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David Archuleta Released From Jive Records

David Archuleta - Wireimage

David Archuleta is a free agent.

The golden-voiced crooner — known widely for finishing in second place on season 7 of American Idol — has been released from Jive Records, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed yesterday (February 18).

Rumors of Archuleta and Jive’s split began to fly when Melinda Bell, Archie’s former manager, announced that she was no longer working with the 20-year-old singer, then broke the split news via Twitter to a fan who asked, “Is he really leaving Jive?” “Other way around,” Bell replied.

David released his sophomore album, The Other Side of Down, in October 2010. It has since sold 67,000 copies, according to Billboard.

Jive has been in the news a lot as of late. Ciara put the label on blast for allegedly not supporting her recent release, Basic Instinct. She hasn’t been dropped from the label, but, according to a lengthy post to her Facebook page, she has asked to be released.

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  1. As a fan of David, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you for accentuating the positive in your post. David IS a free agent now and can sign with a label who hopefully will encourage him and promote him and help him continue to grow. He’s a gifted musician and a once-in-a-lifetime voice. I truly look forward to all he has for his fans in the future.

  2. an archie! says:

    other artists need to go from their labels and i’m glad too because they weren’t promoting him at all and as looking in the case of Ciara too where she is also talented. Jive is just focusing on a small couple of their artists recently. David is amazingly talented and he’s going to have better people behind him this time. He’s got support all the way no matter what!

  3. Freedom! This may be the best thing to happen to David. Jive didn’t get him, didn’t promote him, and he deserves to work with a label that respects his amazing talent.

  4. I agree that this could be a blessing for David. Anyone who has followed David and his career knows that Jive gave almost no promotion to David’s latest, wonderful album, The Other Side Of Down. He needs people that believe in him and recognize the amazing and rare talent that he is. I believe that David will attract the right people to support him and give him the kind of promotion he deserves. One of the hardest working and most gifted and amazing young artists I have ever seen and heard. David has my support always and I wish only the best for him. I believe he has a very bright future ahead, he is just beginning really.

  5. Good for David! He has amazing talent and he deserves so much more than what Jive gave him. Guess they didn’t see what everyone else clearly sees.

  6. David Archuleta is a wonderful vocal talent and an even better person. I was confused by the non-promotion of David’s second pop offering by Jive Records after the strong sales of his initial record and his seasonal release ‘Christmas From The Heart’. I truly believe with David’s A&R rep leaving Jive along with many others including the label president, this Sony imprint just did not know what to do with David as he does not fit well with their current roster. David was not ‘dropped’ but ‘released’. He provided Jive with the three CD’s he was contracted for. Perhaps a label such as Decca Records (Universal) would be a better fit. Best of luck to a great vocalist. Onward and upward David!

  7. Melinda who? Why did she step into the business between Jive and him? Her big mouth will screw up her career. So unprofessional.
    Is this a blessing in disguise? Everyone knows Jive lost so much money in sales last year and internal problems caused executives leaving the company. In interviews, he talked about the label’s direction for the new album differing from his own ideas. This musically gifted young man didn’t want to sell his values to gain fame. He should find a recording company that understands his goals and perspectives. Not every artist wants to become a sex toy as the current pop culture requires.

    • I’m grateful for Melinda’s tweet to the fan about Jive releasing David. If she had not tweeted, I doubt that Jive or David would have told us for some time. Jive is especially slow in telling people about when It releases artists. Remember Allison Iraheta. Melinda’s tweet probably forced Jive’s hand.

  8. I read that David had been dropped by Jive but your article makes me wonder if Jive dropped him or if David asked to be released, like Ciara did, and Jive obliged. The Jive rep did use the word “released” in the Hollywood Reporter article. From the ex-manager’s tweet, it seems like he was dropped. Maybe you can ask her to clarify what she meant in her tweet when she said “other way around”. I doubt David would disclose the real reason.

  9. I Have followed David Archuleta from the very begining. And from the first time I heard that beautiful voice God has blessed him with, I have been amazed by his talent……And his self being! He is an amazing young man. And tell you the truth I believe that is why he isn”t promoted like all these other youngsters.. I have not seen anyone that can stand beside David and sing as beautiful as he does. But yet you have all these others being promoted (J>B) every where u look. and not saying nothimg against the boy . But he isn”t half the singer David is. But yet thats all you see. But through all this, The Lord will make sure David raises to the top. Because singing is definitly his gift. And his goodness will see him through nomatter if the half the world doesn”t like true goodness.. ” You carry on David you will fly” God Bless YOU…..And know you are very talented.. and true within….That”s cool!

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