast of Burden: Burden, indeed! Lee had the unfortunate position of following behind Siobhan. The flames from her hot performances were barely out before Lee gave his sensitive, singer/songwriter rendition of “Beast of Burden.” Nerves still own Lee’s soul, but his gutsy voice finally lived up to Simon’s hype. Kara hailed his “tremendous growth,” but Simon still fears he didn’t shine.

Paige Miles – Honky Tonk Woman: Paige shook off her nerves long enough to give her best performance yet. But that’s not saying a lot. It was still dull, boring, and forgettable. All of the judges praised her vocals. “You sounded amazing,” Ellen said. But connecting is still an issue that might be too big to conquer.

Aaron Kelly – Angie: Rolling Stones night should have swallowed Aaron and his love of country music alive, but the youngin’ came through with one of the night’s brightest performances. Despite having his hair styled like Astro Boy, Aaron delivered a quiet, tender performance that was easily one of his best. The judges agree. Simon admitted to be afraid for him with the theme, but said that “Angie” was “absolutely, 100% the right song” for him.

Crystal Bowersox – You Can’t Always Get What You Want: And who else would get the showstopping closing spot but the clear frontrunner? You can immediately see why. With her guitar in hand, Crystal hypnotized with an honest, drama-less bluesy rendition of the Stones classic. She gets showered with well-deserved praise. Simon was a fan, too, but felt, for the first time this season, Crystal was “beat” by someone, “and that was Siobhan,” he said.

Predictions: We start losing only one singer at a time now. The bottom three will probably come down to Andrew, Paige, and Lacey. Paige will go home.

Check in tonight to find out if we’re right on the results show, with performances from Orianthi and Ke$ha.

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  1. It’s really odd how fans are reacting on the forums. Right now it seems like people who really love Siobhan and who also think she will win it all tend to think Tim Urban is really horrid and tone deaf, yet if you loot at the comments from those who think Tim Urban will win, they tend to think that Siobhan is the worst say she has an Lambert-esque over dramatization. While Crystal and Lee are still people who will probably stay in the top spots, the main battle that seems to be dividing viewers is Team Siobhan vs Team Urban. Either way, I think it’s time for Andrew to go. Check out the public opinions for all your favorite contestants at http://www.baduku.com/americanidol9

  2. I love Siobhan!!!!!!!! She’s Season’s 9 Adam Lambert!!!!!!! And he’s amazing too!!!! I hope she wins this year!!!!

    • Siobhan is my favorite, but not an Adam Lambert fan. Didn’t care much for the comparison. And I think it only hurts her.

  3. Sick of it says:

    I wish people would stop the Adam Lambert reference. Siobhan is a different type of singer.

  4. I am a Siobahn SUPERFAN! I adore her to pieces! The comparison to Adam Lambert was justified, but, I think Siobhann actually surpasses him. She has a wider appeal. I’m telling you, I had goosepimples up to my eyelashes, and I felt like I was seeing the birth of a superstar, like Carrie Underwood.

    Crystal Bowersox has been getting most of the attention this season, and it’s not that she is undeserving, but, she doesn’t do anything for me. Her voice is incredible, and her guitar playing stellar, but, it’s nothing new. She has that similar style to Tracy Chapman and Bonny Rait, and it’s a nice sound for going to a bar and listening to her live, but, to be honest, pretty dull. She didn’t sing poorly at all tonight, but, I was disappointed. With all the accolades like she’s already won the darn Idol crown, it was thrilling to see Siobhann come out looking like a dream. She looked amazing in that dress, with the beautiful face, and she has got something that reaches through the television. It’s like she’s more in the Barbara Streisand, Liza Minelli superstar category. I don’t know how else to describe her. I adore her.

    Crystal is probably the best vocalist, but, good grief, does she ever wash? Her hair is so greasy and stringy, and she slouches, without any personality when performing. It’s like she’s a subway singer. A really good one, but, c’mon. Can’t she try to fix herself up a little bit? Don’t these kids get makeovers? Does she think she’s so good that she doesn’t need to clean herself before singing? Peeeyouuuuuu…. I’m glad it’s not smellovision.

    • I agree. Siobhan is the best and Crystal just doesn’t seem exciting to me. I am Siobhan’s #1 fan!! I do however disagree that Crystal has the best vocals. I think she’s good but doesn’t have a completely stellar voice like Siobhan does!! Siobhan for the win!

      • Uh, I really do NOT understand siobhan fans….she is a LOSER and so weird. She can NOT sing at all, I do not understand how she made it this far. All she does is scream, THEN if she gets any kind of critisism she frowns and doesnt take it well. She will be a very poor loser. Crystal on the other hand is great!!! She hasn’t had one bad preformance and has an amazing voice. (she doesnt have to just scream her songs) I hate siobhan, im ready for her weird self to GO HOME!!! She is compared to gay Adam Lambert because they just like to “suprise” ppl.

        • Totally agree, I am annoyed with shoobon girl. She sucks at singing and like you said, all she does is scream. She must thinks she’s awesome and ppl love her “talent”, or lack there of. But seriously go home and stfu when the judges tell you there opinion. Anyone but her win please! HATE lambert

          • I totally agree also! EVERY week she ends a song with a 3 min waste of time SCREAM. its getting EXTREAMLY old and just cuz she got one good review doing it the first time dont mean she has to do it everytime. and the shania twain performance was an embarassment and should have gotten the prasies it did from the judges. Dont it seem like everyone who hates siobhan hates adam lambert, yeah dont like him either!

    • shannynsossamon says:

      i agree w/ you on that siobhan’s got that special something, but i don’t think that she has a solid-enough character to be an american idol. siobhan may look like a model, but she’s also got this rehearsed fakeness about her…the way she performs, looks at the camera and responds to the judges. and while the judges are giving their criticisms, it seems like she’s secretly hating them for not ‘absolutely loving her’. and as “weird” and “unique”a as she claims to be, well, to me, she just looks like she stepped out of a mall with those trendy-ass clothes, and got the same trendy skunk-do that all those “trying to be different” types get when they go to the salon. actually, what’s weird to me, is how someone so commercial-looking would try to claim to be so “unique” in the 1st place. (i could totally picture her on the side of a mc donald’s cup or an i-pod advertisement.)

      no doubt that she’s got talent, but i don’t think it’s very natural, and it seems that she’s relying a bit too much on her being “pretty” to make up for what she lacks in “character”, which overall, just doesn’t seem solid enough to me. i mean, she’s SO lacking in personality, that you can’t even copy or imitate her if you tried, because she doesn’t really HAVE a unique personality. THERE’S NOTHING TO IMITATE! most celebrity’s have something about them that can be ‘impersonated’, right? i dare you to try it. then, try it with any other well-known singer. see the difference? she’s quite the copy-cat herself, with nothing new to bring to the table as far as expressions, singing, and style. i mean, can you say “disney channel”? and if you thought that her tattoo would be enough to make her unique, well, i guess she’d be about as unique as all the other tattoo-sporting people in the world. it’s like putting a spiked collar on hello-kitty. i mean, c’mon, now!

      regarding crystal, well, she’s obviously the most talented. (i guess some people can’t handle that much talent, or simply judge people based on their looks…i mean, if you’d just heard their recordings without actually seeing them, would you still be such a die-hard siobhan fan?) crystal could work on the slouching a bit, which is probably from playng the guitar-(i’d like to see siobhan even try HOLDING a guitar without slouching a little). and when you ponder why crystal doesn’t “fix herself up a bit”, i can’t help but wonder if you actually mean that you wish she’d change her whole style, because you just don’t like it. to me, it looks like she spent plenty of time to get that “hippie-gypsy” look. i mean, would you diss shakira for her “hippie-gyspy” look, too?

      personally, i’m not a huge fan of the hippie look on crystal, but that’s probably just because i’m used to appreciating it on some model out of a fashion magazine. i mean, do you realize how many hours stylists spend trying to get that “stinky hippie” look down to perfection? and i wonder what you’d think if siobhan showed up one day with a little gypsy-flavor herself. something tells me that you’d totally approve just because you’ve already decided that you ‘love siobhan, period’. and “playing in a subway” is probably just the type of thing that siobhan would try and and brag about for “uniqueness’s” sake. in my opinion, seems like that siobhan tries a little toooo hard to be ‘special’—so hard, that the ending result is just someone who’s just trying and getting lost in the process…i mean, who is the REAL siobhan, anyway? just some girl who “can’t define herself”? (i took those words out of her own mouth, actually.) i just think that’s a lame cop-out. she’s trying to make “being lost” a GOOD thing, but i just think it’s severely boring.

      at least crystal has a friggn’ clue.
      and maybe that’s why she’s still there, and siobhan’s not.

  5. Siobhan is overrated, not even close to Adam Lambert. She screams her songs, entertaining yes but will anyone buy her album after all this is over? Yeah I doubt it.

    • I have to admit I am not a big Adam Lambert fan so I am biased. But I just love Siobhan. I don’t particularly like screaming, but Siobhan doesn’t constantly scream like that all throughout her performance like Adam L did. I hate screaming. Siobhan’s don’t bother me because I can tell it is a gimmik to bring drama to the performance. Her voice (when she is not screaming) is absolutely stellar. So I have to disagree. Adam Lambert did a lot more screaming in his songs.

  6. Poor Andrew Garcia. He promised so much from that memorable “Straight Up” performance but just has not delivered.

  7. I only watch Siobhan. Siobhan is Siobhan. I kind of hate to hear that Kara compared her performance to Adam. Just because Siobhan is able to reach a high notes doesn’t mean that she should be compared to Adam. Siobhan doesn’t need to dress and act weird. She performed nicely and politely, nothing weird about her.

    • Are you watching the same show? This girl is the definition of WEIRD. She dresses awful…and sings awful!!!

  8. I HATE SIOBHAN MAGNUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is the worst singer i have ever seen in my whole life..she screams at the top of her lungs! people are comparing her with a rock aretha franklin…aretha franklin screams out actual music notes!! Siobhan screams like she is being murdered!!! there is a huge difference and i think people are voting for her because she brings ratings to the show, but honestly her and adam lambert are the worst!!! They may be able to sing descently when they are in their normal form but when they try to go all out and SCREAM LIKE MAD PEOPLE it sounds awful and makes me want to put my TV on MUTE!! i’m sorry if i have offended anyone but this is a blog of opinions and my opinions are extremely strong about how terrible i think siobhan is!!!

    • Geez…get a life.

      • how about you get a life brad… Shelby is totally right! Siobhan sucks and doesn’t deserve to even be on Idol. she is the worst i have ever seen… the fact that she goes through every week makes me wonder about the sanity of american people. how can you think she’s even good and vote for her? her scream that she herself thinks is so amazing, is like the sound of a demon cat attacking a chalk board! and she talks so slow!! say what you wanna say and get it over with, we also want to watch other contestants perform instead of listening to your slow blabber all night long! i seriously can’t listen to her anymore! and the fact that she got to stay this week really ticks me off! her performance was so horrible and untalented, it is really unfair that she got to stay instead of Didi… it really should have been her who got voted off this week… and i am honestly saying that Didi’s performance was also horrible, but no matter how horrible it was, it wasn’t even half as horrible as Siobhan’s performance!
        to be honest, everyone who admires her is on some level insane! i mean how can anyone like that sound that comes out of that little person’s pie hole?!

    • LOL When this girl starts preforming i try to listen for a minute and i always end up fast forwarding through because she is awful!!! I HATE her.

  9. Siobhan ROCKS!!! She is so unique and different!! She clearly has the best vocal ability and whenever she sings songs like House Of The Rising Sun I get chills! I love how she know she’s different and she’s not trying to be anyone else so people will like her.

    She has SUCH and incredible amazing spectacular voice and even if she doesn’t win (which would be ridiculous!!) she’s gonna come out with a bunch of albums and be a star and she’s gonna be huge!

    For some people like Katie they have a good voice but there are other factors that go into how successful she can be. With Siobhan she can just come out and sing and her voice is so good and pure that it works out awesomely!! She’s just so good

    • I don’t know if you remember a little contestant named Carrie Underwood who had an amazing voice!! She didn’t need to scream or “make a huge performance” to get all of her success!! She has had 11 #1 hit songs so far and she was on american idol only a few short years ago and she didnt need to throw in any tricks! All she used was her voice!

    • Shes not unique or different she is like every other FREAK out there. Get a clue.

      • Anonymous says:

        pardon me but if you think carrie underwood is a freak than you obviously must be tone deaf! carrie underwood has the vocal ability to sing everything not just country and THAT is a real singer! all siobhan does is yell! i don’t know what kind of SOUNDS you listen to but screaming is not music! Thank you!

  10. I seriously cannot stand siobhan!! She is soo freaking annoying and she acts so cocky.. like she knows she’s safe. She spends 90% of her time screaming and the other 10% being boring. She is a good singer overall, but let’s face it.. could you handle listening to her voice on the radio? NO!! I would turn the station! I really hope she doesn’t make it too much farther because she suckss!

  11. christina bieber says:

    gosh i hate stupid SIOBHAN MAGNUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she always talks back when someone doesnt like her singing !! what a b**** !!!! im happy she got kicked of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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