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Ne-Yo Clarifies Comments On New Michael Jackson Album: “I Never Said Boycott”

Ne-Yo - Wireimage

R&B/pop singer/songwriter Ne-Yo wants you to know he is not boycotting the newly released Michael Jackson album, Michael.

An article posted to celebrity news website, TMZ, claimed the One In A Million singer was “staging a one-man boycott” against MJ’s posthumous new set but Ne-Yo doesn’t quite agree with this statement. “I commented on the new MJ album,” Ne-Yo wrote on his official Twitter page. “In that he was a perfectionist, I don’t think he woulda put it out if he was alive.”

“I never said boycott.”

Indeed he didn’t. In a clip that accompanies the article in question, Ne-Yo never says he’s boycotting the album–though he does say “”I’m not really trying to hear it. Imma stick to my old Mike.”

“I never commented on how good or bad the album was. I said it was incomplete. Mike woulda NEVER released incomplete work. PERIOD,” Ne-Yo said on Twitter to further clarify the comments made in the video clip. “A true MJ fan understands that positivity was his aim as well as perfection in art. If you like the album, go get it. Never said not to.”

Ne-Yo’s own new album, Libra Scale, is in stores now.

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  1. hello

  2. the new album proves that michael’s career carries on long after his tragic death. unlike the movie title, he has proven this is far from it, and i look forward to hearing more from Michael Jackson http://davidhatton1987.blogspot.com/2010/06/is-this-it.html

  3. Like who gives a damn about what Ne-Yo thinks. First build a career as big as MJ then you may speak.

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