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Review: Never Shout Never, Jason DeRulo Have Hard Time Pleasing LA At Pre-VMA Concert

MTV’s VMA Pre-Party events continued Friday, September 10th as Taco Bell and Feed The Beat presented Never Shout Never and Jason Derulo in concert at L.A.’s Music Box Theater.

After a competition, judged by music artists Swizz Beatz and Travie McCoy, was held to present MTV’s Best Breakout L.A. Artist Award, acoustic pop singer Never Shout Never took to the stage, alone with his guitar and harmonica for a performance of his song, “Harmony.” Shortly after, his band joined him as he performed “Love Is Our Weapon” and “I Just Laugh,” before setting up the crowd with an introduction to “I Love You 5”, sharing that it took him five times to love a girl before realizing she was not his woman. After stumbling over a couple of his own lyrics and noting the “hard to please” L.A. crowd, the 19-year old singer managed to perform “Can’t Stand It”, “CheaterCheaterBestFriendEater”—dedicated to people who’ve been cheated on, “This Sh*t Gets Old”, and “Bigcitydreams” to a mildly enthused crowd. Although the lyrics bemoaned “this Midwest town’s going to miss you,” crowd response didn’t indicate that big city’s feelings were reciprocal.

Pop singer, Jason Derulo, however fared much better with the crowd as he shimmied and moonwalked his way onto the stage, in all black and what could only be described as a chicken-head knit cap. The singer, backed by four dancers, a pair of background singers, a bassist, drummer, and keyboardist came out in full force as he performed “The Sky’s the Limit.” Announcing how special his next song was as it has sold 6 million copies worldwide, the singer eagerly performed his debut hit, “Whatcha Say.” One of his many pop radio hits, crowd energy was at an all-time high throughout the song and as the singer danced and performed his next track, “Love Hangover.” After accompanying his dancers in a dance interlude set to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back”, the pop star introduced his mellow, “fourth single about love”, “What If.” While the arrangement and production surrounding him was excellent, this particular performance made his limitations in vocal ability ever so clear. Nonetheless, the Billboard hit-maker rounded out his set with chart-topping hits “Ridin’ Solo” and “In My Head.”   Vocal limitations aside, Derulo was an enthusiastic, if not committed, performer ready to make his mark on the world as he prepares for his first headlining tour this fall.

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  1. Ugh! I’m so tired of the vocally limited dance artists. I’ll be glad when the fad is over, and we get back to real singing and talent.)

  2. Well being that never shout never is indie, I’d say he did pretty well with the pop and Rn’B loving crowd. It’s all a matter of what the crowd is used to. Like if you take fans from KISS and put them in a justin beiber concert, chances are they’re gonna leave or boo/hiss. Vice versa, if you put justin beiber fans in a KISS concert chances are they’re gonna close their ears and laugh or leave.
    So good for never shout never! :D

  3. NeverShoutNever does not have to please these idiots who like musics profitable.


  4. Christofer Drew tem mais talento que Jason Derulo…

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