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David Archuleta Says “It Felt Like The Right Time To Part Ways” With Jive Records

David Archuleta - Wireimage

Reports of singer/songwriter David Archuleta‘s departure from his record label, Jive Records, made it seem as if the decision to let him go was one-sided and driven by the label. According to David, however, the decision was all his.

In a video blog titled “Decisions, Decisions,” David discusses his split from the label giant and his long-time recording home, clearing up the talk of him being “dropped.”

“There were offers to continuing working with them but it just didn’t feel like the right thing,” David says in the video posted to his official YouTube account.

“I’ve loved working with them. They’ve been so great. You know, the people there are just awesome…but it just felt like I need to start going in a different direction now and it just felt like the right time to part ways.”

“Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions but it’s the right thing to do,” David said of the split.

The decision to leave Jive seems brought on by David’s desire to go in a different direction with his career. The singer says he’s been focusing on writing lately and seeing “what sound comes from David’s head”

David released his sophomore album and last Jive effort, The Other Side of Down, in October 2010. It has since sold 67,000 copies, according to Billboard.

David says he’s excited and looking forward to the future.

Watch the full video blog below:

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  1. So dang excited for David right now! What a wonderful feeling it must be to be 20 years old & have such determination & foresight to know exactly where you want to go with your life, both artistically & personally! I couldn’t be happier for him & standing by to see what great stuff he has in store for his dedicated/luckiest fans in the world! Love you & everything you stand for, David! <3

    • David is carving out a life and career that will reflect the beautiful person that he is, I have so much respect for this young man. Having the vision and values to chart his own course…against the tide… is so admirable. His voice and a heart always work together bringing happiness and joy. How can he not succeed ? He clearly has his priorities straight and never looses sight of what is important in life. He is such a great inspiration to people of all ages…always looking to “The Other Side of Down”! I agree with Marylee…we are the” luckiest fans in the world.”

  2. Finally, David tells us all. Waiting patiently for whatever comes from your head and your heart, I know they will be seriously amazing. I’ll preorder them, books, albums you name them. I’ll always be your fan.

  3. Hey David! Whatever comes out of you, I trust you. You are the only good and right one that I follow who cares deeply about music and it’s positive influences on people. I know you will never sell your soul to devil for sleazy fame. Keep working hard. Create music that touches soul and heart of people. Flash in the pan music, now prevalent all over the music scene, will never get respect. There are still artists out there who don’t need to simulate sex on stage, take off clothes, flash underwear or kiss the same gender just for shock values. Never ever lose your dignity for filthy fame.

  4. violet4ever says:

    Thanks NeonLimelight! I love this video blog. David Archuleta is my kind of artist. He cares about what he is doing and he cares about his fans. I am looking forward to whatever comes next!

  5. Doesn’t get any better than this…an artist with character, who can write and sing…the next phase is going to be fantastic!

  6. So the truth comes out from the man himself: David got out of Jive and not the other way around. David deserves to be with a label who gets his musical genius, integrity and values and be willing to promote him well, especially for radio play. Well done, David! We’re excited for bigger and better things to come…’Love your album The Other Side of Down, it’s totally amazing!!!

  7. Finally an article that gets the story right! Thank you! :)

  8. annonoymous says:

    David!!! Él es un encanto, lo amo :))))

  9. Irrelevant says:

    He is so talented, but being so young has so much potential. Always look forward to anything from him.

  10. David does it “his way” with class and dignity. He parts ways with his record label and management never uttering a negative word about either. This is what makes David so unique and wonderful. There is no better artist in the industry today. Have you bought his CD “The Other Side of Down?” I urge you to purchase it; you will not be disappointed!

  11. David is just amazing. It’s why we love him so much…he takes time out of his day to let us fans know what is going on. We were worried when we heard about David not having a label & mgmt. It’s great that David is doing what he feels is right for him – going with his gut feeling. It sounds like he knows what he wants…and us loyal fans will always be here for him. I’m just happy he is continuing on with his musical career. His voice and talent are so unique — he is such a talented singer/songwriter — I hope we get to hear what he has been working on soon.

  12. Yeah David for doing what your heart told you to do. You are always such a positive person. Thanks for letting your fans know the reasons behind your decisions. You follow your heart and your fans will follow you. Hope the news you have is about a tour!

  13. I’m so happy David Archuleta is not a sell-out. He stayed true to who he is as a person and an artist., and he left Jive Records with his integrity intact. Any other label would be freakin’ fortunate to sign him and capitalize on Jive’s loss. No doubt many of them realize the circumstances surrounding the release of David’s current album, and the lack of support from his former label since then.

  14. Neonlimelight/Story Gilmore, I appreciate this reporting very much. So different from many out there that are incapable of telling a story candidly. Not sure what it is. So thank you! David’s 2nd pop album, The Other Side of Down, is better than his first one. I am a huge fan and I don’t have a problem saying his debut album may have sold more but is artistically inferior to his new one. My non-fan friends and husband liked it at first listen. There isn’t a track I don’t like.

  15. why are people buyin this crap? Jive ditched him and he speaks out caus he’s got another deal. Nice to see replies focused on the story rather that the facts, record companies do pay these guys to report…it’s called media relations but it’s actually backhanders. His new record company have cleared it with their legal department for him to make these comments

    • Ed,

      What motivates you to post such a negative comment? Hate? Your post exposes you for the type of person you are: the polar opposite of David. David has a conscience and he has morals. David’s fans know the truth because it came from his own mouth. What makes you think we’d believe you over David anyway? LOL

    • Ed: Could you please explain to us why you are hating on David? Can you name something bad that he did that deserves bashing? Your comments have no place here because it is hateful and disrespectful. I truly feel sorry for people like you who seem to have a lot of anger, resentment, loneliness and lack of love in your life.

    • Wow! How is it that you know so much about David’s career move, Edward Balls?

  16. I feel so sorry for people who find it necessary to bash others without a SHRED of evidence. So sad! :(

  17. It’s Saturday morning & I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee re-visiting some of the sites that have reported on David’s split from his label. I would just like to reiterate how thrilled I am for David at this juncture of his life & career. Ever since I started to “follow” him, I have been truly amazed by how wise he is beyond his years & this latest turn of events is no exception. I have so much respect for this incredibly talented/gifted young man..I can’t even begin to express it. To David I would just like to send a message~ Take your time, David..you so deserve a chance now to take a deep breath after all the whirlwind that has surrounded you for the past three years. Your dedicated fans are standing by so please always remember that. In the words of Wendy Williams~ “YOU are loved, kiddo” <3

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