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New Music: David Archuleta Is Heartbroken In Unreleased Track “Senseless”

David Archuleta - Jive

David Archuleta is one brokenhearted boy in an unreleased track that made its way onto the internet today (January 6) called Senseless.

The song, produced by the team of Oak and the Underdogs, sees Archie feeling numb over a bad breakup. He pours out his pain in song singing “Now I’m senseless/Got no feelings left/My pain won’t let this heart beat in my chest/Now I’m senseless/Why are we doing this?/I’m so losing it.”

David sings in a delicious silky tone over the r&b/pop beat. The song is said to be a tune scrapped from his debut album, though there is no official word on where the song comes from. Take a listen below.

spotted at: MJ’s Big Blog

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  1. This r&b/pop beat. fit perfectly David voice i hope he’s gonna have the opportunity to make an album with this kind of sound, of course with less depressed lyrics . I always happy with one more song of David Archuleta , so whoever that leaked this , don’t be timid ha, ha :)

  2. Love the vibe of this song and David sounds amazingly R&B. I hope he heads in that direction a little on his next album!

  3. This style fits David’s voice perfectly and is the type of music he should be making. His latest album, The Other Side of Down, is just okay to me. I think he should focus on reaching a younger audience, as a lot of the music on the album appeals more to an older crowd. This is a song that I could definitely hear on the radio, granted the lyrics are probably not what David would feel comfortable singing. However the style is dead on.

    • I respectfully disagree with you, KFruge. He is 20 year old now and this song is not certainly toward younger audience. It’s more mature heart breaking song for more older audience. He is a more serious and mature guy than most of people think of him. His album says it all. He wrote most of songs on the album and it’s about life that he wants to live. I have seen quite a few college age fans enjoy his new album because his songs make you think. Do you know he could be a sophomore in college?

  4. I always love anything that David sings. Love this song!!!

  5. Just another example of how David Archuleta can sing just about any style of song and sound fabulous. In my opinion, no other artist alive today can match David’s versatility.

  6. violet4ever says:

    I love David’s voice whatever he’s singing! He sounds great on that.

  7. mmmm…. boy can sang. Easy, and smooth this song. Love it…more more more…is all I say…more music David…never stop singing to us.

  8. These vocals are the “David” I love. His vocals are crystal clear, perfect pitch, “Stellar”. I long for the day an album comes out that will share this side of David. I know I will definitely buy it!

  9. It’s that VOICE! I will listen to David sing anything he will bless me with. That being said, Senseless is a cool, mature, feel-it-in-your-soul kinda song, and I am addicted to it! LOL

  10. mirtha415 says:

    Anything David anything you sing, I’ll take it. I wish there will be an album with “Senseless” inside, “Save the Day”, “Zero Gravity” all those songs that were not in his first or second album either they were songs for the Japanese albums’ bonus or songs that didn’t make into his albums. I will definitely by it and be happy to listen to them again and again and again.

  11. michael dave says:

    i always listened to this song :)

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