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Neon Limelight’s 24 Essential Albums Of 2010

Fantasia – Back To Me: So much of Fantasia’s 2010 had little to do with her music. From her relationship with a married man to her highly publicized suicide attempt, it seemed her music was going to be overshadowed. It’s a good thing that when she finally started to focus on her music again, the product was actually good.

Lil Wayne – Rebirth: Weezy slayed rap music, so to keep things fresh, he decided to take a stab at the rock world. After being pushed back hundreds (OK, less than that) of times, Lil Wayne’s first hip-rock album made its way to store shelves. Auto-tune-laced and heavy on electric guitar use, the set was interesting to say the least.

Sia – We Are Born: Mainstream pop lovers will be familiar with Sia’s immense songwriting talent from her contributions to Christina Aguilera’s album, Bionic, which were arguably the best songs on that album. But if they know what’s good for their ears, they’ll go check out Sia’s own album, We Are Born. It’s a journey through pop at its finest. Haunting ballads, upbeat dancefloor numbers, and even a Madonna cover. You’ll see why Xtina is making musical BFFs with this Aussie gem.

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