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4 Tracks You Need To Know From Chris Brown’s New Mixtape, In My Zone 2

Chris Brown, the artist, is the gift that keeps on giving as he delivered early holiday treats with the release of his latest mixtape, In My Zone 2. To hold fans and music lovers over while he steadily completes his highly anticipated 2011 release, F.A.M.E., the R&B/Pop Star dropped 20 brand new, original tracks. Here are a few we thought were worth listening to from the set, which features guest appearances from “Deuces” collaborator Kevin McCall, J. Valentine, Big Sean, Gucci Mane and many more. Check it out below, and let us know what your faves are from In My Zone 2:

1. Sh*t Got Damn feat. Big Sean – [listen]

While In My Zone 2 finds Breezy collaborating with a number of hip-hop heads including Gucci Mane and Petey Pablo (random), it’s with Kanye West protégé and GOOD Music artist, Big Sean, that these efforts are most enjoyable. It’s no wonder the “What You Doin” rapper makes three appearances on In My Zone’s sequel. The breezy (no pun intended), laid-back flow of this ode to sexy ladies and club VIP status will have you swaying, jerking, dougie-ing, or [insert random, new dance craze] “like sh*t got d*mn!”

2. Seen Her Naked – [listen]

While Destiny’s Child let the fellas know, “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly,” Chris Brown is letting everybody know, “I done seen her jelly,” in this fun, doo-wop, throwback track. Never one to shy from a dance song, this is a first for Brown as he ventures into Chubby Checker “The Twist” and Andre 3000 “Hey Ya” territory on this clip. The funky, psychedelic tone of the song only amplifies the funkalicious theme of a bad girl he just can’t get off his mind because he… yeah, check the title and check out Breezy’s shout out to women with bodacious bods.

3. Last Time Together – [listen]

From the song’s first verse, “Baby I don’t like to say goodbye, so this is my until next time,” it’s clear Chris Brown has no problem putting his heart on the line, pleading for a lady love to stay. To persuade her to hold out just a little while longer, he’ll even leave an imprint on her mind with one last kiss. The dramatic keys and drums throughout the song’s grandiose, radio friendly production only adds to its sweet and tender impact. Although Breezy’s sweetheart leaves in spite of his pleading otherwise, “even if the world goes by,” he sings, hopefully she’ll remember “our last time together.”

4. Life Itself feat. Kevin McCall – [listen]

Songs like Crawl, Changed Man, With/Without You, and many other Chris Brown love songs tend to pull at the heartstrings of his audience while bridging a connection to the artist through insight into his personal thoughts and feelings. Very often, it’s in songs that serve as heartfelt confessionals where the young superstar truly shines both lyrically and, especially, vocally. This song is no exception. The raw emotion in Brown’s voice as he sings over the piano-led, old-school R&B melody is both piercing and touching. Love and heartbreak is a subject matter Brown not only knows well, but as an artist is especially able to capitalize on through honest, cathartic and connective expression. A classic example of Chris Brown at his finest, this song is not one to be missed.

Download the entire mixtape here.

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  1. good man. i also love another you, quits, glitter, u have 2 listen 2 it again its awesome

  2. and also all off with seven

  3. I was hoping Quits would have made the list cuz it became my fav d first time I listen to it. But all the songs that were listed I like them too. I taught this mixtape was good, it took a while to grow on me but once it did I cant get enough.

  4. I like sex love tooo

  5. yall chose the same ones i like except “All Off”….

  6. Yasss!!! to all of these songs…and ALL OFF and GLITTER and YOU WANT ME…yall shouldve probably did a top 10 of the best songs on the MIxtape…all of the songs were soo gud..Chris Brown is honestly and with most respect the most talented young star of today

  7. at least he’s baring his soul. the poor, poor, abuser.

  8. Jimmy i hope u loved your rerun of two and a half men with charlie ” i beat up so many woman no one even cares because they aren’t famous and i am white” sheen. he’s so swell.

    anywho, i liked Shit God Damn and Seen Her Naked…if that song was polished I could see it making an album.

    I give him credit for owning up to and helping to resolve his issues because i know people who have done what he did, and will never admit their faults and commit to their punishment with the courts. if she can move on, forgive him and she claims she still listens to his music even when it plays on the radio, so can I. And pop radio is playing his music now to those who doubt it…its true. let’s move on instead of vilifying him for his actions as a teenager.

  9. Loved this review and totally agree with your selections but I would also like to mention All Off, Another You and Drop Rap (w/Petey Pablo). Chris keep up the good work your fans support you and love you :)

  10. You totally chosen 3 tracks i would, i’d replace “Shit God Damn” with “All off” though. Still great choices AND amazing mixtape. Love all 20 tracks.

  11. This mixtape was beast. I loved it. My favortie songs are Talk That Shit,Life Itself, Another You, My Girl Like Them Girls, and Shit God Damn (= Chris just knows how to amaze me

  12. great mixtape! great review!

  13. What talent! I love his voice!Keep on singing and dancing!

  14. Great review!

    This mix-tape actually plays like a completed, polished album, and it was almost too good to be free music! Chris Brown is doing big things, proving people wrong, and polishing himself as an artist/force to be reckoned with!

    Glitter, All Off, Another You, and the dance track number 19 were also GREAT!

  15. Hey you forgot Another You! That song is soooo beautiful!!


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