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NL Interview: 12 Random Questions With Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield - Epic Records

It’s been awhile since Natasha Bedingfield released an album. Her last, Pocketful of Sunshine, was released almost three years ago. But she’s been quite busy during her “downtime,” if you could even call it such. Along with getting married to longtime beau Matt Robinson, Natasha has been touring and hiding away in the studio writing.

Now, she’s ready to step back into the spotlight with Strip Me, a new collection songs about loving who you are and the skin you’re in. Strip Me, out on December 7, boasts collaborations with Ryan Tedder, Wayne Wilkins, Kleerup, and reunites Natasha with past collaborators Danielle Brisebois and Steve Kipner.

One thing fans know for sure is that at least one song from the set will become a huge smash like her past hits “These Words,” “Unwritten,” and “Pocketful of Sunshine.” That’s just the way Nat rolls. But do you know who Natasha really wants to work with? How about which song from Strip Me is her husband’s favorite? Or how about if there are any naughty photos on her phone? We have the answers to these questions and more in our 12 random questions with Natasha Bedingfield below!

1. What’s one song on the radio right now that you just can not get out of your head?

I love “Just The Way You Are” [by Bruno Mars]. Love it! Love it! Everyone wants to be told they’re beautiful and amazing. It’s like if you’re going out to a club and you’re looking in the mirror getting ready and you’re feeling a bit insecure, you can put on that song. It just makes you feel good.

And I also love Eminem’s song — both Eminem songs that are out at the moment — but I really love the one with Rihanna. I really love how you hear a different side of her voice than she usually does. I just love it. Every time it comes on I start belting along to it.

2. How do you cure your writer’s block?

Everyone gets writer’s block every now and then, and normally it’s just because there’s so much going on. There’s so much noise, static. It’s all about how you get to a place where you can actually tap in and hear. I feel like most songwriters and creative people get those moments where they’re tapping in or putting their antennas up and you’re almost hearing something, like a radio signal. I feel like it’s just getting rid of that clutter and getting to a place where you’re peaceful enough to hear it. Or not criticizing yourself because that’s the other thing. When you get too critical of yourself or too obsessed with trying to make a hit or trying to please people, then often the song doesn’t feel very real either.

3. You’re a big supporter of Brandy who’s doing ‘Dancing With The Stars’ right now. Would you ever consider competing on the show?

I would be terrified to do that show. I can dance, but I do think it would be very difficult. I really respect everyone who goes on that show, especially if it’s not your area, like sports stars doing it and Brandy who is really like one of the best singers in the world and she’s stepping into something that she’s not known for. I think it’s really brave of people who do that. It’s like choosing to learn a new language and become a beginner at something. It’s very commendable.

We’d love to see you on the show. I think you would rock it.

Thank you! I think I would stop halfway through and start singing and forget I’m supposed to be dancing!

4. You’re on a song called “Last Chance” on Nicki Minaj’s new album, Pink Friday. How on earth did you land on that album?

She and I connected and she told me she had this song she really felt like my voice would work well on. I was on tour just visiting radio stations. That’s what I’ve been doing, just going around to all of the radio stations that have played [my music] in the past and just kind of like paying my respects. Just not wanting to forget them because they’ve supported me for so long…she called me up and she’s like, “My deadline is happening on the album” and she really thought I would be great on the song. I was in Detroit that night [when Nicki called] and booked time in Eminem‘s studio and I recorded a whole bunch of stuff from that song there. So it was awesome because I was getting vibes from Eminem, you know, the aura he leave in that room. I was just tapping into that. And singing with one of the best new artists this year, it was great.

That’s amazing! What’s the song about?

You’ll just have to wait and see! No… it’s just about being up for it. It’s about being ready, and people just have to be prepared

5. Who is the one person you just have to make a collaboration with happen?

I have a few people on my ultimate fantasy list of who I would love to collaborate with. I would love to do something with Missy Elliott. She can do no wrong. She just is a genius. I would love to do something with Coldplay. They are so sexy and just so true. It’s that simplicity that we talked about. They don’t overdo it. They just keep it real and I love that. And I’m a huge Foo Fighters fan, so I would love to do a duet with Dave Grohl. And Eminem! He’s definitely on my dream list.

6. They say when people get married they kind of change a little bit. How have you changed since getting married?

I think I’ve relaxed a bit more. Matt, my husband, has really helped me to learn how to enjoy myself a little more. I’ve always been all about the music and put all of my energy into that. It’s amazing to have someone else who is my priority and actually can kind of help me mellow out a bit and enjoy the journey and actually follow the advice of my songs like “Unwritten.” [laughs]

Aww, that’s so sweet!

Yeah. We do fun stuff together, like we’re learning to sail. He can sail, so he’s teaching me how to sail. We’re going to the Virgin Islands together for New Year’s. We do stuff like that. We just have things that we put into the schedule that’s just all about fun and all about us.

7. Do you ever get mistaken for a celebrity other than yourself?

Hmm..that’s a very good one! Let me think…I know who I would like to be mistaken for. [laughs]

Who’s that?

You know, if someone would mistake me for Jessica Biel that would be very flattering. [laughs] I don’t know. I’m sure it must happen. Sometimes when I’m just walking around like relaxed and not with my heels on or kind of done up, people will go, “You look like Natasha Bedingfield!” And I’ll go, “I am!” And they’ll be like, “No! You’re not her! You’re not her!,” and I’ll go, “Yes I am! I’m her!” [laughs] And they’re like, “You’re not you! Are you you?” “Yes, I’m me!” [laughs]

Have you ever just said, “I get that all the time” and played it off like you’re not yourself?

Yeah, I have actually. I say, “Oh, I get that all the time” or something like that. Just sometimes you want to be anonymous.

8. Is it easier for you to write a song by yourself or to collaborate?

It’s more fun to collaborate. It’s less lonely. And you have a bit more friction, too. Chemistry and friction when you collaborate, they are very helpful for the song. I like writing alone. I do a lot of writing on my own, but most of my hit songs are collaborations.

Do you find when you write alone you kind of get into your own head a little too much?

Yeah, exactly. My songs on my own are a little more sad, a little more internal. But I have to write that stuff to get to the through to the other stuff. It’s like in the tunnel. I’m in the tunnel and the more I write with other people, they bring me to the light at the end of the tunnel.

9. So many singers are doing books these days. If you wrote a book, what would it be about?

Well, my big song, “Unwritten,” was about life being a book. I definitely love writing and there’s a lot of material there that probably will be a book one day, but right now I’m writing my life book.

10. What’s the last gift you received that made you really emotional?

Hmmm…my last gift. Emotional gift. Let me see…I love getting gifts that are really thoughtful and just mean something to you. My sister always gives really sweet gifts that just come at the right moment. Sweet little things like flowers or poems.

11. If a hacker were to leak the photos on your phone, would any of the pictures make headlines?

That is a really funny question! That is hilarious! I like that. That’s funny. Probably.

Probably? You can’t say that and not elaborate!

I better keep my phone to myself, that’s all I’m gonna say! [laughs]

12. What’s your husband’s favorite song on Strip Me?

Oh! His favorite song is a song called “Run Run Run.” It’s a really fun song. He just thinks it’s really hooky. There’s another song. There’s like one love song because this isn’t really a love album. It’s more about people and life and fun and stuff like that. But there’s one love song on there that’s called “No Mozart.” It’s really sweet and it’s just about someone loving you in a way that you need to be loved.


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