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New Video: Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” Is Hot, Slightly Confusing

Katy Perry in "Teenage Dream"

After weeks of teasing with photos and sneak peeks, Katy Perry has finally premiered the music video for her new single, “Teenage Dream,” the second single from her album of the same name, out August 24.

Perry gets lovey dovey with her uber-hot boyfriend on the beach, in a hotel room, in the hotel pool — pretty much anywhere they can think of because their love makes them feel young no matter where they are. But when we get to the bridge of the song, we see a shot of Katy admiring her beau’s glistening biceps while he’s boxing in a school gym. She’s putting something into a locker. Are they supposed to be teens? Is this how they met? Things get confusing.

Unlike Alicia Keys“Teenage Love Affair” video where it was OK for her to play a teen because the song actually tells the story from the teen POV and not from the adult-feeling-like-a-teen POV, the video for “Teenage Dream” kind of loses its focus with this scene. Because the entire video has a vintage-y look, the scene just seems like gratuitous flaunting of Josh Kloss‘ sweaty hotness.

And we’re fine with that.

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  1. All I was thinking about is Josh Kloss all I can say is “hot”! He sure can put his hands on me in my skin tight jeans tonight, but I love the song the video was um alright.

  2. Such an inspirational song…..don’t care abt the video though. I thought the lyric video was better than this one.


  1. […] Neon Limelight, however, felt the video got off track at a certain point: “…when we get to the bridge […]

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