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NL Exclusive: Mingling With Team Breezy Inside Chris Brown’s LA F.A.M.E. Listening Party

Chris Brown hosting F.A.M.E. listening party

While listening parties are typically only open to members of the entertainment industry, Chris Brown gave his fans a special treat last night (March 14) as he hosted an event for his biggest supporters in the Los Angeles area to check out his new album, F.A.M.E. The Neon Limelight crew were named honorary members of Team Breezy as we were given exclusive access to cover the event.

Fans came from all over the world for the spectacular event. One fan flew all the way from the UK just to meet Chris and get a sneak peek of hot tracks from the highly anticipated album.

Shuttled on a VIP tour bus to an undisclosed location (eventually revealed as Playhouse Hollywood nightclub), fans were given “Team Breezy” wristbands granting them access to the evening’s activities. Once inside, fans and attendees were treated to music spun by DJ Mona Lisa, delicious food and appetizers, and a warm and family-friendly atmosphere as they awaited Mr. Brown’s arrival.

Team Breezy L.A. street team leader, Rosalia Zavala, introduced the man of the hour to the crowd of adoring fans, reaffirming Team Breezy’s motto: “We are more than a team, we are a movement, we are Team Breezy.” As he took the mic, Chris shared his purpose for having the event was purely out of his desire to share the experience and excitement with his fans who’ve always supported him and shown him love. He kicked it off by introducing the second song off the album, “a song for the ladies,” “Up 2 You.” Revealed to be the next official single, Chris premiered “She Ain’t You”, a track that encompasses the sound of Michael Jackson and SWV with a sample of the latter group’s 90s hit, “Right Here.” Based on crowd response, Breezy made a great choice, as this song is sure to be a hit.

Team Breezy got extra giddy as Chris played “Next 2 You”, a track featuring uber teen pop star, Justin Bieber. Chris mentioned the song is “a real, heartfelt record from both of us,” and as the Biebs’ voice begins to change, it may even be a challenge for some fans to decipher who’s singing which parts. One of his favorite tracks on the album, according to Chris, and definitely one of the standouts was the instrument-driven, “All Back.” Announcing his original intentions to do the song with Lenny Kravitz, Chris introduced the heartfelt, soulful rock song to the approving crowd as they swayed and sung along.

Young fans in the crowd didn’t shy away from Breezy’s adult-themed tracks, particularly “Wet The Bed”, a song featuring Atlanta-based rapper Ludacris. The track, which plays out as a seductive cross between Brown’s “Take You Down” and Ludacris’ “Splash Waterfalls”, had the crowd swooning. Definitely a hit for the grown and sexy crowd. Other crowd-pleasing titles included the Harmony-produced “Oh My Love” in which Brown declared he challenged himself to sing as fast as his fast-rapping peers Twista and Busta Rhymes, “Should’ve Kissed You” co-produced by Brown and his “Forever” and “Disturbia” writing partner Brian Kennedy, “Beautiful People” feat. Benny Benassi, “Bomb” feat. “Black & Yellow” rapper Wiz Khalifa, and “Paper, Scissors, Rock” feat. Timbaland and newly frequent Breezy collaborator, Big Sean.

Surrounded by fans, family, and friends, including CBE affiliates Kevin “K-Mac” McCall, singer/songwriter Seven, and dancers Timor Steffens, Hefa Leka, Tuita, Gui DaSilva Greene, and Kento Mori, throughout the evening the extraordinary amount of love Chris Brown feels toward his fans, that they reciprocate in equal measure, became crystal clear.

The ultimate highlight of the evening came once Breezy announced he will be releasing another album in six months. With over 400 songs recorded, he’s been steady at work, ready to deliver much more of his many gifts and talents to his deserving fans.

Before leaving the stage, Chris delighted guests by doing the dougie and breaking out into a jam session with them. Afterwards, he took time greeting and taking pictures with as many fans as possible before being whisked away to catch a flight to the next album listening session in Atlanta, GA.

F.A.M.E., Chris Brown’s fourth studio album, is in stores March 22nd.

additional reporting by JNJ

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  1. i wish he had a listening party in Houston… I’m going to make sure to buy at least 3 copies of FAME on March 22!!!!!!!

  2. Niayla16 says:

    Swear teambreezy is the best n realist team out there period!!!! u dnt see any other celebs doing special things like throwing listening parties for there fans like chris does! and if u dnt agree oh well kick roCks :p


  3. Niayla16 says:

    I swear TeamBreezy is the best and realist team out there!!! You don’t see any other celebrities doing special things for example like throwing listening parties for there fans. And if u don’t agree you can KICK ROCKS :P

    -TeamBreezy 4 life/ CB <3

  4. Wow Chris is awesome and there is no team like the one that stans for Breezy! TBLA leader said it best at the end “we are more than a team, we are a movement” #teambreezy

  5. SO Lucky!!! I wish I was there.I think Atlanta is tonight!! #team Breezy is so dedicated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. DAMN!! I Love Breezy He keps it real…Wished he had a LP in Miami

    MARCh 22nd cant come SOON ENOUGH!!! Excited 2 hear da album

  7. Great write up and pics! Can’t wait to buy the album! Team Breezy!!!


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