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New Video: David Archuleta Looks So (Oh Oh Oh) Mature In “Something ‘Bout Love”

David Archuleta in "Something 'Bout Love"

If ever there was a video that displayed such high levels of a-freaking-dorableness, it’s the video for David Archuleta‘s dancey new single, “Something ‘Bout Love.” And that would be a much more mature state of adorableness than we’re used to seeing from Archie.

Archie plays narrator in the video featuring different scenarios in which people were about to give up on love, but there’s something ’bout it that makes it worth not giving up on.

Archie, who won our hearts as a 17-year-old powerhouse belter on season 7 of American Idol, is now 19, looks a little bit taller, his hair is a bit edgier, and the sound he’s going for on his sophomore album, Other Side of Down, has grown just enough to keep his ArchAngels squealing with delight while attracting new fans.

If you’re liking “Something ‘Bout Love,” then you should so (oh oh oh) check out Archie’s sophomore album, in stores October 5.

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  1. oh my I love the video… ha almost didn’t recognize him!

  2. David has hit another grand slam w/ this one, SWEET

  3. I love this video! David all grown up, sounds great, looks great, with an awesome message, full of meaning and fun! love it! can’t stop watching it!

  4. silverfox says:

    Just a friendly reminder…His name is D A V I D, not Archie. :)

    Thank you.

  5. Go David! I love it!

  6. I’m in love with David’s new single and music video! Yes, folks, DAVID is all grown-up now and almost 20! “Adorable” should now be replaced with “Hot and Gorgeous”!
    Can’t wait for his album “The Other Side of Down” on Oct. 5….it will be EPIC!!!

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      Oh I so agree with you Nanz! Hot and Gorgeous is our David! LOL

      This vid is perfect – in terms of David’s look, his performance and even the setting and themes in the video. I’m loving it!

    • FLOP…this song is flopping hard at radio ahd has not charted anywhere…David can sing but his songs are awful….Elevator is worse than this

  7. I love the song the video and David front and center looking very mature.

  8. OMG! Is that little David Archuleta! What happened, he soooo hawt and grownup!

  9. Amazing, really love it. For a while, I was missing the smile that David ALWAYS wears, but that finally came at the end of the video. Its just not natural when you don’t see David smiling. Beautiful……he better be getting to appear on some TV shows singing that. Can’t wait for more good news about David……its been a long dry spell. Lots of Luck with the new album, David!!!!!

  10. I’m like in love with this video! Best video David’s done so far!

  11. As an older fan, I JUST LOVE This Somethng About Love and David’ still is an incredible talent and has matured with a cool edge of look. Congratulations! you are an amazing talent. Please request and purchase on Itunes…he deserves to be in the No 1 spot to say the least.

    AMAZING! AWESOME! Another vocal perfection with no obscene scenes and freaks on the video…Just pure, simple and PERFECT!

  12. :) good song and good video

  13. Lousy video, boring and childish UGH…come on people what is happening to real music videos and songs for that matter. The more Dorky you are the better chance you have I guess.

    • Lousy? Boring? Childish?? What video were you watching 02Sammi?? Obviuosly you are more into looking at men that wear more make up then most ladies and gawdy costumes and story lines that make no sense at all. This video is brillant. The interaction of young and old love, relations between popular and not and difference of colour. There is nothing lousy, boring or childish about this video at all. David is more mature then what you are used to watching by the looks of your comment. That’s ok though….we know where he’s headed in life. Where are you headed??

      • that is the problem with David Archuleta fans, to make your point or reply to a different opinion you don’t need to bash others singers or/and the tastes of other David fans. I agree that video lack of joy specially from David,is so slow for the song, i see sadness on his eyes and not hope, that is the all message of the song ‘The Celebration Of the Love’, and mature ? i’m not sure either, but the song is amazing anyway i wish the best to him and his new album.

        • You didn’t understand the storyline. David is not only the observer, but also a loner himself. He’s lonely. He wanders around watching different kinds of relationships and goes to a party. Nobody knows him or greets him. He feels lonely, and sees a geek approached by a pretty girl, then somebody sends a message (Joy Williams) that she’d be there soon. Now, he feels better and joins the crowd. Everyone is dancing including the geek, the girl, and himself. Sometimes you are down, but there is something about love that you shouldn’t give up. His smiling face is so cute.

          • That is a good explanation, Thanks :) , but then they should reinforce the ‘JOY’ moment on the video, making it more evident, because to me he looks sad almost all the time there, idk i think the message of ‘something about love that you shouldn’t give up’ still missing in almost all the video, the little glimpse you mention is too small to be notice.

    • When you say the more dorky you are the better chance you have I guess your talking from experience huh? Haha try singing with 1 paraliyzed vocal chord and sounding like an Angel while at it. Anyways I love this music video! It’s simple and it shows different types of love and it is deffinatley somehing people can relate to. Better than the showy, and gaudy videos. Refreshing to see somethin that is all about sex.

  14. Negative people are such losers! This Something about Love is a WINNER! Love this video, the simplicity of this video and the talented young David with an edgier and more mature look. Great job! :)

  15. TrudyFOD says:

    Oh my gosh…David is amazing…I LOVE the video. David is pure gorgeousness. I love this song…and can’t wait for his album release. I know David is performing at some fair shows in the coming months…but he needs to do another solo tour!!!! This is really a great video and I love the close up shots of David’s eyes :) What an amazing voice David has.

  16. David did it again. A refreshing fun loving video with such great meaning. So tired of the sleez and skin. His album is going to be epic. He has a voice to die for. Way to go David!

  17. David did it again…Just Amazing!!!!! I really love the Video, he looks so grow up!!!! :)

  18. I love it! he looks great!

  19. Awesome video!! I can’t wait to buy it next week on itunes August 10th!!

  20. This video is a brilliant match to the song. Love it and love David!

  21. anonymous says:

    Eeeek!!! es hermosa :D

  22. What a “breath of fresh air”! I loved this video and love David!!! Just wow!!! It is so nice seeing a video with a clear and happy message….sent by the dearest human being on the planet!!! Way to go David!!! You never cease to amaze me!!

  23. Wow, I’m really loving the video! The video managed to represent David in a more mature light. Gosh is he handsome and mature! He has grown into a young man who is very appealing beyond words! As for his singing, we all know he nails it each time! It was simply done with taste to represent his age and not some video with pyro techicis and stunts – just his talented voice (oh and looks)!

  24. Love the video!! Love the song!!

  25. Fabulous! New Something ‘Bout Love video is so wonderful! David looks so much older and conveys such feeling in the video. Perfect for the song and David! Album out Oct. 5th, can’t wait!

  26. I just want to say WE LOVE U, NEON LIMELIGHT & TJ !!!
    Some people questioned why David looks emo. It’s because the plot tells he is lonely himself trying to find love.

  27. COMOLAFLOR says:

    Is Emo a bad thing? Is having feelings and expressing them a bad thing? I suppose if you do it all the time it could get tiresome. But David can share the sadness and hurt in life with his audience as a foil to the hope and smiles he showers on us and Boy, do we love that!!!!

    Great video and the vocals are to die for. Looking very handsome also I must say. :}

  28. Whoa oh oh oh…soooo HOT!! LUV this vid and LUV this song!

  29. Mary Lou says:

    It’s true. The whole theme of the video is loneliness until love comes along to change things. The sadness on David’s face as the narrator says it all. All we need to see is David’s smiling face (can anyone else light up a room like he can?)at the end to make us feel good as well. What a great song… what a lovely video.

  30. SBL is a great song! It’s fun with heartfelt lyrics and doesn’t have a “baby, baby” in it :) I will admit that I miss David’s smile in this and wish the director had gone more in that direction. But it’s a great vid and I am so happy to hear those epic david archuleta vocals again!! Jive needs to get David on TV and this song on the radio!!

  31. mirtha415 says:

    Jive, you have the amazing Video of SBL, amazing singer, amasing/catchy song.
    Now it’s up to you what will you do to promote it? You didn’t do much on David’s first album. Even without much help from Jive, his first album sold pretty good. When the time comes, SBL has to be on TV more often, more on radios, Solo Tours, more advertisements etc. Jive, you know what you have to do. Please Jive, you have a precious diamond on your hands.

  32. oh..hes getting older.

  33. Miss Vicki says:

    OK JIVE. GET TO WORK. You need to promote the HECK out of David and his new single Something Bout Love, or you will miss the GRAVY TRAIN. ……Justin Beiber can’s sing worth a hoot, has no passion or stage presence. I can’t see why all those folks aren’t lining up to see the multi-talented DAVID ARCHULETA who is a gazillion times more talented. Better start promoting the heck out of David as the next ELVIS. Miss Vicki


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