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Sneak Peek: Kanye West Paints A Portrait Of “Power” In New Video

Kanye West - Marco Brambilla via NY Times (click to enlarge)

What does power look like exactly? Perhaps it looks like one of music’s most tortured geniuses standing in the middle of a coliseum wearing a ridiculously huge chain. Sounds about right.

We’ll find out what it looks like to Kanye West when the video for his new single, “Power,” debuts next week.

The New York Times’ Arts Beat blog got a sneak peek of a portion of the video and described it as “a music video teeming with debauchery, degradation and the ominous specter of death.” Tasty.

The Marco Brambilla-directed video will also feature women in varying states of undress (cue the BET ban) serving their Grammy winning master. By the end of the video, viewers will have gotten a healthy dose of contradiction and controversy — aka classic Kanye.

See a photo from “Power” above.

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  1. I hope, one day , Kanye West and Lady Gaga will produced a marvelous song… :)
    I like his music, he’s really incredible, so with gaga it could be magic!

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