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Limelight Spotlight: Jenna Andrews

Sometimes hard times can kill a person’s dreams. Beaten by the challenges of life, their determination whittles away; their drive to succeed dissipates.

Hard times did exactly the opposite for Canadian-born pop/soul singer Jenna Andrews. She came out ahead of her struggles — financial and with her negative body image and resulting eating disorder — to emerge a stronger woman with a story to tell through her music.

Rich in melodies and elevated by lyrics that deserve attention, not to mention her raw and expressive voice, Jenna’s debut album on Island Records, titled Moon and the Stars, is led by the emotional yet groovy mid-tempo “Tumblin’ Down,” penned by her labelmate Jeremih, and features tracks that cross the boundaries of genres, like the gorgeous piano-driven ballad “Done Being Yours” and blues-kissed “Oil Water.”

Get to know more about Jenna in this Limelight Spotlight Q&A:

Who are your three biggest musical influences?

Early Brandy, I remember feeling singing her stuff when I was in elementary school and I have continued being a fan all through my life. James Taylor because one of his songs was the first song I had ever learned how to play. When I was 5 years old, my mom used to always sing it to me. Sarah McLachlan because I felt that the lyrics of her songs really spoke to me. All in all my influences have a lot of range but I just love good music and great songs.

Describe your sound in 5 words or less.

Emotive, pure and honest

You taught yourself the piano — amazing! When did you learn to play guitar?

I taught myself how to play piano on one of those child size pianos with like 20 keys when I was 5 and I just learned how to play the guitar 5 years ago but I fell in love!

People are very protective of Aaliyah’s songs. What made you brave enough to cover “Hot Like Fire“?

Well I have always looked up to her and it has almost been 10 years since her passing so I thought that since she touched so many peoples lives with her songs, I figured I would try covering one of my favorite songs of hers.

How did your first single, “Tumblin’ Down,” come about and what’s the story behind it?

Mick Schultz, who produced half my album showed it to me and said that Jeremih originally wrote it for his album but they decided it wouldn’t be a right fit for him but may be good for me, and once I heard it I fell in love. I am a songwriter but if I hear a song that moves me that I can relate to and feel connected to I have to sing it, it is just how I am, I love great music that helps me tell my story.

Which song on your album holds the most meaning to you?

A song called “Wash My Hands” and “Moon and the Stars” are tied for being my favorite songs, and Moon and the Stars is actually also the title of my album.

More on Jenna Andrews: Official Website / Twitter

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  1. Her cover of Aaliyah’s “Hot Like Fire” is gorgeous! Canada is breeding winners up there.

  2. You can find your soulmate there: AGELESSBBW c000m !!!!

    Nothing can stop falling in love.


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