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Video: David Archuleta Performs National Anthem At NASCAR Nationwide Royal Purple 300

David Archuleta

Fans and spectators at yesterday’s (March 26) NASCAR Nationwide series Royal Purple 300 event had the pleasure of seeing the race start with a performance of the National Anthem by singer/songwriter David Archuleta.

Archie performed a simple version of the Star Spangled Banner for the race. Light on adlibs and unnecessary runs, David wowed the crowd by simply having a fantastic voice.

Watch David’s performance below:

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  1. With so many artists who sing the NA and mess up due to missing words, oversinging, or pitchiness, David never seems to skip a beat and does not allow the pressure get to him. I wonder what’s his secret in dealing with the pressure? He’s so talented! Beautifully done!

  2. catherine says:

    I saw him sing on ESPN. Awesome job!

  3. SUCH a gorgeous voice. And he’s always SPOT. ON.

  4. David Archuleta = Talent, humility,dignity, heart & class.

  5. No one sings it BETTA than David Archuleta!

  6. I thought this rendition of the national anthem was wonderful.

  7. Whenever David sings the national anthem it lifts you to a different place,….., so good!

  8. Simple and stunning. That’s exactly how I like my SSB.

  9. I think your comment “Light on adlibs and unnecessary runs, David wowed the crowd by simply having a fantastic voice” nailed it. I couldn’t have put it any better!!!

    I loved hearing David Archuleta singing the SSB. His a capella version was so pure and honest. However, I would’ve loved to hear ALL of the song! It was so cute when he started to speed up the tempo of the song to try to finish it before the jets came over. My only regret is that he didn’t start singing sooner so he could have finished it before the flyover. KUDOS

  10. No one can sing the National Anthem as well as David. It is about respecting the song and not showing off for him. Watched him sing it yesterday and he did a fantastic job!!

  11. David, sings from his heart and it is so beautiful. It is so refreshing to hear the SSB sung like this. David can out sing anyone, but you choose to sing it simple and beautiful. There is nothing simple about your voice, you did a great job. David should have sung at the Super Bowl. Maybe someone will wise up and ask him.

  12. The true meaning of our National Anthem comes through loud-and-clear when David Archuleta sings it. This performance was no exception! He sings with class and perfect tone of VOICE!

  13. David did a fantastic job singing the National Anthem. He did it with respect and class with that fantastic voice of his! Love him!!

  14. supergrandjudie says:

    David Archuleta, as usual, wowed the crowd with his superb and dynamic rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”. David sings accapella and always sounds spectacular. He is one of a kind and a treasure to behold! Nice job, David!!!

  15. Where does the vocal power come from? He could have sung it with his usual runs and gymnastics, but he decided to go with a simple version. What a clever guy! He knows the audience of NASCAR fans and his voice was front and center in this version. The best SSB singer!

  16. Another wonderful performance of the NA by David. He has a stunning voice and it is such a pleasure to listen to him sing. He sang it beautifully and he sings it with such poise and control. Loved it and loved his vlog from the racetrack! He is one incredible guy,

  17. Another wonderful a capella performance of the National Anthem by David Archuleta. No runs, no riffs, no errors, just like it should be done. I hope to see David at a lot more Nascar events! I nominate him as the official National Anthem singer!

  18. I expected nothing less than amazing from David and that is what he delivered…… amazing!

  19. Patty-Ann says:

    David Archuleta never disappoints when invited to sing the National Anthem. He always brings the true meaning of the song to the surface. I’m waiting for the day he is asked to sing at the Super Bowl or better yet, the Olympics – which I firmly believe he will be invited to do one day.

  20. David Archuleta is one of the best and most underated singers out there. This performance just shows what an incredible voice this young man has…beautiful and from the heart! Honestly, he sings the NA better than any one else I have ever heard, and I am not that young so I have had many versions to compare it to. Hands down, David wins!

  21. David Archuleta performs the SSB like no other. He is one of the very few artists who can sing a song acapella, let alone the national anthem and be pitch perfect! Great job

  22. He is the best. He knows how to sing SBB so well. The version he chose was perfect for the event. Dabid always amazes me. Yeah I want to hear National Anthem to be sung by David at the Super Bowl and other huge events. No other singer can sing NA as good as David. His voice is so perfect for NA.

  23. penciltopaper says:

    “The singer/songwriter” David Archuleta! Thank you for doing away with that other tired description that typically accompanies this stellar artist!

  24. Nice article about David Archuleta singing at NASCAR. It was a simple yet spot on rendition of our national anthem. David A. never disappoints. Thanks for recognizing his fantastic voice. It seems like a lot of young artists today actually can’t sing very well . Not so with David Archuleta. The young man can sing!

  25. Oh no.. didn’t like those jets at the end at all… love David though.

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