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New Music: Kim Kardashian Begs You To Turn Up Her Debut Single, “Jam”

It’s hilarious, almost ironic how the hook of Kim Kardashian‘s debut single, “Jam,” calls for listeners to “turn it up.” The exact opposite is actually more likely to happen while listening to the bootylicious reality TV star’s first foray into music.

Kim K. hooked up with singer/songwriter The-Dream to craft this dance club-inspired track. The beat is perfectly danceable, and Kim doesn’t even lose points for the mind-numbingly simple lyrics. We’ve heard worse. What really kills the song are the horrid vocals. Kim coos through the song lifelessly singing about taking shots and dancing the night away at her favorite spot. Is this club filled with zombies? They’re the only creatures she’s courting with that monotonous tone. Or perhaps Kim is hoping this song will find its place being spun in the clubs right before last call. You know, that way everyone’s so slizzard they might as well be zombies.

And that’s where Kim fails — again. The extremely inebriated already have their mascot. Her name is Ke$ha.

The good news? Kim looks super hot on the single’s cover. She should probably stick to making single covers and stay away from dropping singles, forever.

Get boozed up and take a listen to Kim Kardashian’s single below:

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