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Neon LimeLinks: Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Drake, Eminem, Hayley Williams, Nelly, Ashanti, T.I., Allison Iraheta, Orianthi

Chris Brown in "Takers" - Sony

  • Chris Brown does his own stunts in his new movie, Takers — well, 96% of ‘em: MTV News
  • As if there wasn’t enough Justin Bieber on TV and on the radio, he’s writing a book: Dlisted
  • Hometown hotness! Eminem joins Drake on stage in Toronto: Pop Culture Fix
  • Hayley Williams tells you what it’s like to be the only chick in Paramore for the 1000th time (stop asking her, folks!): MTV Buzzworthy
  • Nelly and Ashanti were spotted all kinds of boo’d up at T.I.‘s wedding party: Crunk & Disorderly
  • Is Allison Iraheta and fellow Glam Nation tour opener Orianthi starting a band!?: MJ’s Big Blog
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  1. YO MOMMA says:

    What the fuck is the purpose of this article?

  2. chris browns movie will flop. hes not marketable.
    end of story. sure his lil girl fans will try to argue or something. but really. chris is confined to BET ARTIST from now on;
    dont give me that “dont judge him” , “hes made a mistake” shit.
    a mistake isnt threatening a woman with death and beating her face & biting.

    chris. stick to dancing. become ciaras backup dancer or something

    • You Dame are such hater! Go hate yourself for saying stupid things.

    • VA STAND UP!!! says:

      Hmmm…I see you are stuck on BS! LMAO!! Do you really believe half the sh*t you just said.

      If you honestly think that this movie will flop with all these fine ass men in this film then you are clearly delusional. Chris is clearly still marketable cause he is being used in the marketing for the film. Although I’m sure their are plenty of people going to see this movie just for Chris, he isn’t the only star of the film. Paul Walker, Idris Alba, Matt Dillon, Micheal Ealy, Hayden Christensen and TI also star in it. People aren’t going to avoid this film because of CB.

      Furthermorem Chris just signed to CAA the BIGGEST talent agency in LA! The represent some of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood. He is also rumored to be going on tour with Usher and Ciara soon. That boy is not going ANYWHERE!! He has long been out of the BET audience. CB is an international star!

      CB is moving on with his life and career quite smoothly. Maybe you should work on getting a life or at least get a hobby. Hatin on CB will get you no where in life!

    • Nah your ass will flop in life. Don’t be mad cuz CHRIS BROWN’S CAREER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YOUR WHOLE LIFE(yeah all the way down there!) What did that situation have to do with anything? So we aren’t supposed to forgive people cuz they fuck up once in their life? That is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Everyone deserves another chance to prove they can be better. And confined to a BET Artist? I’m pretty sure I’m seeing him all over MTV these days too so what was your point? Dumbass. He’s not marketable but yet he just signed to CAA one of the BIGGEST talent agency in LA? They represent some of the best in the industry so try again. And TI, Chris Brown, and all of those other fine men in the movie but it will flop? Okay lets see how dumb you feel lol. Not to mention he is one of the producers of the movie with TI so how about you stop haitng on a young male turning his life around and having a career and better yourself. Oh and check your facts before you come at Chris Brown hater #ThatIsAll!

  3. somebody is a hater

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