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Josh Farro Tells His Side Of Paramore Split

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Former Paramore guitarist, Josh Farro, is telling his side of why he and his brother Zac decided to leave the band. In a lengthy post on his blog, Farro spills some not-so-pretty details about the what happened between Paramore’s members, and lead singer Hayley Williams doesn’t come out of it smelling very rosy.

“Let me start by apologizing to you for the way everything went down on Saturday.  I had a statement typed ready to post to you guys but Hayley released one without my permission,” he wrote. The announcement, he says, wasn’t supposed to be made “until we worked out our exit agreement with Hayley.” “I wish it didn’t have to happen that way, Zac and I wanted to be the ones you heard it from.  I want to be honest with you guys about how this band formulated from day one. I did not think Hayley’s version told the whole story, at least from our perspective and hopefully this will explain a bit about why we are leaving.”

Farro then revealed details of how the band started, and just how far back their issues date. According to the post, Hayley already had a manager upon joining the band. Her manager and her parents “controlled her every move” and, eventually, the band too.

“Her dad would constantly threaten to “pull the plug” on the whole band if we complained about anything, suggesting that we were hired guns and Hayley was the real artist, when in reality we were also part of the band,” he wrote. “We’ve always been treated as less important than Hayley. It’s been obvious how her family views things.”

The way they were treated wasn’t the only reason the Farro brothers decided to leave. Creative differences also became a part of it. “Hayley presented lyrics to us that were really negative and we didn’t agree with,” he said of the writing process for Paramore’s latest album, Brand New Eyes. “We fought her about how her lyrics misrepresented our band and what we stood for, but in the end she got her way.”

The album was a success, but the band was apparently fractured beyond repair — even though Williams would say otherwise in interviews. “Hayley claimed that this record reunited us as band and made us grow closer together, when in reality we were all growing further apart. Suddenly the band had spilt into two sides. Touring became more difficult since we couldn’t agree on anything. The friendships our band once had were no longer existent.”

Even though some of the statements in the post may seem harsh, Farro insists they weren’t made to “belittle or disgrace” the remaining members of Paramore, but to “clarify our decision for leaving and our desire to finally tell you guys the truth.”

And just in case fans are wondering about the authenticity of the blog post, Josh created a quick video to confirm it’s the real deal. See it below.

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  1. I don’t understand how you dare to post any news without checking and really going trough the source.
    This “Josh Farro’s blog” is nothing more than a lie; how didn’t you noticed?

    • hey/./ it come with real video of josh farro determinining it.. ~.~ .. its not a lie tho..there’s also alot artits out theere being tricked by record label ~.~ .. money come 1st to them./..

  2. ohhh :( Josh was my fav so is Hayley. cant you guys make up for the fan’s yous came to NewCastle last year and yous guys rocked >.> Josh i love you just please get back with the band for the fans we miss you ? Paramore is nothing with out you ? by Jade Milburn ?


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