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Ne-Yo Rages Against Snooki’s Rolling Stone Magazine Cover

Ne-Yo, Snooki - Wireimage, Rolling Stone

If Jersey Shore’s pint-sized party girl Snooki landing the cover of Rolling Stone has you peeved, you’re in good company. Ne-Yo is none too impressed with a reality TV superstar gracing the highly regarded music mag’s cover over a hard-working, more sober musician. He let his feelings on the issue loose on Twitter yesterday (March 7).

“Wow. Snooki is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Really? I quit. (Just kidding, but almost serious….),” Ne-Yo tweeted. “No disrespect to Snooki, I don’t know her, but damn Rolling Stone? REALLY? REALLY! I guess…..”

The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter tried pulling back his frustartions, saying, “I feel a rant coming on, but at the sake of sounding like I’m complaining or even hating, Imma chill.” But it didn’t take long before some of that pent-up angst spilled over. “I WILL get the respect I deserve in this business or I won’t be in this business. PERIOD,” he said. “Fun is fun, mayhem is entertaining, but COME ON PEOPLE!! There’s gotta be some sort of balance somewhere! Man, GOD bless the biz….”

Ne-Yo is currently striving for respect in the industry by working on a new album, which will follow-up his latest set, Libra Scale.

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  1. Oceana Woodie says:

    Damn, leave snooki alone! She’s is way better than NE-YO! And Ne-yo, your music kinda sucks so you don’t need to be on the cover anyways!!!! The cover of Rolling Stones has never looked so good!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hold up you bugging NE-YO music don’t suck you gotta go somewhere else with that.And Rolling Stone is bugging for putting her on the cover she didnt do anything special to deserve that smh

  2. Rolling Stone isn’t just for music, it’s also about pop culture and Jersey Shore has given MTV its highest ratings EVER.

    People like Brody Jenner [or NeYo] who knock Rolling Stone for having her on the cover are ignorant because his “The Hills” costars were on the RS cover a few years ago.

    I like Snooki, she’s a nice girl with a fun personality and is one of the major reasons why Jersey Shore is popular today

    If you are really that perturbed by the cover you can just flip it over, Wiz Khalifa is on the other side. It’s a double cover.

    By The Way Ne-No, I have no sympathy for you: knocking down artists like Chris Brown who are much better and more talented than you, you don’t deserve a RS cover.

    • Anonymous says:

      Another person bugging,Chris Brown has more talent when it cones to dancing but song writing he don’t compete.Before Micheal Jackson died RIP he was gonna write his whole album with alittle help from his producers so that shows how much talent he got if Micheal Jackson was gonna let him write his album..smh

  3. They could have gotten someone better. With talent. Or that was pretty

  4. Anonymous says:

    Snooki just a fat nasty whore. Neyo , you GO BOY!

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