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Neon Limelight’s Top 15 Artists Of 2010

Taylor Swift: In the beginning of 2010, Taylor Swift was still experiencing residue success from her smash album, Fearless. She collected award after award and it seemed every show on her concert tour was sold out. That was only a taste of what was to come. By far the biggest accomplishment was becoming a member of the “1 million in one week” club. No, it’s nothing freaky! It’s a small, exclusive group of overachievers whose albums managed to go platinum in its first week of release. Taylor’s new set, Speak Now, smashed records and moved a staggering 1,047,000 units in one week alone.

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  1. Nice! Happy new year to everyone, and a great 2011!

  2. chris brown let’s go, 2011 you got to keep it moving breezy!!

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