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NL Interview: Jim Jonsin Evolves From DJ To Songwriter/Producer For Beyonce, Lil Wayne, And Britney Spears

NL: You and J. Lo worked together before, right?

JJ: Yes. I just finished a session with her a couple weeks ago in LA. And we’re working on this other song with her called “Save Love” and it was actually produced by my producer, Fanatic Zach, from Autralia. The song was written and produced by Andre Merrit, the topline. The track was made by Fanatic in Zach and myself.

Scheduling sessions with me and Britney, Dr. Dre, Snoop.

NL: I know you did a lot of work with T.I. for his next project. What can you tell me about the direction of T.I.’s upcoming King Uncaged in terms of how his lyrics and music has evolved as a result of his trial, serving time, and coming out of all of that?

JJ: Honestly, I think he’s using some of that, but I don’t… I just heard him doing some great songs. It wasn’t all about what he’s gone through. I think he did spell it out in a couple of songs, but it wasn’t all about that. He’s just writing some good, solid music. We worked on a few songs and hopefully the ones we worked on make it because they’re incredible. The direction for his album, I couldn’t tell you because he wasn’t even close to being done when we were in there.

NL: Who are the top 3 artists in R&B, Pop/Rock, Hip-Hop that you are looking forward to hearing and release projects in the late 2010-early 2011 music season?

JJ: I really want to hear John Mayer’s new album, for Pop/Rock. For Hip-Hop, I love Yelawolf. That’s what I want to hear. I think he’s incredible and where he’s going is insane. I’d like to say T.I. and Yelawolf for Hip-Hop artists. For R&B? I’d love to hear a new R. Kelly smash album in 2011. I’m a big fan of R. Kelly. I’d love to see that for R&B. And then you know, I guess for like the uber Pop world, I’m definitely eager to hear what Black Eyed Peas are going to do next. They’ve got big boots to fill. That last album was so incredible. And you know what? Someone else, too, Lady Gaga. I’d love to see what she’s going to do next. But I’m really looking forward to T.I.’s album. B.O.B.’s new album is going to be incredible. So yeah T.I., Yelawolf, and John Mayer.

NL: Who are some of the other artists to look out for in the future on your label via Atlantic?

JJ: I have a deal with a new guy right now, from Spain. I don’t want to give too much information yet, ‘cause we haven’t signed the deal. But he’s an incredible talent. He’s eighteen years old, singer/songwriter, plays guitar and piano. He’s totally, like, ladykiller. And he’s got as much soul as Musiq Soulchild. So, imagine if you mix Musiq Soulchild or if you mix Maxwell with Marc Anthony. He’s like that, but he’s not doing Spanish. He’s doing an English album first, and then he’ll do a Spanish album.

NL: You’ve worked with and continue to work with so many artists. So far, which artist have you had the best, most memorable creative experience with in the studio?

JJ: There’s so many, but I would have to say Pitbull. My sessions are always interesting with Pit.

NL: Most super producers/writers are intent on becoming singers/artists, you flipped it and went from being an artist/rapper to being a super producer. Different strokes for different folks, obviously, but do you find that one path is more successful than another?

JJ: Well, you can definitely make more money with endorsements and shows, and all that as an artist. And my hats off to those who do that, that’s cool. But, you know, I believe my place is behind the boards. You know, this is where I do my best work. God has blessed me in that way, and I’m happy there. I don’t like fame as much as most people, I kind of like playing behind the scenes, but I do want to act in some movies. But that’s just because I want to see myself on the screen. I want to see if I can do it, the challenge, you know? But I don’t… you know, I’m not really into being on stage like that. I’m not into that, you know what I mean?

NL: You started off as a scratch DJ and went on to create your own music label. What are some words of inspiration you may have for young, aspiring entrepreneurs in music? (Scratch DJ Academy?)

JJ: Definitely get in tune to the music you’re doing. Practice from others. Learn from the mistakes of others or learn from the greatness of others. If you’re a producer, check out the things that other producers were doing and what made them successful. Be patient. Nothing happens overnight, it’s very hard. Persistence and perseverance. And then also, be good and kind to the people around you. No one owes you nothing. You need to work for it. Nobody owes you shit, so you need to remember that and be happy with anything and everything anyone gives you or helps you with. Don’t expect anything.


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