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New Video: Chris Brown Extends ‘Takers’ Action In “12 Strands (Matrix)”

Chris Brown

Chris Brown‘s character in the summer heist flick ‘Takers’ met with a — SPOILERS AHEAD — tragic end, so we won’t get to see dearly departed Jesse Attica kick ass or take names in any sequel, but those looking to see Breezy extend his action star role will be pleased with his new music video/mini-movie, “12 Strands (Matrix).”

Brown uses the rock-tinged, Graffiti era leftover, “Matrix,” to back his action-packed project, which he says is the first in a series.

The song and the video, he says, expresses his viewpoint on the music industry and how he feels people are out to get him at times. “This one is the initial one basically saying how people kind of build you up to break you down,” Brown said of the Colin Tilley-directed video during a Ustream chat with fans after the video’s online premiere. “Paparazzi are chasing me and we kind of get into a scuffle…it’s basically how people invade your privacy and like how my life has been depicted as a rollercoaster and sorta crazy kind of like the Matrix.”

The other videos in the series — he plans on having 12 total — Brown says will be “more fun,” but for now, see episode one (for $2.99 — part of the proceeds will benefit Brown’s Symphonic Love Foundation) below:

Chris Brown – 12 Strands (Matrix) [CLICK HERE TO WATCH]
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  1. THANK YOU for not ripping it off like other sites! It’s going to a good cause so I don’t understand why some folks would try to take that away. This video along with Chris Brown is just in a league in it’s own. Amazing

  2. Chris Brown stole Calvin Harris song “I’m not Alone” and he stole Michael Jackson’s “Leave me Alone” video concept for the Matrix.

  3. Matrix was great…it was def worth waiting for. And that whole calvin harris thing is too funny. Almost every upbeat song sounds like that song, so go some where with that noise. He should be happy that this whole thing made him more known cuz I never heard of him b4 this.lol deuces

  4. ugh, please stfu. the beat to Harris’ song is not his either. that beat’s BEEN out hunny. Harris is no creator of anything. & YES, the video was inspired by MJ’s Leave Me Alone. key word: INSPIRED.

    the video is amazing & I can’t wait for the next episodes. It’s for a great cause too. Love it.

  5. MJ Died So CB could live says:

    Michael Jackson is turning over in his grave.


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