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NL’s 12 Underrated Songs Of 2010: David Archuleta – Something ‘Bout Love

David Archuleta - Jive

*Everyday until Christmas, NeonLimelight.com will be counting down 12 of our favorite underrated songs of 2010. These are songs that, for whatever reason, were completely kick-ass awesome, but didn’t get the respect, airplay, sales, or chart positions they deserved, in our humble opinions. And so, we’re shining a little extra light on these songs. Call it our 12 days of Christmas gifts to these artists. Enjoy!

Day #9

Artist: David Archuleta

The underrated song: Something ‘Bout Love

Our thoughts: An underrated artist will more than likely release sorely underrated songs. Although David Archuleta has one of the best voices recording today (feel free to argue with us on this, we’ve got tons of videos to back up this claim!), his talents are still largely overlooked. When David and Team Archie decided to get a little more top 40 friendly with the pop radio-ready single Something ‘Bout Love, we just knew the masses were about to discover an artist who has all the potential in the world to top charts but somehow still feels like a little known secret. The synths and uber-catchy chorus played well with every other song currently getting radio airplay, but apparently, pop radio isn’t quite ready for a single that showcases lyrics with actual depth. No matter. Archie is something special and we’re sure in time, others will catch on to this gem.


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An underrated artist will more than likely release underrated songs. Although David Archuleta has one of the best voices recording today (feel free to argue with us on this, we got tons of videos to back up this claim), his talents are still largely overlooked. When Archie and team decided to get a little more top 40 friendly with the single Something 'Bout Love, we just knew the masses were abo
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  1. I completely agree. People just don’t realize how amazing David is, as a singer or a person. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time…

  2. I love Something ‘Bout Love and David’s live version with his full band is especially amazing! I hope he performs it in Las Vegas for the nye show! The music video is also great and has over 5.5 mil view so I’m not the only one watching it.

    He maybe young but he’s a serious artist. I think his standards, both moral and technical, might be set too high for the current pop music scene to understand. Hope people get sick of auto tune soon and get back to substance and quality.

  3. THANK YOU LIMELIGHT for seeing the amazing talent of David Archuleta!!!!! I love “Something Bout Love” but it never got any PROMO!! For some reason they couldnt not get it on VH1 or MTV because of the the camera and cell phone showing with SONY advertising! This is what I heard not sure if it is correct!(please be sure to correct me if this is wrong) It is on Musiqtone and has been on the top 10 for months now!!! I personally feel that they should not go on until SBL gets a fair chance. It will get its first TV airtime on “Skate for the Heart “Jan 16th which David taped when SBL first came out! His “Today show” was supposed to be rescheduled but it never happen! The problem was I think that when he delayed the release of the album some appearances like Jerry Lewis telethon went on without his music being available! Partly because he did not have his new management in place! Falling Stars(just beautiful) started charting right after Regis and Kelly! Davids Christmas album is so good that alot of the performances this past month have been for last years “Christmas From the Heart” album. This past weekend with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir(yongest headliner ever) showed over 100,000 viewers just how extrodinarily talented David Archuleta View “David Archuleta MoTab”on you tube. His new album “The Other Side of Down” is in my opinion what pop music is all about! Besides it is the most inspiring and uplifing ablum I have ever owned except for his Christmas one! I love to support the good in this world and DAVID is a keeper! All’s David needs to be able to do is get his chance to be on TV again-then he can do the rest! So excited for David and Tavie on FOX LIVE on New Years this is just what Archie needs!!!! I do hope he sings SBL New Years! There is Something Bout Love and its David Archuleta!

  4. Thanks so much for this. You couldn’t be more right! David is a gem indeed and I can’t wait for the whole world to open their eyes/ears. Until then, we’ll keep David for ourself happiness, hehe.

  5. You are so right about David Archuleta. We are talking some serious talent here. And, it’s not just the incredibly beautiful, soaring, passionate voice, but his amazing musicality. He typically changes up songs a bit when he sings live and make them even better. Speaking of ‘live’…name one singer out there who can and will belt out a song at the drop of the hat that is better live than doctored in the studio. They are few and far between and none better than David Archuleta.

    David is also a truly wonderful, endearing, charming human being who walks the walk when it comes to living right but does it without fanfare. He is extremely active on the charity circuit supporting all kinds of good causes, not just with talk but with appearances which draw tons of fans from far and wide.

    I was at his recent appearance in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas Concert. There were about 100 fans that flew in that I know of from all over the nation and Japan and Germany, as well. (We got together for a fan breakfast and a couple luncheons.) David was unbelievably good. A professional musician who plays at times with the Orchestra on Temple Square was a big cynic about David going in. After the concert, he stated that he believed David’s performance was Grammy-worthy. David surprised a lot of people last weekend but not those of us who know him well and love him. He was stellar…as usual.

  6. You are ABSOLUTELY right on! Not only SBL but David’s entire album The Other Side of Down was underrated! As a fan who recocnizes his talent – it was very frustrating to see how it was not promoted like it should have been.

  7. David is underrated as a young pop artist because in that genre, gimmicks, pyrotechnics, crudity, sex, and tabloid sensationalism bring big rewards. It sounds to me like David accepts the image and path he’s chosen…and it IS a choice. His own reward isn’t necessarily popularity, fame, or fortune. It’s something more spiritual and about giving more than receiving. He is a treasure and more people discover that each day. His career will grow.

    • Shanny in Australia says:

      So true luvitall2. David HAS purposely chosen his path. It is different from the popular pack of today as are his rewards different from what the popular pack seek after. David is all about the music and the message not the fame and the money. I love and respect him wholeheartedly for that alone.

  8. David will slowly grow and attract new fans and be here for the long haul while others in the pop arena slowly fade away. How can anyone not appreciate the singer who can, as Karen says above, “belt out a song at the drop of the hat that is better live than doctored in the studio.” He’s one of a kind. Thanks for recognizing him in this series – and we’d love you to post some of those videos you have :-)

  9. David is so good. I agree that he never was promoted enough on TV with his band. Then came Christmas. But in God’s time David will make it to the other side of down. David is great.

  10. Lilly from Mi says:

    WOW! Something Bout Love! What a great tune. David can really belt it out. The song is young, catchy, great beat and has cool lyrics. I don’t know why David isn’t tops on all the charts. His voice is stellar and songs fit in with most of those on the POP charts today.He needs to be seen, promoted and his songs played on the radio. We listen all the time to this song and many of those on his new album “The Other Side of Down” He is a good looking, upbeat guy with a terrific voice. He is a little quirky which is very appealing to his audience. I saw David on tour with his first album and Christmas album. He is a stellar entertainer. I was a skeptic and several of my friends were too, then, when we saw him on stage were totally drawn into his realm. David in our eyes is a super star and we hope someday people will see what a gem we have in him and his music. We are now fans forever!

  11. Thanks so much for the amazing write up. It is dead on. Did I mention I love you guys?

  12. Thank you Neon Limelight for stating what so many of David’s fans have known from the beginning… he’s got talent oozing out his pores! Unfortunately the music industry and the general public don’t always recognize it. I have to agree with luvitall2, that David may just be too clean-cut for today’s pop music scene. It’s kind of sad that to produce a hit song today you have to cater to the lowest common denominator. So what if David takes the high road and keeps his songs about positive messages? Personally, I find it rather refreshing to listen to a song that doesn’t need to have every other word bleeped…or watch a video that doesn’t rely on a lot of extraneous and controversial content to distract the viewer from the fact that the artist really can’t carry a tune. Hopefully, some day David will get the recognition he deserves. He has stated that he just wants to sing and hopefully make people happy with his music…and his fans can attest that he does just that! As far as I’m concerned David has been and still is wildly successful because he delights everyone who is willing to accept him for who he is…a young, charming, versatile, still evolving artist, who refuses to lower his standards for the instant rewards of money or fame. Oh and did I mention he is one of the best live singers I have ever heard? David will persevere, I have no doubt. He will be around long after many of the flash-in-the-pan artists have enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame.

  13. Damn skippy.

  14. Amen! I’ve been a fan since his Idol audition, and always will be. He deserves all the best. :)

  15. Philip Weyhe says:

    Such an awesome song!

  16. Thanks Story Gilmore for your good review about “SBL”. You are absolutely right. We (David’s fans)already knew that all along. He is a true gem. We watched him performedhim on the Mormon Tabernicle, no other singer as young as him can deliver what he did. I hope that Jive/the company does more promotions for him. He will be around for a long time (he is just almost 20 YO), his fans are growing while his old fans (the fans since AI 7) are still his fans faithfully. I believe that in the near future he will catch the attention he deserves from younger and older people who realize that he delivers quality!!! God will help, assist and guide him to the right direction. As what he sang………..Good things come for those who wait. David is not just waiting but he is working hard to achieve what he wants in his life. I prayed for him, I pray for him and will be still praying for him to be the best he can.

  17. I hope the masses will catch on to this gem while he is still so young and adorable. I sure would have been unhappy to have missed the last 4 years of David. What an awesome talent………love him!!!!

  18. David Archuleta is pure musical awesomeness!!

  19. Couldn’t say it better myself! David is truly a gem. And yes pop radio is so use to ‘fluff’ that when a catchy song with meaning and mad vocals comes along, they just aren’t crazy about playing it. Don’t understand the process but it seems to be the case. His whole CD, The Other Side of Down is packed full of vocal rich amazingly catchy songs, filled with feel good meaning. I for one, as a fan, will continue supporting this amazing artist whether radio does or not, and I know many, many fans feel the same way.

  20. In my humble opinion there is no one more talented than David Archuleta. I was so turned off by music until I happened to see this ultra talented young man on American Idol. I have been one of his loyal fans ever since and will support him till I am no more. He is the complete package, beautiful, humble, caring, lovable and the best singer in the world. And hopefully one day the world will acknowledge this great God-given talent.

  21. Amen! I’ve been a fan since his Idol audition, and always will be. He deserves all the best. :)

  22. I love ‘Something bout Love” and David Archuleta’s new album “The Other Side of Down”! He co-wrote 10 of the 12 songs on this album. David is a fantastic singer & songwriter and doesn’t need to lower himself to the sexualized lyrics and trash that is out there today!!! He is truely a talented human being and it doesn’t hurt that he is beautiful inside and out!!!!

  23. I love your article on David Archuleta. I had the opportunity to see David live in concert twice. Once on the AI 7 tour and may I say that David’s performance for me was the best. His voice filled the arena in Philadelphia from rafter to rafter and each word that was sung was clear and strong. and the audience loved him. Also got to see him @ the Demi Lovato tour and again his live performance was exceptional. Purchased all his CD’s for my Ipod which I love to listen to regularly. I have been to many live concerts and David is one of the best live performers IMO. It amazes me that most artists that make Top 40 radio and sell mega singles cannot sing live or without autotune and most of the songs sound the same. Sometimes I think the general listening public is tone deaf. It sadden’s me that today’s youth do not know good music because of what is now playing on Top 40.

  24. Thank! You! So! Much! My radio station refuses to play this song. Why? I have no idea. But they are missing out on absolute amazingness.

  25. In case people haven’t noticed, having a hit pop song – which means having a song that the radio stations decide to play ad nauseum so it makes the Billboard charts – has ZERO to do with the ability to sing these days. Hearing the top selling artists attempting to perform their hits live is generally embarrassing but the audience doesn’t care because they as long as the performers are cute, have a busy stage act and lots of backing tracks, synth, etc. no one notices the lack of singing ability. It just doesn’t matter anymore.

  26. Radio People just want money to play his songs….and neither Jive or David have enough to make the thing work properly…….is just another great artist without the chance of shine like he deserve, like many out there, who are too good persons , work hard on their careers and do a lot of charity like David ,but don’t have the same opportunities of some untalented ”Big Stars’ right now , but with a good plan a bettter lyrics he gonna find his goals…i mean in music. :)

  27. Really? Everyone’s taste is different, but I find this song just pleasant. Kinda what I’d hear while I’m standing on line at TJ Maxx. But he’s a nice guy, though, and a better singer than this song shows.

    • You right about he’s a better singer than this all album shows(Good Place By ex) , but in terms of pop songs, yeah they could do better with the radioplay.

  28. I agree! “Something ‘Bout Love” and in fact Archuleta’s entire new album has been under-rated. The question is why? The guy has an exceptional voice, the songs on the album are fun, creative, and well produced. I am afraid I don’t want to know the answer to my question because I might learn that talent no longer drives success in the music industry. Sad.

  29. I agree, thanks.

  30. Gahhh!!! I totally agree. David is so under appreciated. His voice is exquisite and amazing and his music is beautiful.

    Thankfully he is still young so I hope more people learn to enjoy true artists with talent such as David, instead of other performers who need autotune for every thing they do.

    I just can’t stop listening to songs from this past weekend with the MOTAB choir. OMG fantastically fantastic! It shows that David can really sing anything. Randy was so right. Look for Pastores a Belen, Cat and Mouse Carol, Silent Night, Joy to the World. Can’t wait for the DVD of that to come out next year. In the mean time, hope they stay on youtube forever.

  31. I so agree. Something Bout Love should have been a big hit. It was better than a lot of songs on top 40 radio.

  32. Shanny in Australia says:

    Neon Limelight you are my newest BFF and I’m sending you all the love in my heart this Christmas season. I could not have said it better myself. When I think about how underrated the fabulous David Archuleta is, I just remind myself to be thankful that at least *I* am one of the lucky ones who is in on the secret. Thank you for saying what needs to be shouted from the roof tops Neon!

  33. David’s “Something ‘Bout Love” isn’t so much underrated as it’s underplayed. I wish DJs would give him more spins. David breaks the mold in many ways, and I think this fact leaves many out of their comfort zone. I remember on Idol David never had to do the hey-everyone-notice-how-I’m-improving-each-week thing that many hopefuls do: David didn’t have to. He had a stand out voice from the get go. David is himself and is inspiring. His music lifts us up. He’s not an angry, lustful singer. People aren’t used to the diamonds…just the diamonds in the rough. Anyway, thanks for the shared thought Story Gilmore:) You really know how to think!

  34. ur on the money neon limelight

  35. “Something bout Love” is such a great fun song to listen to. David Archuleta is an amazing singer and songwriter and the world is missing out by not listening to his music. If you get a chance, go and buy “The Other Side of Down” by David. When you listen to it and realize 10 of the 13 songs were co-written by him it makes the album even more special.

  36. I agree, Something ‘Bout Love is a great song and I just don’t understand why it did not get radio play.

  37. I don’t know anyone who spends time listening to the radio anymore (at least for music). Why? Because they cannot stand the rubbish being played. Most artists — and I use that term loosely — who get airplay these days cannot sing and/or choose to perform music that’s either trashy, formulaic, superficial, or all of the above. David Archuleta soars above the garbage, both musically and as a person. I know there is an audience out there hungry to hear quality songs on the radio again. This market is not being served, as is evidenced by the decline in music sales. I’m certain that if more people knew about artists like David they would open their wallets to purchase the music. Everyone I have introduced David to absolutely loves him, and they wonder why they have never heard of him before. Jive chose to market David to the tween set only, and even then their promotion was very sparse. Compare that to the marketing machines of Bieber and Swift, for example. You cannot turn on the TV or pass by a magazine stand without seeing their faces plastered everywhere. These kids are famous due to brilliant marketing, not because they are more talented than all the all singers alive in the world today. I predict David will outlast many artists who are currently enjoying greater commercial success. A talent this huge cannot remain hidden forever.

  38. Amy (in VA) says:

    Thank you so much for your support of David! He is underrated and so is his music! I wonder what it will take for the rest of the world to get it? I’m hoping that his stint with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir last weekend will help to earn him the respect he totally deserves. He is a diamond in the rough, a force to be reckoned with, and I so much appreciate that you get that! Please continue to promote him and we’ll just hope he doesn’t continue to remain the industry’s best kept secret. Everyone should get the joy of listening to David’s music! :)

  39. It’s not just adults who don’t care for much of what they hear on the radio. My nephew, who’s 15, listens mainly to rock classics. He can’t stand most of what plays on today’s Top 40. The teen son of a friend of mine listens to country western because he claims that at least the lyrics have meaning in that genre. Popular music is at a crossroads. It can either continue in a downward spiral with its current crop of stinkers, or it can redeem itself by going with talented artists like David Archuleta leading the way.

  40. Something ‘Bout Love is one of many songs on The Other Side of Down that will have you smilin’ and boppin’ around! I think it’s great that Neon Limelight shares many of the same opinions that David’s fans do. Thanks NL!
    Music fads have been changing for years. That’s OK… Slow-and-steady wins the race and my money’s on David

  41. Wow! Who wrote this? Sounds like it came from my own brain. Thanks for your great insight on David and his talent. I hope you get a chance to hear SBL live, including an acoustic version. This is a song with depth, and David’s vocals can certainly bring that out. Spot on. Regarding EVERYTHING.

  42. It has been so frustrating to David’s fan’s to see David’s beautiful songs overlooked on the radio. I am a grandparent now, and am very concerned what my little” grands” may be listening to in the not so distant future.
    I do everything that I can to bring David’s catchy, upbeat, positive music with a message ….to them! They really do love him too. It is just too bad that more people are not hearing and seeing David. David sells himself without even trying.

    Thank you Neonlimelight for really promoting David. He is definitely a “diamond in the rough” like Amy from VA so aptly stated! He is a “gem” and needs to be protected and polished so that more people are able to experience his brilliance!

  43. I am on my feet applauding wildly! Thank you for your article on David Archuleta and “Something ‘Bout Love” I wish this sing could have had the benefit of being placed for ex. on Clear Channel playlists where greater collective exposure could have lead to more airplay and the subsequent channel ads it so greatly deserved! It IS a great song! Great beat, catchy lyrics, feel good message..and vocals and emotion that have me begging for “replay” every time I listen!! David is a rare and awesome talent whose music deserves and needs to be heard more..and I do believe it will be. :) Thank you Neon Limelight!! You really “have it right!!” :)

  44. I completely agree with you 10000%. Thanks for this.

  45. David Archuleta is too good for radio. I’m glad I have an ipod.

  46. I completely agree!!!I love this song and deserves an airplay!!Anyways, whether I hear his songs on the radio or not, I always believed his talent is beyond words…all his fans are behind him 100%.

  47. Thanks for recognizing this amazing artist. This song and his new Cd have definetly been underrated. David is so honest and genuine in an industry that does not value these qualities. I will continue to support and promote David’s music and carreer.

  48. Ralph Jade says:

    “Something ’bout Love” is a very nice, fantastic, amazing song I ever heard on pop culture.
    I agree and I suggest that David should earn back his fame by making an R&B song featuring tough music icons like Justin Bieber or even make a duet with Taylor Swift.
    On his next album, hopefully, I hope he’ll include more catchy songs in R&B genre and I bet, he’ll make it to the other side of down.

    And nobody would complain!

  49. Kathleen Crowe says:

    You are absolutely right about David being an incredibly talented artist who is overlooked. Wish I could figure out why…he has the talent, the looks…he is a much better role model for teens than what is currently out there. I too am tired of trying to get the DJ’s to play his music. But I truly believe David Archuleta is so happy doing what he loves and that is what comes out in his music. He has so much heart and soul…a class act. That part of David Archuleta can’t ever be overlooked!! ;) His fans know that and we will stand behind him 100%.

  50. Ralph Jade says:

    “Something ’bout Love” is a very nice, fantastic, amazing song I ever heard on pop culture.
    I agree and I suggest that David should earn back his fame by making an R&B song featuring tough music icons like Justin Bieber or even make a duet with Taylor Swift.
    On his next album, hopefully, I hope he’ll include more catchy songs in R&B genre and I bet, he’ll make it to the other side of down.

    And nobody would complain!

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