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Macy Gray Premieres “Beauty In The World” Video, Preps New Album For June

Macy Gray - Beauty In The World

Soul singer Macy Gray is digging out of the depths of flopdome and fighting back with a brand new album, entitled The Sellout.

The Sellout, Gray’s fifth album and first since her under-performing 2007 album, Big, is her return to musical form after almost conforming when her last album didn’t take off. “I thought after Big flopped maybe I should do what everyone else was doing,” she said. “Go out and hire the hottest producers, the best writers, get real skinny. But none of those people called me back.”

The harsh rejection forced Gray to get back to making the music she was comfortable with — the music she was good at. The first taste of her re-introduction is in the form of the deliriously sunny ditty “Beauty In The World.”

The song was inspired by hearing her daughter’s laughter on a down day. “I didn’t even know what she was laughing at. I thought ‘at least she’s happy.’ And I felt at least I hadn’t failed there, because my daughter’s happy.”

The video for the song, directed by Adria Petty, provides an equal mood boost as listening to the ditty does. Happy cheerleaders, kids jumping rope, dancing, hand-clapping — you can’t help but clap along.

The Sellout is in stores June 21. See the album cover on the other side.

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  1. i love this song so much i makes me feel like there is hope in the world and there is!:D its an all around feel great song!! and it cheers me up!:D
    thanks macy:) lovin it and i thought BIG was a great album :D

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