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Review: Ke$ha Gets Ridiculous, B.o.B Is A Rockstar At LifeBeat Pre-VMA Concert

MTV’s Pre-VMA festivities came to an end Saturday night (September 11th) as “Rock Band 3” and FreeCreditScore.com presented the 2010 MTV VMA Concert to Benefit Lifebeat, featuring VMA nominees Ke$ha and B.o.B.

Ke$ha, who recently wrapped her gig as an opening performer on Rihanna’s ‘Last Girl On Earth” Tour, began the night’s festivities by kicking off with a dirty remix of Flo Rida’s #1 hit, “Right Round” as her intro. Looking like a cross between a martian and a rock star, the pop singer donned her signature silver war paint across her eyes with unkempt hair the size of Utah. Decked out in a black tank with silver sequined leggings (quickly removed to gold sequined underwear), and carrying a guitar, Ke$ha quickly jumped into a performance of “Blah, Blah, Blah,” the second single off her debut album, Animal. After taking some time out to bang on a few drums, the singer got the crowd moving with “Party at a Rich Dude’s House.” And while a rich dude’s house wasn’t anywhere near the stage, it definitely seemed to be a funhouse up there as the audience watched Ke$ha, with her band and zany backup dancers, play, fight, throw glitter, beat drums and even piñatas, all night. The festival of ridiculousness continued as the electro-pop chart topper performed “Dinosaur,” featuring a dancer strutting in a costume cap of what else… a dinosaur. Announcing that the next song up was “about a douche bag,” Ke$ha took her instrumental talent to the keyboards as she performed the ex-boyfriend-dragging tune, “Stephen.” Drunk play-fighting and boyfriend-bashing time aside, it was time to dance again as the singer introduced her newest single, “Take It Off.” Next up, a shout out to furry madness as Ke$ha and her band of weirdos moved into “Your Love Is My Drug,” before finishing off her set with her biggest hit, “Tik Tok.” With a shout out to her “dancer’s balls” and a glitter release, it was finally time for the man of the hour, B.o.B.

Before B.o.B. arrived, Lifebeats took the time to remind the audience of their cause against HIV/AIDS with a hilarious PSA featuring the five-time VMA nominee.

When B.o.B. finally hit the stage, he opened with “Satellite,” a track off the bonus edition of his Billboard chart-topping debut, B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray. Donning a simple look with grey jeans, a white tee and blazer, and a grey fedora, the “Airplanes” singer immediately had the “hard-to-please” Los Angeles crowd all over the place in head-banging excitement. Head-banging easily turned to crowd-waving as the rapper/singer/songwriter performed “The Kidz” before jumping into his well-known southern hip-hop anthem, “Haterz.” The Atlanta rapper reminded everyone where he’s from, sharing it had been a long time since he was in Los Angeles, right before he took to his verse on Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How To Dougie Remix”—a sure way to get the Cali crowd (and us) bumping as they all put in their best dougie efforts. Next up was the T.I. featured track, “Bet I.” While T.I. didn’t make an appearance for obvious reasons, Playboy Tre, who’s also featured on the track, did.

B.o.B spotted mentor and mega producer Jim Jonsin in the building. Jonsin, whose Rebel Rock label along with T.I.’s Grand Hustle and Atlantic Records are responsible for ushering B.o.B into the business, received a shout out from his talented protégé before he performed “Past My Shades.” Showcasing his multi-faceted musical talents, B.o.B demonstrated his guitar-playing skills for “Letters From Vietnam.” Looking like Ray Charles behind a guitar, the Best Male Video nominee sang “Don’t Let Me Fall” before asking the thoroughly energized crowd “Who would like to go to the sky?” Right after he performed “I’ll Be In The Sky”, the crowd was sure to not let him fall as he took heed of their excitement and crowd surfed throughout. Whoever said rappers can’t be rockstars lied! Thankful of the outpour of love and enthusiasm, B.o.B. even managed to sign a pair of Chuck Taylor’s he was wearing before throwing them out to his very pleased and thankful crowd. With crowd enthusiasm increasing to a fever pitch, B.o.B. performed the rock-centric “Magic” feat. Rivers Cuomo, sending the crowd into a wild frenzy.

Closing out the night with his two biggest hits, “Beautiful Girls” and “Airplanes”, B.o.B. proved to the L.A. crowd that not only is he a rap rockstar, he’s a superstar in the making.

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