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New Music: Drake Covers TLC’s “Fanmail” On R&B Mixtape Cut, “I Get Lonely Too”


Several songs have hit the internet claiming to be from Drake‘s forthcoming R&B mixtape, but the only official preview track hit the internet early this morning in the form of “I Get Lonely Too.”

Produced by Drizzy’s partner in crime, Noah Shebib aka 40, “I Get Lonely Too” isn’t exactly a new song, as it is his spin on legendary girl group TLC‘s song “Fanmail.”

Where TLC’s “Fanmail” was a bouncy, futuristic love letter to their fans to tell them they’re more alike than they think, Drake’s “I Get Lonely Too” is a mellow, almost dark portrait of his longing for companionship.

Drizzy isn’t much of a vocalist, but what he lacks in vocal ability, he makes up for in emotion — or maybe it’s just expert studio vocal manipulation. Either way, it’s an appetizing sample of Drizzy’s mixtape, It’s Never Enough, hitting the internet soon.

Drake – I Get Lonely Too [click here to listen]
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  1. awesome!!

  2. ebnoy holifield says:

    i’m 13 years old and i luv u every sicne i would luv tew meet u in person !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ebnoy holifield says:

    you better get it with nicki minja her song right thru me go hard

  4. morgan johnson says:

    hi drake, names morgan and im doing a course in music, just wondering what u had to do to get fammuouts and how it all started of and how will i get where i want to be?

    morgan oxoxoxoxoxox

  5. morgan johnson says:



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