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Video: Adam Lambert Performs Stunning Acoustic Version Of “Aftermath” On American Idol Results Show

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert can do it all.

The American Idol season 8 breakout star can rock a tune like no one’s business then coo sweetly on a ballad. He showed off his softer side with an acoustic performance of his song Aftermath on tonight’s (March 10) American Idol season 10 results show.

Sitting on stage with a guitar player–and looking stunning we might add–Adam sang his heart out, hitting notes other Idols could only dream to hit so effortlessly.

A dance version of Aftermath, which in its original form appears on Adam’s debut album, For Your Entertainment, is available to download on Adam’s official website. Proceeds from the single’s sales will benefit The Trevor Project.

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  1. Frick I love that guy! He just keeps getting better and Aftermath is such a beautiful song!!! I wish he was on my TV every night!!!

  2. CzechMate says:

    Love the job Sutan did with Adam’s make-up & his interpretation of the song is gorgeous.

  3. Absolutely stunning, just when I think it doesn’t get better, he does another amazing performance. He looked absolutely gorgeous tonight and fit, his vocals are out of this world, knowone tops what he can do . So happy that his song writing talent are finally exposed, what an incredible talent Adam Lambert is.

  4. DakotaCollins says:

    With or without glitter, no one sings and performs like Adam. His fans are dedicated because of the voice but also the person. Won’t gush, but glad to see Monte, Tommy, and Isaac with him. We;ve been missing those guys. And who else has dancers who would fly in from NY and Seattle for photoshoot for NOH8 project. Adam inspires and leads by example!!!!!

  5. Yes!! Adam can do it all!! And he enjoys every moment. It is so fun being a Glambert! Never a dull moment. Great surprises constantly!! And what a beautiful remix version of Aftermath for such a great cause! So proud of our boy!!

  6. Adam was fabulous, as usual. But the song really took me by surprise. I’m.a single parent, actually was, he is 24 now, but! I really caused harm with drinking and drugs. The song affects me, and the place my son is ar in his life. Thank you for inspiring HOPE.

  7. Oh how I love Adam Lambert, his voice never ceases to amaze me. I love all of his different looks, and he certainly is a chamillion, but he looked amazing tonight on Idol. He can perform with all of the bells and whistles, smoke, over the top costuming etc., and he is spectacular amidst all of that, but he is just as wonderful to listen to and watch when its just a guitar, his voice, his spirit full of personality and generosity. I have downloaded the Trevor remix and it is great as well, am grateful for the opportunity to help this amazing person who is Adam Lambert make a positive difference in other’s lives, even in this small way. Thank you Adam for the opportunity, and just for being you and sharing yourself with all of us.

  8. WOW! Adam Lambert is awesome singer with heart of gold. He inspires me everyday with his songs and the positive carring person he is. He is the reason I donate to charities. Love the artist and love the true special human being that is ADAM LAMBERT. The Aftermath single sale will benefit Trevor Project.

  9. It was great to see him perform on t.v. again. I hope this is just the beginning of many appearances that we’ll get to see this summer while he’s working on his album. Can’t say enough how talented and beautiful this man is.

  10. Adam took all the singers and musicians in that building to school tonight… and I do mean ALL. He knocked acoustic Aftermath out of the park every time he sang it on his tour, I think it took him a little bit to shake some nerves tonight, but he still killed it. He’s so frickin’ handsome to look at that it’s easy to get distracted, but those vocals always pull you right back in, right back to the fact that this dude is special, and I don’t even think we’ve scratched the surface of what this guy is capable of giving us. Hope more peeps jump on board for the ride, because it’s a fun one, the dude is great.

  11. too gorgeous to even listen to tonight. but that voice does things i have never heard before. i love its tone, i love his big beautiful heart and soul. the remix for trevor project is amazing, so let’s everyone download it to help out. adam BB, wish we could hear you sing live everyday!

  12. ADAM ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT!!! shouting? yes!!!!! ADAM MAKES ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

  13. Adam Lambert sang “Aftermath” beautifully tonight. He changed it up ever so slightly and I loved it. And he looked so handsome with the clean cut look and great style. Was happy to see Monte, Tommy and Isaac there and they sounded wonderful. Hope we get to see Adam again on Idol in the future. Can’t wait for his 2nd album!

  14. What a beautiful person and beautiful voice. Even my husband who doesn’t like anyone liked Adam tonight. He had the song and the look. The lack of emotion from the judges make me feel like there was a bit of envy going on. Standing O for the rapper from Tyler tho–go figure. Adam rocks many worlds.

  15. I usually enjoy Adam’s music and have grabbed a few of his songs off itunes but I don’t know……tonight felt kind of meh to me. I don’t mean to sound negative just did not think he was up to snuff.

  16. Adam Lambert is pure perfection!

  17. ..i hope james durbin wins in AI10 so that he and adam can work in a song.. i think their voices fit good when they sing together..

  18. ewwwww. wanna puke. At 30, can’t write, can’t dance, can’t play any instruments. Do you know any rocker who can’t play even a guitar? This fake has two faces and tries to look like a school boy where his nature cries for a fame ho. Sick of him. This is why American Idol is going south, promoting the grossest on the show. Please disappear in this planet.

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