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Happy Birthday, David Archuleta: 20 Reasons We Love Archie!

David Archuleta - Jive

Today (December 28) is David Archuleta‘s 20th birthday! To celebrate, we decided to bypass the typical video playlist and get a little more personal. We want people to know just why we adore this singer/songwriter so much so we’ve complied 20 reasons why we love David–one for every epic year of Archie’s epic life.

Happy birthday, David! Here are some of the reasons why we love you:

  1. His singing voice
  2. His bow tie swag
  3. His laugh
  4. My Kind of Perfect
  5. He makes dorky cool
  6. His obsessive tweets about food
  7. He’s becoming a kick-ass songwriter
  8. His philanthropy
  9. His Idol performance of “Imagine” still owns
  10. He cares about the well-being of pumpkins
  11. Christmas From The Heart
  12. This interview!
  13. His adorable smile!
  14. His many, many haircuts
  15. He does random so well
  16. He loves his family!
  17. Barriers
  18. His cover of “Apologize” by OneRepublic may be better than the original
  19. He knows what a “hob knocker” is!
  20. Did we mention THAT VOICE?!
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  1. This is total awesomeness!!!!

  2. hahaha, a total win :D

  3. Thanks you guys. Love David!!!!

  4. Oh yes and his love for the Lord most of all :) < well that would make my list as well but I love your list too!! My Kind Of Perfect is David

  5. I love Archie because he is beautiful inside and out and he is one of the most talented singers/songwriters out there today!!!!

  6. I love David because he is very talented, love his voice(love his music of course) and as person! He is Very humble and good looking as well! Happy Birthday…. and more songs and concerts to come!!

  7. You guys rock. Love the list, bet it was hard to stop at just twenty!

  8. Great list, love #7, I totally agree!

    Great to see someone in the media get David.

  9. penciltopaper says:

    This is the most awesomely compiled list! Neon Limelight rocks!! Loved every single reason, all 20 of them LOL!

  10. Why doesn’t he just come out and admit he’s gay? Typical pop singer to me, he should just have a career in broadway.

    • Quit it. It gets old. This kid is the most God fearing young star I have never seen in Hollywood. You have to see leaked videos of his performances with Mormon Tabernacle Choir. You would never get invited to join the world famous Christmas concert with Mormon Tabernacle as a guest singer if your conducts and integrity don’t support the fame. This kid has amazing PIPES!!! So rare. His performances of Apologize and Riddle on piano are still best in my book along with Motab performances.

      • Being gay does NOT interfere with a person’s conduct or integrity. And someday you will be judged for all the judging and hatred you have put out in the world.

        • Do more research on Mormonism. Like most of religions, homosexuality is against their principles. But not accepting homosexuality doesn’t mean they are judging or hate them. Probably, David is the best example of Mormon who is never judgmental to anyone. The way Anonymous said was in a negative fashion.

  11. Awesome list! I would have to also add that he’s unique in that he’s grounded, humble, respectful, AND funny! Thanks for acceptance of our Archie!

  12. Add to this his extreme humility despite his talent and good looks, as well as his old fashioned respect for his mom and female friends, and you’ve got a list like my own.

  13. I have to salute Neon Limelight for the ability to recognize this talented singer!!! There are so many fresh in the pan singers out there with no vocal talent what so ever. David Archuleta gets only better every day unlike most of teen singers whose voices go through changes.

    • I mean *flash*, not fresh.

      • Thank you for a very accurate list . You did a fantastic job. Added to that is his love of God, family, others and is willingness to always help others. Just a wonderful, handsome person inside and out. And by the way you did mention his VOICE, WOW!!!!!!! Thanks for seeing what we see in David.

  14. Happy Birthday to a wonderful, talented, humble, and handsome young man. He speaks no evil, hears no evil and sees no evil. Even to those who try to tarnish his reputation or are mean to him, he is gracious and never condescending. He does not judge others, as they try to judge him. Goodness will always face evil because many people are afraid of it. Remain true to yourself David. We love everything about you. Thanks Neon Limelight for a great article.

  15. It seems appropriate that only a couple of these have anything to do with music – after all, his music is standard, uninteresting pop.

  16. violet4ever says:

    Fantastic! I knew you, Neon Limelight, would have a top-notch Happy Birthday for David and you do! :)

  17. Whenever I post a link from your site to The David Chronicles, I always begin with “NeonLimeLight Loves David”… and here you go again! You get him and you appreciate exactly who he is. You guys rock!

  18. I LUV U DAVID A. :)


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