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Exclusive First Listen: American Idol Season 9 Finalist Tim Urban Releases Debut Single, “Heart Of Me”

American Idol season 9 contestant Tim Urban didn’t waste any time between wrapping the Idols live summer tour and readying new music. Perhaps that’s because the tour was precisely what inspired some of the music.

On Monday, November 8, Urban will release his debut EP, “Heart of Me,” to iTunes. NeonLimelight.com has your exclusive first listen to the set’s title-track.

The sentimental ballad is bolstered by swirling guitar rifts and heartfelt lyrics like, “Don’t know where I am but this isn’t home/Another empty room/I feel so alone/Just wanna go home/One more city passed/I wonder when I’ll see/The place that has the heart of me/Just wanna be free.”

“I wrote ‘Heart of Me’ while I was on tour,” Tim revealed to us. “I was in my hotel room and all I could think about was home and my family. It hit me that while I was out traveling the country doing what I love, a big part of my heart was back home with them.”

Exclusive First Listen: Tim Urban – Heart of Me:

Of his writing style, Tim shared: “I really want people to be able to relate to my songs. I didn’t try to put any hidden messages into the music. I just wanted to paint a picture with words that people could step into and feel like it was from their own lives.”

When we caught up with him on tour in July, Tim told us about working on the new music, saying bands like Coldplay and OneRepublic and their musical variety were inspirations. “They’re not afraid to do very different things from song to song but it’s all definitely signature Coldplay or signature OneRepublic,” he said. “I’m not saying my album is going to sound like that, but I like the idea of being able to do that; to make an album that from the first song to the twelfth songs there’s so much variety and you want to listen to each individual song.”

Beginning Monday, Tim will release one of the EP’s six tracks to iTunes each day until Saturday for fans to purchase.

“Heart of Me” tracklist:

“Heart of Me”
“Wheels Touch Down”
“I and You”

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  1. I love it! Tim you sound amazing!

    • wheres the link so u can hear it

    • Wow Tim! That was just the most amazing song in the world! I can’t stop listening to it and i cannot wait for the other songs! EVERYBODY NEEDS TO GO BUY THIS SONG! I’m serious! It’s so amazing and I’m so happy tha it’s finally here! Keep being amazing Tim :) Love you!

  2. Tim this is amazing!!!! You did such a good job!!!! Thank you NeonLimeLight for putting this on your site!!!! you’re amazing!!!!

  3. So excited to hear all his new songs!
    Heart Of Me soungs amazing!

  4. It’s okay. I know this may sound silly to some, but imo Tim enunciates too much – like “ci-ttty” and “isn’ttt”. It just sounds formal and a little theatrical to me. Not normal-speak. I also don’t care for the stilted ending phrase. Meh. He’s cute, no doubt. But I always wish his smile didn’t seem so cheesy-plastic.

    • I disagree w/ you, m.a.: I really appreciate the fact that you can actually understand his heartfelt words! Most of my favorite songs, I can’t understand the lyrics w/o looking them up and that’s so annoying. But, I do agree w/ the cuteness thing haha ;) Great job, Tim! Can’t wait til I can scrape together the remains of my allowance to buy all of your songs lol

  5. Tim sounds great as always! can’t wait to get all his songs :)

  6. I’m very impressed with this release! Tim sounds great, and I’m looking forward to getting the EP.

  7. American Idol, with the new judges, has gone to S#$t in a hand bag. Especially the big pile of it sitting in Simon’s old chair. Hope the ratings fall off so bad that the show (and I use the word “show” lightly) gets cancelled.

  8. So proud of Tim, it sounds amazing. I can’t believe he missed home so much on the tour, but we definitely appreciated every minute he spent doing what he loves for us. Love you Tim <3

  9. I don’t get it. Are we applauding his good voice or his mediocre songwriting? I can’t reconcile the two.


  10. Rojin ( yeah weird name!) says:

    this song is sooooooooooooo amazing
    I can sooooo relate to it because i’m sooooooooooo away from home!!! :((
    and i mean continents!!!!
    i love the song
    i love the music
    tim, u r one precious thing!!!



  13. FRreddy Mac says:

    Looks like things are going well for you. If you need a hand let me and Louie know.
    God Bless and remember you were always a SOMEBODY
    Freddy Mack

  14. I don’t get it……I’m with you M A …..he cannot sing…..period! He’s cute as hell, but he tries too hard and sounds so cheesy… The only reason he got as far as he did on AI is because of the teen girls with their phones mommy and daddy bought them, and texting constantly…..for what? Because he’s cute?? Give me a break! Tim is a nice enough guy, but he needs to give up singing….he’s awful!!! He could model and probably make more money, just sayin’…

  15. Tim sounds amazing! love the song (: getting it on itunes!

  16. love the song, love the voice! Way to go, Tim.

  17. And yes, am going on itunes.


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