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Taylor Momsen Finds Rihanna’s Rockstar Aspirations “Annoying”

Taylor Momsen, Rihanna - Spin, Fox

When Rihanna said she was a rockstar in her Slash-assisted tune “Rockstar 101,” there’s at least one person who didn’t believe her.

Gossip Girl actress and budding rocker chick, Taylor Momsen, threw a couple verbal daggers at the chart-topping pop star and at everyone else who doesn’t know what true rock and roll is in the latest issue of Spin magazine.

“People think pop is rock, and the lines are getting blurred,” the 17-year-old The Pretty Reckless frontwoman said. “Now Rihanna’s wearing fuckin’ leather jackets, and it’s really annoying.”

The thinning line between pop and rock and Rihanna’s leather wearing wasn’t the only thing Momsen let her lips fly loose about. She opened up about her “high-class hooker” style, her bad life experiences with drugs and sex, and her band’s album, Light Me Up.

Read more quotes and see more pictures from Spin here.

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  1. Rihanna’s been wearing leather jackets since 2007. She’s late, and can take a really nice seat.

  2. Rihanna’s just annoying, period.

  3. At least Rihanna has some balls to shave her hair unlike other girls that are to up them selfs! Rihanna is whatever she feels like, evem if she wants to be a rock star so shut the fuck up and worry about what YOU look like!

  4. LOL at TAYLOR…

    Shes Ridiculous! Rihanna’s been wearing LEather JAckets since forever…Like WHo is she to question anybody?!

    I Find it hilarious how every site from the least popular to the NY Times is calling her out on her stupidity, Saying instead of talking shiit she should take style advice from Rihanna, becuase she has such bad taste…Clear Stripper Heels? Really? lol #HoeHaveASeat

  5. Jealous much, Taylor? Envy is a bitch.

  6. I’m no Rihanna fan, so far be it from me to defend her… but can someone please tell me what law exists that states one MUST be a rock star in order to wear leather? And who made Taylor the authority on what constitutes a rock star? Last I checked, starring on a teen drama show primarily targeted towards teen girls isn’t exactly “badass”, either. I sure as hell couldn’t picture Janis Joplin or Grace Slick doing that.

    Taylor isn’t any more rock n’ roll than Rihanna, and yeah she’s got more talent, but her “I’m better than everyone else because I look down on pop music” attitude isn’t endearing anyone to her. She comes off as your stereotypical elitist douche who somehow believes that making rock music automatically makes you more credible. Sorry, but TRUE rock stars don’t lose sleep over things that have nothing to with them and they go about their business without alerting the world about it. You’d never hear The Beatles Jimi Hendrix talk shit about another famous person just to look cool. I think Taylor herself needs a lesson on what rock ‘n roll really is, because she seriously doesn’t have a clue, yet acts like she does. She is really irksome.

  7. Rihanna is not talented nor is she “badass” and her style is not her decision. she’s an industry doll that does whatever is hot at the moment. she has changed her image so many times and it’s getting quite annoying. her period stained hair is just a cry for attention since her “fierce” hairstyles are the only thing that keep her somewhat relevant on blogs & magazines. if Rihanna can’t find who she is as a person and as an artist her career will sink, as it already is starting too. she offers NOTHING different to the scene and she doesn’t even have a good voice to make up for her lack of creativity. although I agree Taylor has no right in saying what’s what, atleast she knows who she is. Rihanna is a commercial puppet.

  8. LMFAO I was Right this NO name Whore has an album to promote so that’s why she’s got the QUEENS name coming out her mouth! Who the Fuck is she?? She needs to have a fucking seat and Stay in School Because anyone can Rock a leather Jacket! Rihanna can do whateve the hell she wants.. This taylor “Dumb Blonde” Bitch needs to STFU and worry about her dieing career!

  9. @ Grace Yea ok whatever you say..lol But when it’s all said and done at the end of the day she is STILL one of the biggest POP Stars in the world who has Won Grammy’s, Lot’s of awards, sold millions and millions of albums, and has made History and broke tons of records at oly the age of 22 years old! Stay Mad

    • True Blue says:

      Oh please, you know any idiot (and Rihanna is in that category) can win a Grammy these days, so how is that a badge of merit? And what history has she made, what records has she broken? Please, her album sales are actually quite weak for someone with so many hit singles, and her popularity is on the wane. Her album undeperformed, her tour is FLOPPING, she’s a joke right now.

      I think you’re the one that should be mad, because your fave is flopping.

      • JakkRabbit says:

        Thank you. Thank you so much.

        Momsen, if not worse, is just as bad as any “star” out there that shits on music. She is blurring the well-meant line between music and fashion, just like any other desperate and flopping “Top 40″ musician. Note that every pop concert review written today usually excessively discusses the performer’s physical appearance on stage, rather than the performance itself. “Shocking” fashion has increasingly become throughout the years a substitute for music when trying to make a statement. My point is, if Lady Gaga didn’t wear what she wears, she would be a nobody. I’ve tried liking Lady Gaga, but I still cannot see what is so original or intriguing about her music and lyrics. It’s all about looking the part.

        • Actually, fashion and music go hand in hand. This is where style comes from. From the hippies to the punks to the glam styles you know that they were all associated with the music of the time. If the music is good you know the fashion styles will be good as well.
          I do not in any way agree with Taylor Momson, nor like her.

  10. Wow I like Taylor, but what she said was so STUPID who the hell are you to judge someone Else’s appearance especially when you don’t like people doing the same to you. First you want to judge Miley and Now Rihanna it’s funny because these two are way bigger than your little band. It’s always the under dogs to judge someone else’s style. Wearing a leather jacket and making a song named rock star doesn’t make Rihanna a poser it’s just a song. I could understand if she made like several songs regarding that topic, but seriously it’s just one song. It’s not like she is claiming that she is one, so many artist wrote songs that has nothing to do with their personal life, a song is suppose to tell a story it wouldn’t be fun if people always sang about love. People need to stop worrying about other people, and worry about themselves.


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